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I gave it a chance, but... No
lusciousmuffins14 October 2021
I really like Natalie Zea as an actress, so I was looking forward to this.

I also really enjoyed a similar Fox show from several years ago, Terra Nova.

Consequently, I watched all three episodes of this wanting to give it a chance, but I am officially out.

There is simply too much going on.

I enjoy complex plots and scripted dramas with larger casts, but La Brea throws everything and the kitchen sink at you, all at once.

There isn't a lot of subtlety or mystery, just a lot of contrived drama tacked onto every character.

Making matters worse, it is all strung together by a concept that has in fact been explored far better by other shows.

Not to be unkind, but this is no Terra Nova; in fact, this isn't even a rival to Land of the Lost when it comes to entertainment value.

The other major flaw is that the dialog is painfully bad.

For example, you cannot forget the main character's name is Eve because they remind you every second.

This is so poorly written that you almost feel bad for the actors as they struggle with a script that was composed by someone incapable of creating even one exchange that doesn't come across as awkward and stilted.

While the fantastical can be a challenging genre to sell to an audience, the writers for La Brea make even mundane exchanges between the characters sound natural.

Instead, it seems as though the characters exist primarily to deliver exposition.

With so few scripted shows left on television, it is heartbreaking that they wasted such a large budget and such talented actors on such a poorly constructed and uninspired show.
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Mediocre at wandering no where at a very slow pace
grlym-4684929 October 2021
If you're hoping fir land of the lost, lost world, Terra Nova, Lost etc ...keep moving on.

As the first 5 episodes combined don't hold enough plot or character interest of even the worst episode of the fore mentioned show.

Sad really. I had hoped for more. Too bad this looks like someone high up is ensuring this is going still and canceling shows we actually like.
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La Moronic
jonasatmosfera13 October 2021
"The Land of the Lost", compared to this dumpster fire, is deserving of Nobel Prize in Literature and Physics.

OK, I agree that there must some suspension of disbelief, and that these shows are not about science.

But, nothing seems to work in "La Brea" . Nothing makes sense, even if we account that things should not make that much sense.

There are too many side stories, too many characters. The dialog and the situations are atrocious.

Instead of having a show about people trying to survive in an alternate reality, we have a show where we are exposed to the same reality we live in, with all of its problems. So, what is the point?
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Poorly written dialogue
knedb28 October 2021
Truly listen to the dialogue each episode. You will see it all sucks... every line. That said, I do enjoy the plot of the show. It has a great sci fi idea. But these generic blah lines without good character development just won't cut it for a season two. No doubt this show is cancelled after one season. Find better/smarter writers!!!
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The sub-plots are annoyingly dragged out and boring.
Top_Dawg_Critic6 October 2021
The writing was all over the place in the first episode, but I was still intrigued. By the end of the second episode, I'm getting frustratingly bored. The sub-plots are annoyingly dragged out and seem pointless as all that filler. I hope the writers haven't cramped already. The melodramatics are cringe, and I also really haven't cared about any of the characters in the hole. So far, the above-ground story is more interesting. For now, 5/10. Will give a few more episodes a chance.
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Tweetienator6 October 2021
An interesting and funny sounding idea wasted by totally incompetent (or lazy or both) writing. Production and acting are soso, but that terrible script destroyed everything. To endure one episode is enough for my mind, my heart, my soul - and last but not least my nerves just say: no.
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The worst humanity has to offer
jaimemedina-362882 October 2021
I made it 14 mins in and I just couldn't take it anymore. It is without a doubt the stupidest thing I've seen in a while. The idiocy of the plot is matched only the assorted cast of dim wits trying to act.
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No more originality in Hollywood
mls418220 October 2021
I don't know what is worse, having to rely on the boring La Brea tar pits as a story line or the really cartoonist CGI. This is so bad it doesn't even have camp value.
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Simply awful!
npvarley29 September 2021
I am loathe to write shows off as 'bad' after just one episode, but this show is just awful. I cannot think of one redeeming feature. Not one.

The acting and script is terrible. The special effects are comically bad (see the wolves!). The plot is just preposterous.

There is absolutely nothing worth watching here. Quite what the network was thinking when they green-lit this is anybody's guess. I cannot see how it can survive.
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Monumentally Bad Writing
mcgooganz29 September 2021
The first sentence in this teleplay:. Stuck squarely in traffic the driver says to her children "Why is driving such a difficult concept in this city?." What follows is equally meaningless, a world where even gravity has lost its mind.
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Yawing mah of sinkhole as an unintentionally ironic metaphor for the show
random-7077828 September 2021
You are going to feel like you are traveling in time all right -- the cheap CGI is going to take you back three or four decades right way!

Worse yet you absolutely will sense you have been transported back to a bygone era: before the golden age of TV, to a time when networks treated their audiences like 80 IQ types who have no problem with the most idiotic of dialogue, and need to be led around by the nose.

