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Sex & Nudity

  • Several people are seen in bating suits at a swimming pool. Nothing of a sexual nature.
  • Shuhei sleeps in a bathtub, while in the background you can hear two adults have sex.
  • Akiko flirts with a bellboy in front of her young son about having a peeping tom spy on her in a hotel room.
  • Akiko has sex with another man; it shows him thrusting into her from shoulder height.

Violence & Gore

  • One woman strikes another across the face.
  • Akiko hits her son because he attempts to stand up for himself and his little sister.


  • mother seen swearing in fits of rage in multiple scenes
  • the mothers boyfriend swears at her and the child in multiple scenes

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In a few scenes people are smoking and drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Akiko is irresponsible; she disappears to parties, she leaves Shuhei to fend for himself, pawns him off to strangers, neglects his needs and mentally abuses him throughout the film.
  • Teenaged Shuhei is forced by his mother to empty the contents of a safe where he works.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • After a bad beating the pregnant Akiko decides to have sex with the bellboy; there is kissing and rolling around on a bed.

Violence & Gore

  • There is an argument in the uncles house following the dinner scene about the abuse. Akiko and Ryo soon go to the uncles house; he goes to get money to pay them off, and when he doesn't come back Ryo goes in search. There is a struggle and yelling off screen. The next scene shows that the two men fell down the stairs and the uncle is unconscious with an icepick or a screwdriver stuck in his chest.
  • Ryo beats Akiko after learning that she is pregnant and he demands she abort the pregnancy. Then Shuhei comes in to stop the Ryo beating his mother and in return he gets punched a few times.
  • During the entire closing act; there is an ominous tension. Shuhei sits with his grandparents and talks about how he has been doing the past few years. There are deliberate close ups of the grandmother cutting and chopping vegetables with a knife and scissors. The way it is portrayed is unnerving. The buildup to the final moment is quick and upsetting. The teenager gets up from the table, leaving the grandfather sitting and races to the kitchen. You then hear groaning and banging off screen. The grandfather startled by the noise investigates and is subdued by Shuhei too, and he too moans and makes some horrifying sounds as he is being stabbed. An aftermath scene is shown with the teenager in the street covered in blood.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The boy is asked to get in the bathtub with the mother and boyfriend and takes off his clothes
  • Akiko leeches off her sister with no intention of paying her back. The two woman get into a heated, but awkward argument with their mother who is being asked by Akiko for another handout. Guilting and manipulation play a big part of the scene.
  • There is a scene in a diner Akiko fabricates a lie with Ryo; the man with whom she is dating that her brother touched her son in sexual way. Akiko emotionally blackmails Shuhei to accuse his uncle of the deed. Ryo airs the details of the supposed abuse loudly so that other patrons can hear. The scene is humiliating for the brother and Akiko is extorting the brother for money.
  • After a long absence; when Akiko is living in emergency accommodation with her two kids; Ryo from years ago resurfaces and starts to live with the mother and children. However, he is an abusive man and he is often seen tormenting the children and beating Akiko.
  • Akiko talks with her teenage son about running out of money. She even goes on to suggest that Shuhei should kill his grandmother for inheritance. The boy is reluctant, but she guilt trips and pressures him to plant the notion in his head.
  • After the murders; the mother lays all the blame on Shuhei, and it is extremely upsetting to see how she destroyed and manipulated her child. Akiko is unsympathetic and lies to make it look like her son is a sociopath. In a later interview the teenager admits that he acted on his own accord.

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