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The Metamorphosis of Birds
Fiahm30 September 2020
It's rare I find myself watching a film with no reviews here on IMDB, but when I do I always feel a duty to leave a few words, so here we are.

If I were to try compare The Metamorphosis of Birds to anything else it would have to be some of the more poetic films of the 60s and 70s, particularly The Color of Pomegranites, but with a dash of one of Wes Anderson's family sagas thrown in for good measure.

The film is told entirely in voiceover: an unseen narrator, the reminiscences of grown-up children, the letters going back and forth between a sailor and his wife back home... and accompanied by some rich and striking images. This scaffolding perhaps weakens and limits its power, as everything is being depicted at a distance, and so what story there is can feel a little tedious at times. The great majority of shots are of things other than human faces, and it's hard to connect very deeply with anyone onscreen. It can occasionally feel more like a slideshow of fantastical photography with an accompanying lecture.

Nevertheless, it remains a very handsome, tightly-constructed and thoughtful film, and certainly worth a look, even if only the once.
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A perfect symphony of all things cinematic
oanastan20123 December 2020
It's rare that you are simply overcome by beauty and you weep intensely because of it. This film is a symphony and perfect choreography of words, images sounds and universal feelings.

Writing this during the end credits and I feel I cannot grasp the immensity of what this film has risen in me.
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