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Season 2

13 Sep. 2008
True Heart's Big Trip/Bumbleberry Jammed
When True Heart trips in a big way, the other Care Bears (realizing she's ok) tease her about her super-stumble-bumble-mega-fall. Oopsy (the walking accident waiting to happen) helps her to put it all into perspective.
20 Sep. 2008
Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks/Good Knight Bedtime
Grizzle accuses the Care Bears of stealing Mr. Beaks, and the bears offer to help despite his false claim. But some of the bears are having more fun playing detective than really trying to help. Will the bears guide Grizzle to his best friend?
27 Sep. 2008
Bumpity and Tweazle/Here Comes McKenna
Bumpity and Tweazle (two clouds) are lost from their cloud school and are having trouble navigating through Care-a-Lot. The Care Bears teach them to turn the unknown into something fun, and later return the favor.
4 Oct. 2008
Surprise Day/Tempus Fugit
Harmony Bear doesn't like surprises, so she's making sure that she stays in her house on Surprise Day. Share shows her that conquering your fears is the best surprise of all!
11 Oct. 2008
Whose Friend Is Who?/Present and Accounted For
When the girls decide to teach their new friend McKenna about working together, some of the other bears feel left out. Will new and old friends come together and learn that it's more fun to include others than to leave them out?
18 Oct. 2008
Harmony Unplugged/King of the Gobblebugs
When Love-a-Lot suggests that Harmony perform a concert for Care-a-lot, Harmony's inner diva comes out. Will she get her ego under control, or drive away all her friends before the big show?
25 Oct. 2008
Night Shift/No Snow Day
It's time for Bedtime Bear to give his friends an inside look into his nightly duties! With a tricky pudding pile threatening Care-a-lot, will some of the other Care Bears be able to "walk a mile in his ooze"?
1 Nov. 2008
Belly Blanked/All Give and No Take
Funshine's feeling lost after losing his belly badge until Grizzle comes to destroy Care-a-Lot-- with Funshine's badge glued to his tummy! Using his smarts, Funshine proves that it's not the badge that makes the bear.
Luck 'O Oopsy/Rudemate
Oopsy wants to participate in the Care-a-lot Grand Prix, but he seems to be plagued with bad luck. Will a chat with Good Luck Bear and a four-leaf clover help him see where real luck comes from?
15 Nov. 2008
Tour de Farce/Bad News
McKenna has invited everyone on a special bike ride to Rainshine Meadows for a picnic, but Grumpy doesn't know how to ride a bike, so his friends help him learn that practice makes perfect.
22 Nov. 2008
Forget It/Gone
Tenderheart and Funshine are mad at each other, but that soon changes when Grizzle strikes with a Forget-Me-Ray! To save Care-a-lot, the bears quickly need to find a way to forgive and "forget it".

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