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Art and atmosphere over substance
terrencepatrix31 March 2021
To save everyone time let me start out and tell you that this is in no way a revenge or vigilante movie. There is no violence, there is not much in the way of plot, there is no excitement or action. There is a little bit of boobies for like 60 seconds if that's your thing. This is an art house film, so be warned.

This was an odd movie to get all the way through for me, not because it's necessarily bad, but it's not "good" either because it really doesn't have a story or plot line. It is shot in a very gritty way that showcases both the beauty and griminess of New York. I've only been to NY state once and went through the various boroughs and they really do have a beauty to them, older architecture, mom and pop shops everywhere, it's alive and crawling with people. And rats. And pigeons. Because there's also the ugly side, trash everywhere, it stinks, it's noisy, the people are jerks...I hated NY city. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.

And that's really a large part of this movie, the pros and the cons of life there. It's about how class warfare affects those at the bottom, about what happens to them when their neighborhood is bulldozed so an expensive high-rise complex can move in, displacing all the previous inhabitants. It's about immigrants moving into the middle of this and feeling out of place, trying to figure out where they fit in. This is not told through any sort of story, it's 90% atmosphere with a speech sort of explaining the heart of the issue near the end of the film. This is all told through the experiences of essentially 3 people, the displaced, the immigrant, and the wealthy real-estate mogul.

So if you like movies based entirely around atmosphere, long sweeping shots of city life, long silences and moments of brooding, give it a shot. The main performances were above average in general (couple poorly delivered lines here and there), the direction and cinematography is excellent...but it's a bit boring and feels aimless. I wouldn't recommend it to the average individual.
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What did I just watch
Draysan-Jennings31 March 2021
This movie had it's moments, but in the end, I was left with nothing. This film was pretty much pointless. Or if there was a point, it went right over my head. Cosmo Jarvis was great in this, but the movie itself goes nowhere. It felt like they were building up to something great but nothing happens. It had some good cinematography and acting but no concrete plot. Not a film I'd recommend. 5 stars.
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A waste of a mask
WankerReviews31 March 2021
Two strangers who are dealing with their own form of grief, bound over the course of 48 hours.

This could have concluded in 30 minutes or less. The run time is stretched out because of long shots of walking, or other activities the characters take part in. I wouldn't have minded this if the story was strong. We have a guy dealing with his family home getting demolished, and woman dealing with death. These characters don't have personality. The female lead was kinda pointless, she didn't add anything to the story. They don't do anything, but mope around. Maybe that was the point, cause in real life people deal with trauma internally, not everyone is going to react like joker. But I think it could have been more engaging. It's advertised as a thriller or horror, but is nothing like that at all.

There was one scene where a shoplifting is taking place, and this was very well done. It put me in the perspective of the shoplifter and what it would be like to get caught. I got excited cause I thought the rest of the movie would have stuff like this, but this was short lived.
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Plot missing for 70 mins
GriffinSteveXV24 February 2021
The entire movie is built around seemingly interesting characters with very abstract personalities. The movie seemed really promising but the plot was not revealed for 70 mins of the film.

The actors were not clear about their personalities and often lost the character they were playing.

Would not recommend
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What a waste of money!!!!
mike-44163 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
So the description looked interesting so we decided to watch this movie at our dinner party. It was a great dinner so we poured the wine and started this movie. Started out slow and we thought things would pick up after 30 minutes or so. An hour into the film we were getting pissed off and decided to watch a rerun of Friends. Absolutely nothing happens for an hour and that is a complete waste of money. I think we should have a little more wine and drive out to this directors house and launch a couple hundred aggs at the house! You owe me $6.99 and an hour of my life!
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Mask without a face
bob_meg10 April 2021
OK, I'm done watching Tim Sutton movies.

It's not that Sutton isn't talented, but since his visually stunning debut "Pavillion", his creative vision keeps battering the same one wall, like a stymied writer-blocked film student.

Especially after "Dark Night", Sutton drew a lot of comparisons to Gus Van Sant, whose "Elephant" was similarly structured and themed. Sure, "Dark Night" meandered, as all of Sutton's films do, but it did it in such a curiously intriguing way, showing you characters and situations that when they weren't odd or slightly askew in a way you had to work to articulate, the film was at bare minimum striking to look at. On a macro level, it had a lot to say.

"Funny Face" has a premise that seems intriguing, but it's hung on a cast of the dullest characters Sutton has yet created. They aren't exactly unlikable, and for brief periods the boy-girl protag's relationship and shared grief over lives lost/ abandoned does work.

But then it's as if Sutton remembered he's also got a plot to run. This constant down and up shifting in the pacing only emphasizes Funny Face's threadbare conceits --- it's attempts to draw parallels between the protagonist and antagonist, and the few sledgehammer blows of symbolism (the pink neon sign was laughable) make it self-conscious and embarrassing. The limited character palettes guarantee all the performances come across as either stilted or overplayed (especially by the villain).

If Sutton's previous films did nothing else, they carried a bit of subtlety and grace. Funny Face's repetitive nature and lack of any substantial dialogue, combined with the basic ordinariness or ugliness of it's surroundings and leaden juxtaposition add up to nothing, at least nothing worth sitting still for at 93 minutes.
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Had potential but...
dd31864 April 2021
Good acting with a dark, brooding, bizarre protagonist. Kept my interest but slow going at times. Some will say this is a story about nothing. For me it felt like a 21st century Dickensian social commentary about the haves and have nots. Would have rated higher if not for lackluster ending.
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Incredible Cinematography
nicole-pritchett2 April 2021
The film was shot so beautifully and the visuals did an excellent job of creating an emotional atmosphere that felt real, intimate, and emotional. Definitely worth watching!
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