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This one doesn't age well....
MartinHafer9 October 2014
In this installment of "The Paper Chase", the computer age comes to campus. Considering when the show aired on Showtime, this was very timely--as computers were just becoming relatively common, but still quite mysterious, on college campuses. Back in the mid-1980s, however, to most people computers were still very new--and knowing how they worked and how they can help us in our lives probably baffled 99% of the viewers. For example, the internet really was only in its infancy and was not open to very many people--mostly just folks working for the Defense Department. But, looking at this show now, it really appears as if the writers really weren't very well-versed with computers as well. Most of it is because of the show's treatment of 'wonks'--computer geniuses who are described as being very much like Urkel! In my time spent using computer networks during this same era, I NEVER saw any folks who looked or acted like any of these knuckleheads! This is odd, as normally "The Paper Chase" was exceptionally well done...but here it seems rather second-rate and full of dumb stereotypes.

Now this is NOT to say the show is all bad. The plot where the president of "Law Review" is ill and a power-hungry replacement takes over is very nice. The old expression "absolute power corrupts absolutely" seems to come to mind about this plot--and the guy does turn out to be a total jerk. This, unlike the computer angle, is much more timeless.
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