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Little horror gem that somehow fell thru an IMDb rating crack.
Someguysomwhere31 August 2011
The IMDb rating for this movie is 4 stars. No, no, no, no, no ----Nooooo! To be fair, this movie is nowhere under 5 stars. I think it deserves 6. It's about a shape-shifting "Super Hybrid" (they call it) that assumes the form of a car to hunt and attract victims to it (Come on! You're a horror vet. You've seen and heard crazier ideas). So people step into the car, peer into it, or generally get too close to it --and they're lunch. Of course the Hybrid is able to go from any make or model to any other as suits it. So reader, is that really your car parked at the corner? Best check under the hood before you get in.

The movie starts out with the Hybrid, sleek and black, cruising the Chicago streets one night. There are some good shots of it from different angles (including nice sky views). It not only looks cool, but ominous and deadly; predatory. Shortly it drives thru a back alley some place and waits for any sucker who will take an interest in it. It will be a nice night for it because 2 do.

Later, as it is going WHO KNOWS WHERE, it either accidentally or deliberately has an accident. It is taken to the Chicago District Garage (so the sign says) which is presently under repair and so is not accepting any more cars now. The guy who towed the Hybrid there tells the mechanic some sob story about a pregnant wife and the mechanic allows him to leave the car there. Big mistake!

The people who work at the garage, 7 in all; 2 women and 5 men, including the boss (an obnoxious guy named Ray) become trapped inside with the Hybrid. The emergency exit doesn't work because Ray "the genius" welded it shut. Even sealed off windows. "Why'd he do that Boloxxxi?" --Well reader, he said he wanted to keep junkies out. Apparently he's never heard of doors that only open from the inside --or with keys either, that he could have conveniently hung near the door or kept on his person. To top things off, it's a weekend and no one was coming by until Monday morning. I think we can both agree here that predators love stupid people.

You know, I first became aware of this movie a few months back when I rode up to the IMDb website on my trusty steed Hewlett Packard. "Easy, HP", I said, "Whoa, boy! It's only the IMDb website. Nothing to fear". So I checked out the movie, saw the ratings and what some people said about it. Discouraged, I mounted HP again and rode off into the Cyber sunset. A few months later I returned again to check Super Hybrid's rating; no change. I'm a big horror movie fan so I decided that at 4 stars it can't be that bad. I was not optimistic.

To my surprise and delight I enjoyed the movie. It was a solid horror flick. What I learned is that you can generally rely on a consensus of people's opinions when they are to the extreme; very bad or very good (3 stars or less, 7 stars or more). But something close to the middle can be deceptive because it is possible that it could be plus or minus 1 or 2 more stars. In which case, it badly falls thru the IMDb ratings crack as either a better or worse movie than it actually is.

In this instance, Super Hybrid is 1 or 2 more stars better than it is given. In closing, let me say reader that I felt obliged to get some justice for this entertaining movie. You know, like someone who sets out to clear the name of someone wrongly accused of something. This movie is wrongly accused of being only 4 stars. It's better than that. Enjoy. Away, Hewlett! Justice has been served! Love, Boloxxxi.
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Low budget thriller about a car that eats people
krachtm5 October 2011
I admit that I walked into this movie thinking it was going to be dumb. I thought that Christine was one of Stephen King's weaker novels (and John Carpenter's movie version was similarly weak), but I tried to be as open-minded as possible. The first third of the movie, which is mysterious and interesting, was enough to make me think that perhaps some of the reviews on here were a bit too harsh. The score is also quite good, and it's used to great effect in the movie. Once the movie starts in earnest, however, it becomes formulaic and boring, though it picks up again near the climax.

The director did the French cult movie Malefique, which I liked, but it essentially boiled down to Hellraiser in a jail cell with painfully, self-consciously quirky characters. This movie dispenses with the overly quirky characters to give you somewhat bland and generic characters, thanks to the dismal writing of Benjamin Carr (the genius responsible for writing Thirteen Ghosts, Hellraiser: Deader, and a whole slew of Charles Band movies). Though the actors infuse their characters with some personality, none of them are particularly memorable or even interesting. There's a bit of pointless, filler back story on some of them, but, really, they're just meant to be nameless, forgettable fodder for a killer car. It's unfortunate that the scenes involving characterization or back story feel like filler, because I think the actors could have done some pretty decent performances given better material. Still, for a low budget movie about a car that eats people, the performances were credible. The nice guys were likable and the douchebags were appropriately unlikeable.

The real problem I had with this movie (besides the concept of a car that eats people, of course), was that it just gets plain *boring* near the middle. Humans bicker over who the leader is. Killer car makes ominous growling noises as it sneaks up on them. Humans scatter and run for their lives. Killer car chases after them -- though not driving fast enough to quite run them down -- until the scene drags on for several minutes. Repeat several times. It's just not very interesting.

