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Too cute for TV
blackmamba9997129 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not normally a softy for a series like this, but after watching the episodes, I could hardly keep back Niagara falls. A girl, Saga, who runs around her small town doing odd jobs for favours from the store owners befriends a particular fairy named Sugar. A sweet and mischievous little fairy who is an apprentice until she finds a twinkle. In relative terms, she needs to make a memory for Saga in order for Sugar to become a full fledged snow fairy. Yet in the midst of her search, she runs into a bit of trouble which halts her flower seed from growing to make a memory. However, her trials soon come to an impasse as she starts to understand what the twinkle means. With this new revelation, she does not want to leave Saga. Both of their close friendship has become too involved for Sugar to go back to fairy land. Yet as with all things, Saga knows herself that Sugar must pass her final trial in order for Sugar to make her destiny. With others from the fairy ranks, they also help Sugar to understand what it means to be a full fledged fairy. Included are Cinnamon, Tummeric, Salt and Pepper, and the elder plus many others who make up the fairy realm. The series is ultimately cute, any boy or girl would laugh, cry, and feel for the characters as if the fairies were their very own to keep, like Saga and Sugar. It is an excellent family series with magic, waffles, piano music which to me fits the show very nicely. Not very often does a series like this tug at a persons heart strings. And this one qualifies to the letter. Highly recommended to those who love to watch cute anime. Plus you'll love the intro.
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A cute series to see
Timothy McKann15 April 2008
When I first saw the trailer of this series on some of my Chobits DVD'S,I had to think if this anime would be a great series to add to my collection,but after reading about it on the internet,I had to watch it,and I did. When my Father got me the first 3 volumes of this series for Christmas,and I got the others on my own,it was very cute and sweet. I had to say that this series was the best one to see out of all the other children's anime that I've seen. My favorite characters in this show were:Sugar,Pepper,Turmeric,and Ginger,and of course the theater troupe in the 4 episodes they appeared in. But what this show really explains is that friendship to others is the most key element of what the story tells us. I do believe Saga,and Sugar's friendship will never be broken,no matter what. I do feel sad in the end when Sugar's Magic flower bloomed,and she had disappeared. But however,this show is the best,and great for families who have children. So in closing,if you want to see something sweet,then see this series. And after-wards,watch the summer special DVD after that. You will see what I mean.
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