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  • As usual, the Law Review is behind schedule, but this time Golden is sidelined with pneumonia. Second-in-command Shaw seizes the opportunity for a power play, but it predictably backfires. Law Review activities are further complicated when, while their new computer is being installed and tested, a power failure threatens their precious deadline - until they enlist the help of the 'Wonks'.



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  • A snowstorm wallops Cambridge, though Kingsfield () is undeterred from his work even when the power goes out. At the law review office, however, the students panic as they attempt to work on the latest issue. Golden () gives orders, but begins to feel ill, and they are surprised by the arrival of a new computer, the S28, which the technician, Lars (), explains will revolutionize their academic habits. He describes how the machine fits into the university's network and will edit their writing for them, assuring them that it is "more than a glorified typewriter," though some students remain skeptical. Golden is summoned to Kingsfield's office, where the professor asks him to assist in collecting footnotes for an important brief, and despite his declining health, Golden agrees. Franklin () attempts to find a weather report and Hart () tells him about the "creepy" new computer system, doubtful of its usefulness. Kingsfield informs Nottingham () of his refusal to cancel class, and Golden declares that he is healthy enough to do the work, but he soon collapses and is hospitalized with pneumonia. Hart visits him, and Golden dramatically "bequeaths" Kingsfield' assignment to him.

    In the law review office, vice-president Shaw () aggressively declares himself to be the new leader and begins making changes, instructing Hart to complete Kingsfield's assignments on the computer, though Hart protests that he does not know how to use it. Shaw then goes to Kingsfield and assures him that he will do an excellent job as leader, though Kingsfield notes the insult to Golden implicit in his words. Lars attempts to teach Hart how to use the computer system as Shaw continues giving orders, and in the hospital, a drugged Golden has a god-like vision of his beloved Kingsfield, though he is later unsure if it was real. Franklin tells a frustrated Hart that computers are the way of the future and Shaw is just showing off to win Kingsfield's approval, and finally, late at night, Hart masters the system and makes significant headway on the footnotes. In the morning, Thatcher () and Zeiss () arrive and declare their intentions to revolt against the tyrannical Shaw, but the power then flickers again and Hart is horrified to realize that he has lost all of his work. He confesses the situation to Kingsfield, who berates him for his "imbecility" and his decision to experiment with the computer system on such an important project, noting that he should have entrusted the work to an older student and informing him that lawyers do not blame their failures on others.

    Hart informs an angry Shaw that they have been "fired" from helping Kingsfield, but Franklin gets an idea and tells Hart that they need a "wonk," or a particularly smart and nerdy student, and he, Hart, Connie and Bell () brave the snow and the unknown bowels of Harvard to find one. They find the unfriendly brainiacs with "Susie," the school's computer mainframe, and "kidnap" one young man and bring him back to the law school. He explains the problem and the incredibly difficulty of recovering Hart's incorrectly-saved work, but then smugly adds that he is a genius and can solve the problem, which he then does, bringing back all of Hart's work on the footnotes. Everyone celebrates, and they are further relieved when a recuperated Golden barges in and takes the reins back from Shaw. Hart hurries to Kingsfield and happily presents him with the work, but Kingsfield just tells him that there is further work to be done on the brief and sends him back to the library as the power begins to flicker once again.

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