After the killer car has eaten a few people, pruning down the cast, the pacing gets a bit better and the action scenes become a bit more interesting. Unfortunately, the low budget CGI comes to the forefront here, whereas it was previously used somewhat sparingly. For the apparent budget, the CGI isn't all that bad, but if you're used to something like James Cameron's Avatar, I think you'll be a bit disappointed.

I don't think this movie quite deserves its 3.x rating, but it's definitely not something that I'd recommend to casual horror/thriller fans. For junkies like me, it's enjoyable enough for a watch, as long as you're not too demanding.
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Utterly daft, yet strangely watchable
bowmanblue16 December 2014
The latest 'horror bad guy' to grace our screens is a car - a car that kills people. Um, and that's about it. I could leave the review there. If you can deal with that concept you may just like the film.

Said nasty car is trapped in a large garage (certainly not your average Kwik Fit) with people who, for some reason, are equally trapped IN with it as it is with them. I watched Shark Night 3D recently - a film about killer sharks. Now, the thing about sharks is that they're kind of constricted to water and not too good on land, in the air and anywhere else. Hybrid is a bit like that. A car is only really good on flat roads, but, luckily for the metal monster, our hapless heroes find every excuse to sort of run around a bit in front of them.

It has all the horror clichés you've seen in all the other horror films out there. It's pretty daft and the acting is questionable - certainly in the first third (I was contemplating whether it was actually a foreign film and had been dubbed, but you get used to it as it goes on). You have the sensible woman, the daft plank who wants to catch a monster car instead of leaving, cell phones that don't work and an ensemble of unlikeable characters who you won't miss when they start to attack a large metal beast with a bit of wood (or something equally questionable).

If you've seen a film where a beastie stalks a load of slightly inept people, you've basically seen this. If you fancy seeing idiots stalked by a car that sees the world as if it was a Predator alien, give it a try. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy a bike.
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Release the ...
kosmasp26 December 2010
... movie? I think I meant something else, but having watched this at the Fantasy Film Festival I can tell you there is a reason why it has not been released yet. And it's not anything positive either. On the other hand, this could be the perfect party movie (I won't say ever though). A movie to rival your favorite "It's so bad, it is actually fun to watch" movie.

I'm not sure if the actors would like to have that on their CV (especially Oded F., who is the most recognizable after all), but then again they played in it, shouldn't they know what they did? Then again with CG and editing maybe they don't. And it all looks and feels very ridiculous. Dialogue is ... well let's say another part of the whole "Party" feeling. The strangest thing is, that the movie tries to play it straight, when in fact it is so ridiculous ... If that was on purpose, than I might have underestimated it ...
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More entertaining than most "good, professional" movies available out there
politehere2 July 2011
Well, I must say the movie is better than some of the reviews here make it out to be. There are way more stupid "horror" films out there. The first 30 minutes were intriguing, that is up to the point that the guys still have no idea what they are dealing with. From there on, it turns into a "creature feature" movie with the car emitting some freaky noise. (Why didn't it do that before it was known what it actually was?) It was rather fun to watch how they went about hunting the "car" or to be more exact, how the car went about hunting them!

Here's how it feels to watch this. You all know those movies where a killer in a car is chasing a victim in the dark to run him over. Well, that's exactly what you will get here from the beginning to the end, except that there's no killer.

The movie could've been a lot better if the makers decided to crush some nice sports car like the red one in the beginning, but, due to its being low-budget, all the cars are old and uninteresting. Wouldn't the creature be able to chase his food if it was a fast Ferrari? The design of the creature was awful. They could've done better. The most annoying character in the movie was Ray (the boss). He made the movie a pain to sit through and I think he shouldn't have survived. The "nicer" guy should have, like it's the norm in movies.

