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lysergic-acid21 January 2013
So a movie with a 2.8 rating has 22 reviews, all giving it 8, 9, or 10 out of 10 stars and filled from beginning to end with soapy blind praise for the film and over-the-top fawning for the film makers. Oh and surprisingly all of these rather generic and utterly useless reviews have 100% usefulness ratings.

But the really odd part about all this is the fact that all 22 users have only a single review to each of their accounts and no message board posts. So they happen to have no interest or strong feelings about any movies except this one--amazing! Well, this is either the best indie film ever made or a film so bad, by filmmakers so incompetent and with so little professional integrity, that they actually resorted to such a tactless and blatant astroturf job.

And it should be no surprise to anyone that it's not the former. This movie is really, _really_ bad (even worse than the trailer). Paying barely literate people to spam positive reviews for their film on IMDb and YouTube is pretty much the only way they can trick anyone into watching this rubbish. But they couldn't even do that right.

What they really should have done was use all that money to hire some professional writers and film makers to make an actually decent film for them.

P.S. See the message board discussion entitled "Reviews" for more anomalies.
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Not a spoiler
woodleykevin17 February 2013
I made the effort to register, just to write this review. I have watched many films, some good, some bad,some unwatchable, but this one opens up a whole new category, i can only describe it as unbelievable, this has to be the worst film i have ever seen. As one of the reviewers has said, the only way this could have any positive reviews, is if the cast wrote them, and as there are so few, it would seem they couldn't be bothered either, as it was so bad. If there were any redeeming features, i failed to see them, in so much, that the final four minutes were just laughable. In summery, avoid this like the plague, or like me, you may have to join a review site, just to vent your spleen.
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Poor Cinematography
mkwhit1421 March 2013
The story is simple:

1) company makes TB vaccination,

2) TB outbreak occurs,

3) company has monopoly on TB meds.

Throughout the whole movie, the filming was jerky. I think the longest continuous shot was about 5 seconds. I watched this with my brother (15) and even he thought it was a stupid plot and he had a headache from the quick movements. Says the boy who thought Chronicle was a GREAT movie and enjoys fast, jerky, war movies.

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE...or if you do, be sure to stock up on motion sickness pills.
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A deadly outbreak of yawning...
Paul Magne Haakonsen26 January 2013
It happens only rarely, very rarely I might add, that a movie turns out to be so utterly boring and uninteresting that I have to give up on it and turn it off. "A Dangerous Place", however, turned out to be one such movie.

The story, as far as I made it into the movie, is about a woman who apparently lost her husband in the World Trade Center tragedy, but he has come back as a ghost. The woman is not the mother to her child that she should be, and is more devoted to her work than her family. And a deadly outbreak of Tubercolosis runs rampant.

To me there was absolutely no coherent red thread in the storyline, and it seemed like it was a heap of mere random clips put together to attempt forming a movie. It just didn't really make much sense most of the time.

As for the acting in the movie, well I wouldn't exactly say that the performances were poor or bad, but they just weren't overly impressive either. None of the performances managed to leave a lasting impression on me. But I can't hardly say that any of the performances that I witnessed were helping the movie along in any great way either.

I think I made it about halfway into the movie, because I had to give up and find some other movie to watch out of sheer boredom and lack of interest in the storyline portrayed in "A Dangerous Place". And I can honestly say that I have no intention of attempting to finishing it either, it was just that devoid of appeal.
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Enormously average film that sinks into sticky sap at the end.
paulhfromthedeep24 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I thought I'd counter the suspicious number of single review users who give this a 9 or 10 and say its the bestest movie ever by giving a more neutral review. Whilst not totally appalling, the production standards are good for an independent and the acting, at the start at least, is tolerable enough, this film sinks, somewhat like the Titanic, rapidly and ferociously by the end. It has a bioterror plot combined with two sideplots, one high finance one (sorta), and the other about the emotional effects of death of a loved one during the 9/11 attacks. None of these are particularly convincing although the bioterror one starts off semi-intriguingly. However it all comes across both a bit weak and forced as well obvious, i knew that the perp was one of either two major candidates. There's also a minor storyline about the 'spirit' of the husband, killed in 9/11, who hangs around the house looking either morose or slightly disinterested.

