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Love story set on beautiful scenery
ebiros214 August 2012
Sand Clock or "Sunadokei" is about a love story between Ann Uekusa, and Daigo Kimura.

Ann (Kaho) moves back to her grandma's place in Shimane after her parent's divorce. Her and her mother are not exactly welcomed at the house. Ann meets Daigo (Sosuke Ikematsu) who goes to the same school, and helps Ann find a part time job where he works. Ann's mother commits suicide from the stress in life. Daigo promise Ann that he would protect her. After few years, they are mature enough to fall in love, but Ann' father comes to pick her up from Tokyo. Ann and Daigo now has a long distance romance, but they start to drift away. 10 years later Ann returns to Shimane with a fiancé, but she doesn't consummate her marriage with her fiancé. She still has feelings for Daigo, and the same is true for him as well.

The movie is based on a comic of the same title by Hinako Ashihara. It chronicles the growth of a girl from 14 on, until she matures as an adult.

The most superb part of this movie is its cinematography. Every scene is beautifully shot. Especially the natural landscape of Shimane prefecture where Ann grow's up. Second best part is the casting. Sosuke Ikematsu as Daigo, and Kaho as Ann was superb. Matsushita Nao as the grown up Ann was also great. Story wasn't so compelling, but everything looked so beautiful that it almost didn't matter.

There's also a TV series by the same title with different casting.

If you like slow burn love romance, this movie is for you.
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