There's nothing scary about this movie and since it doesn't look professional at all, it gets boring after 60 minutes. It would've made the movie a lot more interesting if they didn't limit the scenes to the garage and took it out on the street and even better if the police or the military got involved, but you know explosion scenes would require a lot of budget, that which this movie lacked. One thing is for sure. This is not a movie that anyone would watch more than once. It's not great but it's not bad either. It definitely deserves a 5. Actually, it was way more entertaining than most "good, professional" movies available out there.
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This film is unrated, because its not that bad
gerry_barnaby22 September 2013
Now a lot of people review this film as being serious bad or just bad but its not been given its fair due's. The concept behind this film in horror sense is the claustrophobic concept, where you trapped in a parking lot with no escape & something evil is out for blood. This is where it gets interesting because if you put yourself in there shoes knowing what a car looks like & should feel yet this one thing isn't what it appears to be this is where the real terror of the film comes into play. Yes it not the best or Oscar winner film & its not meant to be, this film is what its meant to be a well made quiet low budget film that entertaining to watching. It one of those rare film that mite seem really bad but its still a good watching film, mine that not everyone will think this film is good but its all down to the viewer watching the film. For me I found this film pretty good to watch its not scary but still entertaining.
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a bit too ridicule to remain interesting
depraeter15 August 2011
I saw the trailer and i thought it would be interesting. I thought it would be like Christine. However, once the movie starts the characters almost immediately know what the car really is, and want to capture it. It's an incredible being lets capture it instead of destroying it. For the remainder of the movie it's just car chases in a garage. It really doesn't keep the interest for long. When you reach the middle of the movie you really want to fast-forward to see the ending. The monster is not too bad, but we are used to good (greater) looking monsters in other movies. All in all a fun movie but not good enough. You won't watch it twice.
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Great little movie!
Indifferent_Observer31 August 2011
If your not a real horror fan then you probably won't like this movie. I can't understand the bad rating here on IMDb as this movie as at least a 5 1/2 6. At the least. Its not perfect, but it is an interesting,premise has its share of gore and a nice little script. The movie is actually about a shape shifting predator then can morph itself to anything it wants including great looking,but generic no named cars. This "car" finds its way onto a police impound and after a bad accident and chaos ensues.

...if your me and love independent horror, you'll enjoy this. I have to admit I had virtually no hope of a decent movie after reading some of the reviews here, but luckily a trailer was available so I knew it wasn't bad student project style horror and decided to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. You can ignore the bad reviews, if you think you may like this you will.

Its a solid 6, but I gave it a seven for all the unjust reviews here and overall bad rating. This is not a bad movie. I wouldn't go spending $20 on it or anything, but if you catch it in Redbox or some discount shelf give it a watch.
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Don't bother
jonno7219 June 2019
I bought the 3d version on e bay which only played in 2d which was a bad start.I've seen worse produced films but it really is daft.You have to be some horror geek to even entertain this.
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Guilty pressure
atinder3 May 2014
Hybrid (2010) this movie is also know as Super Hybrid" I didn't not expect much from this movie, I expect something really , really bad, so I had very low expectations with this movie.

The movie dose not take to long to get going, which I liked and the moving is very fast pacing and never gets boring at all.

I thought I would hate this movie but I ended up really enjoying this movie, I thought it was lot fun to watch.

There was tense scenes, with the Car trying run people over, Also liked the fact, that the car it's not what it is!

It's looked decent, well not scary also really enjoyed some of the deaths scenes, the acting was okay not great but more then a watch able.

I loved the last scene from movie, perfect ending for this movie 7 out of 10 Really good movie,
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Pretty dumb
td_username27 November 2021
The acting and action was good. Just can't get past the big hole in plot line where owner of garage had doors welded shut. That's cute and all if you don't understand what tools do. Any garage will have an angle grinder, there is actually a scene where one of the guys was using it to build their little trap. This tool is meant to cut metal and easily would cut through welds. And that's assuming they didn't have any metal cutting saws or air compressed cutoffs which every garage would have also. These aren't million dollar tools, most Homeowners have at least a couple of these things just laying around.
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loved it
info-733-9790948 July 2013
its a just a great movie must see its a little bit like Christine the movie from the 80ys.

fantastic camera work loved the establishing shot of the city scary but not to brutal excellent story telling good actors i really recommend this film its not really suited for kids you may look at cars differently after watching it.

the cg is are looking so-real you will not believe it this is just a film after my taste. all the action feels so real. not a boring minute in it. those revues here have to be ten lines long but there is nothing else i want to say that's why i write this last sentence sorry for my bad English but I'm from Switzerland but i still hope this will help someone to choose this film and has a great time watching it enjoy
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Christine meets The Car in darkness
searchanddestroy-17 May 2022
If you are a movie buff as I am, you will have noticed a resemblance between this film and John Carpenter's CHRISTINE or Elliot Silverstein's THE CAR, but at a lousier scale. I am horrified that a French gifted director as Eric Valette was involved in such a mess, with an awful acting. It remains however a pretty acceptable time waster. I measure the devastating influence that the producers may have put on Valette to force him to follow their orders, I measure it and it is painful. Maybe was it on purpose that this move was so awful.
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A better-than-expected if somewhat flawed genre effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder27 July 2022
After arriving from a deadly crash, the staff at an auto repair yard become convinced one of the cars that arrived has evil tendencies when they start disappearing one by one and slowly realize it's possessed by a malevolent entity with a mind of its own and must try to get out of the building alive.