As I mentioned, this film largely fails in the end, where it rapidly descends into predictability and cloying sentiment. Any interest in the plot elements rapidly vanishes as they complete in a long-winded and banal final 'fight' scene and then the, aforesaid, excessively simplistic emotional tie up ending. If I was stuck in a motel, late one night and had nothing much to do, Id watch this at least 1/2 way through before probably nodding off, or maybe I'd watch to the end, whereupon I'd then wish I'd nodded off. Or done something else.
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It just wasn't that good (may contain spoilers)
LoupGarouTFTs8 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie should have been a good one. It had several story lines that could have been compelling: the sale of the company, the TB outbreak, the mystery thrillers. But while these stories would have been good paired in several movies, their use in a single movie mad for a disjointed movie whose action was too frenetic. It could have been a decent ghost story about a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks and who is "losing" her son and wants to sell her business from grief and stress. It could have been a story about a company that is going underwater and created a phony crisis in order to capitalize on a drug to which only they had a patent. It could have been a great "ticking clock" story that had an a woman infected by a disease created by the research for an unlicensed drug and she's running through the movie to save her distant son and her suspicious mother-in-law.

However, with so many story lines in a single movie, the pacing cannot help but be frenetic. Someone on the message boards pointed out that the scenes were short and disjointed, with each scene lasting about five seconds or less. The longest scenes take place when the main character is hiding in the office building cubicles and at the end, when she's under attack. As a result, the dialogue is rushed. Every character speaks at the same tempo and usually with an angry inflection. The dialogue was enough to give me a headache by the end of the movie.

Finally, the character development was poor. We were never allowed to develop any empathy for the main character, her mother-in-law, or her son. Even though they had suffered great loss, all we ever saw from them was anger and abusiveness toward each other. We never developed any empathy for the company employees, who were combative over the settlements their work superiors were going to receive. We never developed a clue as to why the person who poisoned everyone did what he did--his was just a typical villain monologue before he was overcome. At the end, it didn't matter to me who got their comeuppance, who lived, who died, or got rich. It's too bad, because the movie had a lot of unrealized potential.
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Great movie! I want to see it again!
misskellyvalente18 December 2012
I saw A Dangerous Place at the Prescott Film Festival and truly enjoyed it. This movie has the perfect amount of heart stopping suspense and gut wrenching emotion. There are so many elements and layers to the plot which means it is far from cliché or predictable. I was on the edge of my seat and engrossed in the story-line the entire time. The actors are also great and very believable. The emotion and feeling they show is engaging and captured my full attention.

I would suggest A Dangerous Place to anyone who enjoys thrillers. It was really great and I will definitely be buying it on DVD so I can watch it again.
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Great Film!!!
tvisionpro20 December 2012
Seen it at the Garden State Film Fest and loved it. Not your average thriller in any way, twist and turns from beginning to end. As an indie film you usually don't expect much, but this film delivers. The cast was great and the direction was impeccable. I seen a few films from the Corrado/Schoner team and have enjoyed them all. From my honest opinion, this new addition was by far their best. If your into thrillers, make sure you pick this one up. You should also checkout Minimal Knowledge, A 1000 Points of Light and Stay, Go, Don't Linger. If your interested in a good movie night. Looking forward to seeing what this team has up their sleeves next.
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Good Time
cgpalma21 December 2012
I went to the Garden State Film Festivale last winter and saw this movie. It was very good. The characters were interesting and the plot built to a suspenseful ending. It is a story that many people in the United States can related to.

The leading actress, Kristen Dalton, gave an excellent performance. This movie was suspenseful, I was biting my nails at the end of it waiting to see what would happen next.

The entire family will enjoy a Dangerous Place. I recommend this movie for purchase to be added to your DVD collection. Don't forget to make some popcorn.
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Indie Film Worth Seeing!!!!!
Reedeball26 December 2012
I had the honor and privilege of seeing this movie earlier in the year at the Garden State Film Festival. Not only was it a treat to see this wonderful film but it was also the only one there worth mentioning.

A Dangerous Place kept me on the edge of my seat during the entire course of the movie, and kept me guessing with each new twist and turn.

Despite that, the film had a very "real" feel to it, as if it could actually be happening at this very moment. It has a lot of emotional levels, especially with Claire's progress from start to finish.

The Acting is very good and helps to create 3-dimentional characters that are distinct.

I highly recommend this film
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Great Characters
travelinggirl21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The characters in this film are compelling and original. The actors do a great job!