What a shame. Premise has lots of potential to be above average series, but is held back by awful acting, writing and laughable CGI.

4/10 at best, based on first two episodes distributed to reviewers.
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Still Lost
vintagegeek20 October 2021
Running away from more animals. Sick people still sick. Foods run out. Whining around campfire. Lots of dialogue that means nothing. People up top have developed a plan. Whoopee.
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$70 million just evaporated, only junk left
So this show is the reason that Natalie Zea left Unicorn and Nicholas Gonzalez left The Good Doctor.

This is the show, as Sydney Morning Herald says "the effects-heavy production will spend around $71 million in Australia, more than $60 million of it in Victoria. It is the most expensive TV production in Victoria since Steven Spielberg's HBO series The Pacific wrapped in 2009"

One can only hope this money went on purchasing bunch of heroine in the car trunk, because there is no real FX in the series that can cost this amount of money, and obviously there is no money gone to the script, it's just awful writing.

Do not bother, this show is below any rating. Seems more like money laundering.
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La Crap
myronlearn16 October 2021
More LA garbage not worth anyone's time. Overpaid executives actually think this crap up while others green light it? No wonder network television is in the shape it's in.
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Decent show
bangel332229 January 2022
Wasn't so sure about this when I started watching had an air of predictability about it. However I was surprised by it as it didn't pan out as I was expecting. A lot of twists and turns along the way with a mostly solid cast. I would have preferred to have seen some other people cast in certain roles, also I would have liked it to be a little darker; something along the lines of LOST. It's a little too PG for me and with this storyline, a little more of an edge is needed. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for season 2.
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Sci Fi Channel programming
Craig-fikes30 September 2021
Not a bad premise but atrocious writing and Sharknado levels of CGI. I tried making a drinking game from this show, every time someone said something ridiculous I took a drink, I was just discharged from the hospital with alcohol poisoning.
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Great concept killed by helicopter mommy
davidjdoyle-140-89233513 November 2021
Poorly written, horridly acted with painfully low-budget special effects... the Asylum Studios has productions better than this drivel. Even the ScFy Channel has produced better content than this. You can't blame anything this bad on the Pandemic.

Hollywood loves trying new shows with strong female leads but Natalie Zea as the fawningly over-protective helicopter Mom is just disastrous. Her acting is heavy-handed and reminds me of Debrah Farentino from Earth 2. As the lead in this sewer circus, Natalie is just a dragging this show down the drain quicker than Debrah did to E2.

Clearly the addition of Zyra Gorecki as daughter Izzy is a cheap PC attempt to cast an "impaired" actor who's better off behind a still camera. Her acting talents aren't even fit for commercials. Even though she appears to be able to work up tears on command, her facial expressions and execution of dialog don't fit the moment or the waterworks.

Whoever was responsible for casting Eoin Macken as the Dad should be fired immediately. I can't really think of anything positive about his role or his talent in this part. I really kept expecting him to die in one of the early episodes... too bad.

What can you say about Jon Seda as Sam and Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi other than they are simply just embarrassing. Was this a conscious effort by the production to cast such weak talent? Something that seems to be a trend in Hollywood over the last 10-15 years.

Chiké Okonkwo as Ty is the only secondary actor that has any chops and it's too bad he's been relegated to such a minor roll.

I watched 5 episodes of this garbage hoping that the cast would settle in to the roles and the writing and production would find their groove... no such luck. If anything, it's gone downhill. At the beginning I was intrigued by the concept but by the end of the 2nd episode, I no longer cared what happened to any of the characters and actually looked forward to a few of them being killed off... eaten or otherwise graphically dispatched.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of brainless garbage that will be renewed for more seasons... but one can only hope otherwise.

Stay away from this mind-numbing drivel... you've been warned.
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Not Even Sleestaks Could Save This
katharineshowalter15 October 2021
It appears as if a gritty LAND OF THE LOST reboot script rejected even by SyFy landed in some NBC's exec's lap in a public restroom, and sitting there he said, "Hey, if I take this thin concept for a two-hour throwaway B-movie that might actually have been silly fun and stretch it out into a multi-year series, I might have the new LOST!" But LOST was bad, although cleverly launched. LA BREA is bad from the get-go, poor direction, poor writing, poor acting, poor CGI. The sole joy of the show, watching Natalie Zea look sultry, is not enough to keep me tuning into this ever again. This show really is the pits and should be made extinct sooner than later.
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Made it all the way to episode six before I couldn't take any more
Mccadoo15 November 2021
I think six episodes is more than a fair chance for a new series. Especially one that came out of the gate with terrible acting, cookie cutter characters that were there more to check off a box than to add anything to the story, and absurdly convoluted plot lines.

