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MPAA Rated R for horror violence/gore and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There's a naked zombie in running around in the credits in the beginning. If you are not paying attention it is easily missed. No other nudity in the movie.
  • A character glances at another characters clothed butt. Another character scolds him.
  • In the opening credits, you see a naked female zombie running in slo-mo. While you can clearly see breasts,nipples are not visible. Nipple tassels are though.
  • Wichita tells Columbus she kissed someone and he asks if they used their tongues.
  • Tallahassee mentions that he's been watching Bill Murray's movies since he could masturbate.
  • A few sexual conversations and jokes but they are very mild.

Violence & Gore

  • A female zombie chases a man around an apartment building. He kills the zombie by hitting it in the head with a baseball bat. (We don't see this happen)
  • A woman hits a zombie in the head with a guitar.
  • A man in a car drives up to a disemboweled zombie on the highway and opens his door, hitting it, and he drives over it.
  • At the opening credits of the movie a women is in a car surrounded by zombies, she then drives away from them until she hits a car and flies out the front window of the car and hits her head on the pavement. A trail of blood is seen when she slides across it.
  • There are many things this guide doesn't mention but in general there is a lot of blood and other gore like a far away view of a smashed head, some guts and more, but the majority of the violence is against zombies which lightens the impact a bit.
  • At the beginning of the film, there is a montage of lots of people being killed with lots of blood and gore.
  • A person falls out of a car and a bunch of zombies go over to him. (It's implied he dies, but the camera cuts before we see this happen.)
  • In the blurred background of a shot, a zombie can be seen in front of a dead man (supposedly eating him. We don't see this happen.)
  • A man goes up to a car and sees two hands on the steering wheel not attached to a human. No gore is visible and this is meant to be funny.


  • 3 obscene hand gestures
  • 28 uses of "fuck" (1 paired with "mother"), 1 brief use of "c*nt", 15 uses of "shit", 4 uses of "bitch", 3 uses of "ass", 3 uses of "bastard", 2 uses of "Goddamn", 1 use of "hell", 1 use of "Jesus Christ", 4 uses of "oh my God", 1 use of "cock", and 1 use of "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Tallahassee smokes a cigar.
  • A man lights marijuana in a multi-tubed device, with a man and girl putting a tube to their mouths. They seem to be high momentarily in the next scene.
  • A guy and a girl each drink from a bottle of wine twice during one scene.
  • A man drinks a shot of liquor and offers one to another guy who pours it out the car window while he's not looking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is one scene in a haunted house with a couple jump scares, which may seem frightening to some people.
  • A fairly violent sequence early on. There are two or three jump scenes involving zombies that suddenly appear (just momentarily scary).
  • Zombies are very scary. Gore is not visible though.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a massive final battle between the protagonists and the zombies. Tallahassee and Columbus drive through a theme park ramming into and running over zombies, and Tallahassee holes up in a game booth and takes on a large group of zombies, shooting all of them graphically. Columbus battles a clown zombie, hitting it with a hammer and brutally bashing its head in.
  • Wichita and Little Rock drive through a theme park in a car and hit some zombies, and both get out and shoot more zombies as they run. They get on a ride, and kick some zombies that grab onto it, and they fall to their deaths.
  • A man is accidentally shot in the chest, we see a bloody wound for a bit. He dies slowly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Bill Murray's death may be sad for some (although it is still played along with comedy)
  • The little girls as zombies can be frightening.
  • In one scene, it is revealed that the zombie apocalypse took Tallahassee's son. This scene is VERY emotional. However, it ends up being slightly comical when he says 'I haven't cried like this since Titanic.'

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