This was a pretty decent genre effort. What it gets right for the most part is the rather impressive work done on the main car which is a pretty impressive vehicle here. The idea of its shapeshifting abilities and the inhuman origins of the eventual creature provides a great reason for the different powers and attributes it possesses and the action to come quite well. Those scenes are highly impressive, giving a rather fun charge throughout here with the entire film resulting in a series of chases and encounters trying to take the creature down while constantly shifting into various cars and causing all kinds of damage and destruction in the various traps attempting to stop it that get foiled resulting in some solid setpieces throughout here. Given that this is all known quite early on with the revelation about what they're dealing with early enough to make for a rousing series of action scenes following this. On the whole, it's enough to make for a fun time here even though there are some big factors with this one. The main detriment here is the rather obvious self-censorship going on here due to the restricted rating present. There's very little actual on-screen death present here, relying more on trapping people inside the car and driving off which doesn't showcase anything special or graphic at all. That also comes into play with the other deaths here which are either edited into a way that makes it impossible to see what's going on or just not being that graphic in execution, to begin with, bringing up the idea that there's just not a whole lot of moments here for this to really boost up the rating and leaving this one feels quite tame and underwhelming as a result. The other detrimental issue here is the rather obnoxious and useless lead character that tries to take command of the situation but is shown to be utterly out of his element and expertise. Bullying and belittling his employees to the point of harassment, focuses exclusively on his own plans to escape and shooting down anything from anyone else until the point becomes that they outright rebel against him, and basically saying anything else not suggested by him is doomed to fail, it's quite hard to believe they would follow him as long as they do. As well, the idiotic idea of trying to capture it enabled the whole nightmare to unfurl putting them in danger solely due to his rather unfeasible solution to trap it based on what he had just witnessed the car performing so it's rather offputting. Overall, these are its main drawbacks.

Rated PG-13: Violence and Language.
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Your average mediocre 3d horror film, decent cast just ok effects
joiningjt7 January 2021
Nothing new here nothing exciting but it was an ok watch had its moments appreciate the effort they were trying to do what they could with an obvious lower budget so special effects are always going to suffer But acting was decent had the best actor from the mummy series and the lead was very good the whole cast was very good. Like I said a mediocre 3d bluray. Got it for 10 bucks so come on!!!!
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Killer car that's not.
Dodge-Zombie11 July 2022
In the world of movies there are several "Killer cars" that became quite well known. This is not one of them.

It's low budget and that shows in the CGI but I still find it fun.

Only certain people will like it though as it's not for everyone. Not all the acting is great but it's also not all terrible.

It's a gamble.
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THE CAR 1977
rlwieneke1 June 2021
This movie was GREAT. It must have been partially inspired by my all time favorite movie THE CAR 1977: such as the red tinted view from inside looking out through the windshield. It also had aspects of JAWS 1975 and CHRISTINE 1983: hunting people down like a predatory animal and being able to repair itself. The ability to change into different vehicles was awesome. I would have preferred it had been a purely paranormal controlled mechanical machine rather than a biological entity due to issues such as operable headlights but a very novel twist none the least.
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Not bad at all.
Scar3828 March 2022
Yeah some of the acting wasn't great, like when the lead female kept conveniently falling over, but I really enjoyed this movie, it was creepy and quite entertaining and it had Oded Fehr aswell who I like as an actor.

I'd rather watch this than many of the latest movies.
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"We aren't X-men, we're mechanics. We can't do this." - Tilda
The synopsis for this movie on Google doesn't really do it justice as there was actually a bit more under the hood (pun intended) in this film than just a car goes around murdering people. I mean.. that is what happens but it goes about it in a very unpredictable way and nothing really turned out as I expected.

To be fair, I was probably expecting a lesser quality, Christine, another film about a murderous car and although there are some minor similarities, Super Hybrid, is ultimately very much its own thing which is a positive. As I mentioned before, I couldn't predict what was going to happen and the pacing was quite good I felt as I didn't get bored watching it - they maintained the intrigue for the whole runtime. There were references to other movies, some funny dialogue, decent car carnage, decent suspense and the general idea behind the murderous car was very interesting and different but it definitely had its short comings to... bad CGI, boring characters, average acting, slow car chases and ultimately a bland setting. The 3D is also not well utilized, there's maybe a couple scenes of pop out effects and the top down view over the city at the start had decent depth but once it goes into the garage setting, which is dark naturally anyway and not that well suited to 3D glasses, the 3D effects goe bye-bye. You won't miss much watching it in 2D.

Final Verdict: I've seen far worse b-grade horror films and this movie is smarter than what it looks like on the surface but its still very average all round. Remove it from the garage setting and put it out onto the open streets like where the movie started and I think it would of been that much more entertaining film.
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A bit bias
sinnister-323651 February 2018
I gave it a 10 just because it was filmed in my hometown. I still see the flat black 75 nova driving around town once in awhile. Its a decent film. I like the killer car idea. Reminds me on the movie The Car.
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