So after six episodes; the acting if anything has gotten worse, something I didn't think was possible, the characters have become even less believable, doing dumb things to fit the plot instead of making any sense, the story lines have become cartoonish, and the PC/woke nonsense keeps getting ratchetted up higher and higher.

But what I found most wrong with this series is that it reminds me of LOST; the writers throw a whole bunch of characters and plot threads at you that are nonsensical and just plain stupid, and keep jumping around from one to another to drag things out for one season, or two, or however many they manage to produce before viewers realize what they're doing and ratings drop low enough that they're cancelled. It was just announced that this piece of drek has already been renewed for season two so they've managed to bs enough viewers long enough to achieve that at least.

LOST managed to bs people for six seasons before finally slapping them with the final insult that was the series ending. That proved that there are a lot of viewers out there desperate enough for any type of new or imaginative programming that they'll stick around in the vain hope that they've finally found it long past the point that it becomes obvious that they haven't.

For all of you out there clinging to La Brea for that same reason I have bad news for you; this show ain't it either...

But if you enjoy bad acting, and I mean really bad acting, cookie cutter characters, stupid plot lines that make no sense, and TV shows that continuously insult your intelligence than La Brea is the show for you, enjoy. I'll be elsewhere.

Update; just read that this piece of crap is getting a second TV really is dead.
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Interesting premise but terribly done
jtags-8405929 September 2021
The storyline is ok and we've seen it before, unfortunately the acting and the graphics are so horrible it looks like a childs cartoon. Could have been done so much better.
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New series, I gave it a chance.
TxMike28 September 2021
I found the premise interesting but quit watching after the 3rd episode, falling into the tar pit and going back to 10,000 BC is interesting but not enough for me to watch beyond that. It isn't a very exciting show and sort of plods along.

The show isn't that bad. But it isn't that good either. In a really good show you quickly forget you are seeing actors because the dialog is so well written. In this show the dialog is often laughable and the acting inconsistent. I was mainly curious to see how they explain the falling into what amounts to unexplained time travel backwards but if they did it was after I gave up on it..

For any who may not know this show is named for the actual, factual La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles. Tar pits where a large number of ancient fossils have been discovered. So this fictional show bridges off that, and the idea that a sinkhole might open up and people might be transported to an ancient time.
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Another embarrassing NBC pile of crap...
podein29 September 2021
NBC hires 12 year olds again to write another show for them. Absolutely pathetic writing. Awful casting with horrible acting. Full of cancelled series actors. Embarrassing CGI. And the same old greedy NBC crap riddled with 4 minute commercial breaks every 5 minutes.

Hope everyone has other job options. If this makes it through a season, it'll be a huge surprise.
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La Brea should have stayed buried.
dogma-5366829 September 2021
Failure from the moment it started. Uninspired unsurprising. Cardboard characters stereotype personalities. This really has nothing going for it would have been better off just being a one-off movie but to try to make a series out of it. Big mistake it'll be cancelled before it gets 6 episodes I'm sure. If not it should be. Is this the best that works have to offer? There's so many ideas out there that can be turned into successful viewing for people but no they choose this. Avoid at all costs. Watch a re-run of something. Jurassic Park wannabe failure.
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Made for Immediate Cancellation
reviewer-6103230 September 2021
We watched the whole pilot because I think we were in a state of total disbelief. "It can't really be THIS bad, can it? It has to settle in and get better, doesn't it? Maybe it's supposed to be a comedy?"

The most atrocious network premiere I've seen in years, and that's saying something. Disjointed, inconsistent, ludicrous writing with absolutely no original premise to build on; in just one episode there are already plot holes evident that are large enough to drive one of the actor's dressing-room trailers through; cardboard, unbelievable characters that you just know were summed up in a notebook somewhere on set with "two dominant characteristics plus one 'fatal flaw'"; and in an era where we've come to expect halfway decent CGI effects, this looks like it was done as a 7th-grade project by kids just learning Adobe Premiere and After Effects. In fact, I'll bet I could take a group of interested 7th graders and have them doing a better job in 30 days.

I feel sorry for the actors who thought they were getting an exciting, innovative, network prime-time drama. It's difficult to fault some of the shoddy work we saw in the first episode: it must have been like being told you were getting a Maserati and then being handed a bottle of glue and a 1/64th-scale, plastic, assemble-it-yourself model.

There are no doubt episodes already in the can that are a sunk cost for NBC, so I'm certain those will air. But the best and most humane thing the network could do right now is cease and desist, and mercifully let this travesty be put out of its misery and vanish from memory once those already-produced episodes air.
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I Can't Even...
marymcfarland-018661 October 2021
Made it about 15 minutes in before I had to turn it off. What I thought would be something fresh and interesting, turned out to be some stupid, crappy, nonsensical, poorly written, horribly executed Land of the Lost garbage reboot with guns, heroin, and the aurora borealis.

Do yourself a favor and don't even bother with this dumpster fire.
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