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Entertainment Weekly
By far the best Judd Apatow comedy that Judd Apatow had nothing at all to do with.
Above all, just plain funny. It's funny with some dumb physical humor, yes, and some gross-out jokes apparently necessary to all buddy movies, but also funny in observations, dialogue, physical behavior and Sydney Fife's observations as a people-watcher.
It's a rare comedy that actually grows funnier on reflection. It benefits enormously from the talents of the two stars.
I Love You, Man is totally formulaic, but the formula is unnervingly (and hilariously) inside out.
Village Voice
The movie delivers an absolutely complete, fully realized, delightfully novel redo of the hoariest of forms: the meet-cute, love-at-first-sight, break-up-and-make-up, racing-to-the-altar slapstick weepy that's been a staple of cinema since the invention of cinema.
Miami Herald
Hilarious and socially astute.
What saves I Love You, Man, at least partially, is the relaxed chemistry between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, both very funny men who are genuine enough to push back against a premise that's often maddeningly artificial.
Charlotte Observer
Jon Favreau, J.K. Simmons, Thomas Lennon and half a dozen other capable comedians drift in and out. Yet the movie seems long even at 105 minutes.
A Judd Apatow clone that's one of the few recent R-rated raunch fests the ubiquitous auteur of larky crudeness actually had nothing to do with, I Love You, Man cranks out the kind of lowball humor that makes you gag on your own laughs.
And like most women in bromance comedies, Jones does exactly what she's supposed to do by doing almost nothing.

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