Kristin Dalton was amazing in her portrayal of Claire. As a mother dealing with personal tragedy and faced with the responsibility of thwarting a terrorist plot, the character of Claire goes through an emotional roller-coaster. Her fear and panic, especially at the end of the film, felt so real that it had my heart racing.

This is an excellent film if you enjoy watching films with strong female leads.

A Dangerous Place is worth buying.
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Fantastic find that doesn't disappoint
varagirl8520 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film at a film festival and just loved it.

I am actually excited that it is coming out on DVD so I can watch it again.

I have started attending film festivals when I can, because I find there are always these hidden unseen diamonds out there. This film was one of those fantastic finds for me. I love thrillers and this film did not disappoint.

The story is one that anyone can relate to in today's age - "can one person make a difference in these times of terrorism?" I am not going to report anything more because I don't want to give any spoilers away.
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Highly Recommended Film!
jsgaray20 December 2012
Incredibly entertaining, "A Dangerous Place" is full of action and suspense. I would highly recommend as it is one of those movies I could watch over and over again on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I originally saw this film at the Garden State Film Festival and was very impressed. The film premiered on a Saturday night and was one of the featured films at the festival. The two hours flew by and it did not disappoint.

Kristen Daulten, from the "Departed", has always been one of my favorite actresses and has a lead role in "A Dangerous Place". This movie really makes you think about life in so many different ways. There are several ongoing plots throughout the film and they all tie in beautifully at the end. While the story is based on the outbreak of a deadly virus spreading throughout the Country, the movie also chronicles a family dealing with the loss of a loved one from 9/11. The special effects and cinematography are really well done. This film is not just an action packed thriller, but provides hope and courage for so many people out there. I highly recommend.
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A perfect combination
Brett28 December 2012
There seems to be an invisible war going on between the worlds of "festival" movies and "Hollywood" movies. Festival snobs will accuse the movies produced by the Hollywood machine of being drool-inducing and mindless, while popcorn-crunchers will attack independent productions as pretentious and artsy-for-its-own-sake.

In reality, both categories have their strengths and weaknesses. Hollywood movies take advantage of the massive budgets and A-list talent made available to them, and the (admittedly rare) truly talented creative men and women know how to make immensely satisfying spectacles. Festival movies, made with small budgets and seemingly often willed into existence by the sheer determination of the filmmakers, are usually full of heart and are allowed to experiment a bit more than a Hollywood production due to not being tied down to a money-minded producer's will.

It is only rarely that a movie will satisfy on both sides. A Dangerous Place draws from the thriller tradition of big Hollywood but never loses its ability to involve the audience's emotions and challenge norms. It is a movie about the strength of an independent woman forced to act with the safety of the country on the line that keeps the audience both riveted and intellectually and emotionally involved. Having seen the movie at the 2012 Garden State Film Festival, where it won the best picture award and set attendance records, I was witness to the way the entire audience reacted to both the emotional moments and the thrilling ones. A film with the ability to do both holds a special power and indicates a special talent.

A sight that I won't forget: old ladies in the audience cheering passionately as the antagonist meets his violent demise. This is how you know a movie has succeeded in involving its audience.

A great movie that is relevant to the times, emotionally involving, and as thrilling as anything Hollywood is capable of producing.
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Broke the Ten-Year Box Office Record at GSFF!!!
gregorycorrado21 December 2012
A major festival award-winner at select regional film festivals, honors include BEST FEATURE at the Real to Reel Film Festival (North Carolina), BEST FEATURE at The Film Festival of Colorado, and the AUDIENCE AWARD at the Garden State Film Festival – where the film broke the ten-year box office record for paid attendance and pre-sales! Recent festival official selections include the Prescott (Arizona) and CineVegas Film Festivals.

Our movie puts you in a dangerous place: the real threat of a terrorist attack is ever present. You can feel it in every airport, every train station, and even at the local football game. We are so proud of our film, and know you will love it!
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A great, powerful, gripping thriller, that delivers "A Dangerous Place" is a winner
tomobrien61518 December 2012
Now I'm not at all going to say anything more to give away the film itself, as for what I thought the film brought was a lot of, twists and turns that make your heart pounding, beckoning to see what happen next, your really awake when you watch this film. As "ADP" isn't the average predictable, cliché thriller, it was definitely one of those few films that left you at the edge your seat, yet you really feel for, root for "Clairice" cause she such an underdog against a bunch a legion of secret terrorist minons, she has no one to trust but herself and her own gut instanct. What the film really also displays is the realism to it, like there aren't any "Hollywood" cliché type of scenes that the general audience has grown a custom to expect, the action sequences to "ADP" are simply put realistic.This film is not without a great deal of dramatic sequences that have very real, human, emotional layers to it. What makes this film so powerful tho, and I think really strikes the audience when they view it, is that this can actually really happen, especially the way things are in this day and age.

