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Big disappointment
zarajasmin15867 March 2011
I was so looking forward to this movie and was so sad that I was disappointed it wasn't quite up to expectations. I did not read the book but I saw the trailer for this a few months back and Beauty and the Beast had always been my favourite Disney movie. A modern retelling, good-looking leads, gorgeous cinematography and Neil Patrick Harris? Perfect ingredient for a good old romance movie, I'd say.

But I was wrong. The movie even started on the wrong foot, with Alex Pettyfer's dismal acting. Maybe he's been doing so many action movies that putting on the skin of a romantic lead was a little hard. His portrayal of the vain, selfish and mean lead was unconvincing at best. Now, the best part of Beast's transformation was the coming-of-age of the spoiled 'prince' into a rage-filled beast and finally into a selfless man transformed by love. None of that were evident in Kyle Kingson. He was a brat, then a whiny stalker, and finally an emo dude.

Vanessa Hudgens also gave a cringe-worthy performance. She was so flat and void of personality that it was painful to watch. Beside the bad acting, the plot was also a little draggy, lacking in climax and real emotion. You don't feel drawn to the characters, you don't feel convinced by the emotions and you will cringe at the incredibly cheesy lines. In fact, my sister and I kept mumbling 'Don't say it! Don't say it!" throughout the movie because a clichéd one-liner is always around the corner.

The one saving grace was Neil Patrick Harris, but that's only because he brought his 'Barney Stinson' persona into the movie. Though I absolutely adore Barney, it would be nice to see NPH bring something different to the plate.

All in all, I'd say watch this movie if you're looking for style, but don't go looking for substance. There's not much to be had.
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Mediocre, at best.
OtakuMegan5 March 2011
I wasn't planning on seeing this movie, but after a group of girlfriends convinced me it would be a good chick flick, I caved.

Going into this movie, I haven't read the book, just seen the Disney movie quite a few times. I was expecting this tragic love story, just like the original movie, with plenty of tear-jerking moments, but it just wasn't there, in terms of script and acting.

The plot was rushed, and therefore the audience didn't have enough time to appreciate the story line, even though we all know it like the back of our hands.

Our Beast, Kyle, was more of a brat than a beast, and even after transforming, I was expecting this monster of rage, and he just whined and moaned and was more comedic than anything else.

Lindy, who was our Beauty, really only stood as a placeholder for a gorgeous woman. Vanessa Hudgens is a gorgeous girl, but that's really all she is. Her acting is very flat, with one moment standing out in particular. She's just been told some devastating news over the phone in a conversation that lasts all of 10 seconds. Acting 101: Acting is the reality of doing, she just pretended, and there's no two ways about it. I didn't see a role model to young girls in her, I just saw a pretty face.

However, there were some exceptions, Neil Patrick Harris was impeccable with his comedic timing, and really saved this movie from otherwise getting a 1 star. Mary Kate Olsen also pleasantly surprised me, as she was good at convincing me she was this evil enchantress. However, for her entire time in the movie, she looks like a haute couture model rather than this disgusting ugly creature.

Overall, it's not terrible, just not that good. Neil Patrick Harris is reason enough alone to see this movie, and to get a look into what some consider "21st Century Beauty and the Beast."
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A Contemporary Teen-Version of The Beauty and the Beast
claudio_carvalho31 March 2012
In the Buckeston Academy High School, the wealthy, arrogant, narcissist and bigot Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) is a student that does not respect his classmates. When Kyle is elected representative of the students, he plays a prank with the outcast Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) that has the fame of being a witch. He invites her to a party and humiliates her in front of their classmates. However, Kendra curses him with a spell that makes Kyle as ugly as his soul. Further, she tells that if he does not find anyone who loves him within a year, he will be doomed to that appearance forever.

When Kyle's father Rob Kingson (Peter Krause) sees him, he takes Kyle to specialists but the doctors do not know what to do. So Rob hides Kyle in an apartment with a maid and a blind tutor. When Kyle sees his mate Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) on the streets, he saves her from a dangerous drug dealer and he brings her to his apartment to protect her. Now his only hope is that Lindy falls in love with him.