What I also really enjoyed about this movie, is that, its not at all a bite off of any other conspiracy theory/ terrorist based film genre, that's what's great about it, its something fresh, is what makes it special. As for the film in a whole, I believe its one of the finest releases this year.

I think this film honestly doesn't cheat or waste the audience/viewers time, the acting is very good, no cheesy pick uplines or quotes, it delivers and has quiet a lot to offer its definitely one of those films that really stands out on its own, as it gives you something a lot to think about after viewing it.
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ecafahs22 January 2013
A Dangerous Place is a film worth checking out. Released in a time when terrorism is on everyone's mind, it could not have more appropriate, engrossing subject matter. It had me guessing and captivated until the final minutes. It poses questions regarding morality that I believe many would struggle with in the face of fear.

Kristen Dalton is exceptional in her portrayal of the protagonist Claire Scully and the rest of the cast meets her intensity. Sal Rendino and Kevin Interdonato also put on great and convincing performances.

I would recommend this creative take on threats in modern America to anyone who enjoys suspenseful films.
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A Dangerous Place is NJ Filmmaking at its Finest!
melissaradzimski2 January 2013
I first saw "A Dangerous Place" at the Garden State Film Festival in 2012. It's debut screening was held in the historic Paramount Theater to a packed house. It seemed that everyone at the festival attended this premiere including fellow filmmakers, tourists, townspeople, out-of- towners, and those involved with the specific film. Although the venue was busy, it struck me to see the vast amount of cast and crew who came out and supported the premiere. They had unwavering passion for the film and wanted to see it succeed and they deserve as much credit and gratitude as possible. I have failed to see as much dedication and commitment to an independent feature in quite some time. And the greatest part is that all those involved were friends or became friends.

Knowing this background information is incredibly vital before watching this film, particularly because the on-screen chemistry shared among all of the actors and actresses is quite apparent. It was a delight to see Kristen Dalton (of "The Departed" fame!) to perform in a lead role. I also saw tremendous acting jobs by all those involved, whether the talent was young or old, supporting or major.

Furthermore, the dialogue in the film is quite impressive. Both Dave and Greg really flex their muscles here. There is witty banter and fast-paced dialogue. This film really delivers as a crime/thriller/drama and also contains highly relevant content about living in a post- 9/11 world, where uncertainty and fear seem to intermingle and reemerge.

Lastly, I believe that supporting this film means more than just supporting a well-crafted independent feature. This film was entirely created by NJ filmmakers and filmed in NJ (Cranford and Newark were among some of the towns). It's never too late to start supporting artists from the Garden State; they don't get the credit and attention they deserve!

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A Must See
traint22 January 2013
I highly recommend this movie. Beautifully made and great acting. A must watch. This movie kept my attention and had me guessing. I like the plot and will watch it again. Most movies look great on youtube or in a trailer but this was different. It have action and is very suspenseful. First I thought it was going to be a movie just like any other movie about a company poising workers that tried to sue them. Never judge a book by it's cover. It's obviously not about that. The story was well written and the actors brought it to life. It's something anybody can watch and feel a connection to. Overall it was just a fell good story and the movie had me hooked
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Gripping Pace, and relevant content
freakdog654-11 January 2013
I caught this at the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park and it was really a terrific feature of the fest. The film details a scenario similar to the anthrax scare post 9/11 and is really an effective exploration of the intersection of public health and the bottom line. Kristen Dalton shines in a nuanced role, I don't know where she's been, but she shines in a stellar leading role. The other actors also represent well and this film as much or more than any, including films like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Paranoia and Hope in those days abound. Corrado hits the fine line of nostaligia and poking a wound that is still apt to open just below the surface with a daft respect and delicate hand. I'm really looking forward to more of his work. I would high recommend for a film that finds that balance of life in the New York metro area after 9/11. I also enjoyed the soundtrack. Any word if that will be released too?
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A Thriller of Emotions and Very Real Scares
deadbeat3413 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had the joy of seeing this film at the Garden State Film Festival, and I will tell you that it was quite an experience. The movie makes the clever move of establishing it's emotional side, the story of a 9/11 widow trying to connect with her traumatized son so that they may both move forward from the death of her husband and his father. While this goes on however, the anthrax crisis unfolds, and we see the far reaches of this expand in a post 9/11 world. I remember the actual anthrax crisis quite clearly, and I followed the story long after if left the news. Not only did this film capture the atmosphere of those days perfectly, it even managed to include elements from actual crisis's end (namely that the "terrorists" in question were a lot more domestic that we originally believe).

This exciting, action packed film has a tender emotional side and is defiantly worth seeing. 10 out of 10!
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Well written and directed
bollgerrock10 January 2013
While recently attending The Film Festival of Colorado I had the pleasure of attending a screening of the film "A Dangerous Place"

I must say that I was drawn in by the plot twists and also the strong performances of the actors. It was very well done for an independent film. The action was intense that I almost forgot that I was watching a movie.

The story was well written and directed, and for a film - it wasn't really "over the top" by thriller movie standards, there were many tense moments to enjoy.

This film is certainly far from the cookie cutter "global pandemic" films that have plagued Hollywood in recent years. It did not surprise me at all to find out that it won the festival's Best Feature award later.
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A thriller to the very end
innocenzo larocca5 January 2013
A Dangerous Place is the movie to see for 2013, especially if you missed it at 2012's Garden State Film Festival. Add a charismatic cast, powerful story telling, a portrayal of real life threats and greed, and you have one astoundingly suspenseful thriller. An all star cast featuring Kevin Interdonato, Kristen Dalton, Sal Rendino and more have explosive chemistry together on screen. I saw this feature at the Garden State Film Festival and it cleaned up with awards, not to mention was the most talked about film to see during the whole event. Corrado Schoner have set a tone in the world of feature films with this brilliant piece that will take everyone of your emotions for a ride.
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A Thriller That Makes You Ask: How Far Would You Go?
scottnap9 January 2013
Not to go all Trailer Guy, but we live in a dangerous world, and this Corrado Schoner Production asks you to confront this reality by asking two simple questions: who do you trust, and more importantly, WHAT can you trust? Your friends? Your family? Your co-workers? Your instincts? In a post-9-11 environment where the news slants left or right by channel and terrorism has shattered the American shield of invulnerability, A Dangerous Place makes you go to the dark places. The places where you wonder just how far people will go to make a buck, to make a point, to make things right. And if that isn't an effective thriller, I don't know what is.

I was fortunate enough to see ADP at a sold-out screening at the Garden State Film Festival. The audience reaction was intense as the drama on screen played out-literal gasps came from the surprised, something that I haven't experienced in a movie in a long while. Solid performances from the cast aid in driving home a story that makes you wonder what the people you know are really thinking about. You really feel for the bewildered Claire (Kristen Dalton), and are left wondering just who could possibly want to do such horrific things to their neighbors. Can't wait to see where Corrado and Schoner go with their next project. Bought the DVD and can't wait to see the film again.
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A Dangerous Place: And it started off so promisingly
Platypuschow23 February 2018
A Dangerous Place is an interesting but stupidly flawed thriller that started out strong but fell apart due to baffling writing.

It tells the story of a virulent strain of TB that breaks out in new york 8 months after 9/11. The movie follows a high ranking member of staff within a big pharma company, the one that actually has the drug that can combat the TB. But with internal pressure to sell the company, fear of terrorism and a potential conspiracy is everything as it seems?

Again A Dangerous Place starts strong and had me really quite gripped, the lead is excellent and story really felt like it was really going somewhere.

But now here is the problem, when it falls apart it falls apart hard. Some of the later writing is beyond stupid and the tacked on supernatural feel good element made me facepalm harder than I have for a longtime.

Had it not been for these two issues this could have been a fantastic thriller, but the way it's come out is a beautiful diamond drowning in a puddle of poop.

The Good:

Kristen Dalton is excellent

Some good ideas

Excellent soundtrack

The Bad:

Tad predictible

Too much religious nonsense

The pet again, really!

The antagonists motivation makes no sense

The supernatural elements are beyond stupid

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The writer for this film needs hanging upside down from the nearest tree and have sponges dipped in Ox pee thrown at them for at least a week
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