"Beastly" is a contemporary teen-version of "The Beauty and the Beast". The ridiculous make-up on Alex Pettyfer is the weakest part of the film. Vanessa Hudgens is not a beautiful actress and is very weak for the lead role. Further, she does not show any chemistry with Alex Pettyfer. The plot is weird and the way that Lindy is forced to move to the Hunter's apartment through blackmail of her father does not convince.

The plot has many flaws but "Beastly" is neither the best nor the worst romance recently released and there are many unfair reviews in IMDb. Despite the flaws, this film actually entertains on DVD. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Fera" ("The Beast")
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It takes a teenager to admire this movie, perhaps
anngeewoo4 April 2011
Didn't knew it's based on a novel before I saw the movie, and didn't know it's such a teen movie - pretty faces, college scenes - it makes me relate to Twilight, the storyline starts with how perfect the leading boy looks and leading girl seems to be mediocre only.

I didn't expect anything before the movie, I just saw the poster and found it interesting, thought it'd be some kind of a romance to have a girl falling in love with such a scar-faced man.

But the story didn't convince me how the beast and the beauty fall in love. To me, it just seems to be "written" in such way, Kyle and Lindy are just performing their roles as written in the screenplay, with not much emotions involved in acting. I don't see Kyle getting much upset turning from such flawless face (as he thought) to a seriously scar-faced; and Lindy not being surprised when she saw Kyle's face - as Hunter, a total stranger - this just doesn't quite make sense. I think the acting plays an important role in terms of touching audience's emotions and connection to the movie, but the casts in Beastly fail in such area. The leading casts maybe good with simple teen love story, but the storyline in Beastly seems to be a heavy topic for them to handle, so now it just appears to be a shallow love movie with no sentiments triggered.
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Waste of money and time
iluvskittles19834 March 2011
The plot was great, being though it was the modern take on beauty and the beast. However, the script was terrible. Everything seemed so rushed.

Kyle wasn't even arrogant long enough. He made one or two rude comments and next thing you know he turned beastly. In fact I didn't realize he was being rude until like seconds to minutes later. That's how cheesy his lines were. And on top of that, he started falling in love with her before he was turned beastly which totally contradicts the whole point of him being that way. He's supposed to be ugly inside and out.

Liddy or, whatever her name is, wasn't turned off by him like Belle was in the animated version. She couldn't stand him whereas Liddy liked him from the beginning. She called him a jerk once but that didn't even sound convincing. So corny. The fight scene where Kyle calls himself saving her was so bad I was nearly in tears from laughing. What a shame because the concept of the movie was so awesome and this could've been a really great movie.

Bottom line, it was a waste of money, gas and time. I could've waited until this came out on Netflix. Sorry but this movie was just terrible!
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Read the Book, Don't See the Movie
mickeyblue2644 March 2011
I was so excited to see this movie after hearing about it. I loved the book and was extremely excited for the movie. That movie was so far from the book they could have renamed it. The movie had strong characters but a weak plot and barely any climax. Compared to the book, that was a complete butchering of the story. They cut out some extremely important events within the book. The ending was completely ruined. It was supposed to be full of suspense and adventure, excitement and nerve. The movies ending was dull and pointless. It was completely changed from the events that happened to the location of the events. THE NAMES IN THE MOVIE WEREN'T EVEN RIGHT!! I was disappointed. Basing it an a movie stand point, and not compared to the book, it was okay. Boring and cute. A basic romance. Nothing to special. Definitely not something I would see again. I was extremely disappointed with this movie. I would have thought it would have been better since they postponed the release date for half a year. If you ask me, wait for the DVD and don't waste your money.
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Highly anticipated and deeply disappointing
mcs-995-8413907 March 2011
For months I've wanted to see this movie and when it was all said and done I couldn't have been more disappointed! BEASTLY is a slow moving, almost boring film with very few mentionable moments.There is no real chemistry between the actors really. Throughout the entire film I hoped for a spark, a great moment or something...but there really were none. My husband actually started snoring next to me at one point. I have read that this films release had been pushed back twice before CBS finally gave the green light. After seeing it, I now understand the reasons behind it. Disney's Beauty and the Beast was far more interesting and much more entertaining than this version. I would say over all it is a movie that should be watched on a rainy afternoon after it's been released on DVD. As a side note, the Soundtrack is worth mentioning and quite possibly one of the better parts of the film.
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Beauty and the Bomb
tdevereaux7 March 2011
'Beastly' was nothing more than a series of random and poorly collected scenes. There was very little original style with flimsy one dimensional characters. I liked the concept and was looking forward to a modern telling of the story. What I got was a empty shell of a story that had absolutely no substance.

From beginning to end there was nothing compelling or interesting about the characters. You never cared about what happened because you never care about the characters. The acting is flat and the writing is without direction.

When the end finally arrives you aren't surprised by what happens. The story had no beginning, middle and end. It just had a start and stop. It's like a boring person telling you a story. You can tell it might be interesting, if only you were being told by someone with a little skill and personality. I just hope the book isn't this bad.
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More beast than beauty
jdesando4 March 2011
"If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time." Disney's Beauty and the Beast

After the Twilight Series, I am Number Four, and now Beastly, I'm not sure I ever want to take that Hot Tub Time Machine back to those love-weary days. I mean, are these kids getting any love these days, or is their passion filtering through cell phones as their fingers do the walking rather than the stroking? Beastly once again shows teen longing relieved by the workings of magic, not old-fashioned getting-to-know you stuff their grandparents labored through.

Kyle (Alex Pettyfer straight from his boring turn as a hunk with little affect in I am Number Four) learns from his distant dad that looks are what count in life. As he imputes this "aggressively-unattractive" characterization to Goth Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), she condemns him to being all he hates, largely ugly, until someone says "I love you" to him.

Beauty waiting to be rescued, Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens), falls into the protective custody of now ugly Beast, Hunter (Kyle). And there you have Beauty and the Beast revived for 2011 teens. Dramatically the audience can anticipate every outcome, not just because of the adapted classic's well-worn story, but because the dialogue is pedestrian enough to telescope it all anyway.

The blind tutor, Will (Neil Patrick Harris), has some wry commentary, suited to the off-beat characters Harris usually plays, that saves this adolescent sentimental claptrap from my damnation. I get it that beauty is from within; I just don't buy why all the teens should be hot when most in real life are pimpled and gawky. It's too bad some wizardry couldn't save Beastly from mediocrity—but then I would need resuscitation that I finally had a teen weeper worthy of an audience smarter than filmmakers give them credit.
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Beastly: The Movie Versus the Book, the Beautiful, the Tolerable and, the Beastly of this Adaption
brentwoodbelle01629 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The novel Beastly by Alex Flinn is phenomenal. The movie version of Flinn's modern Beauty and the Beast tale, Beastly, is just that, a modern Beauty and the Beast that draws very loosely on Flinn's novel.

Let's begin with Alex Pettyfer as Kyle: Superb. In the movie, he may be Kyle Kingson instead of Kyle Kingsbury, he may do different things for Lindy's love but the essence of Kyle is the same (entirely to Alex's credit). Alex read the novel in preparation for the role. His performance as Kyle redeems this film for all its changes. NPH and the actress who plays Zola (Magda) are also wonderful; the regrettable thing about them is that isn't more scenes with the three of them in the movie. Mary Kate Olsen was surprisingly spot-on as Kendra, Kudos to MK for that! Vanessa, I saved her for last. I'm not the HSM type but I went into the movie giving her the benefit of the doubt. She was not bad, she did not ruin the movie (not that it would have been possible for her to do so given Alex's loaded with heart performance). The flirty, cutesy scenes between her and ALex were quite sweet but when it came to the scenes where she should have dug deeper like when her father overdoses or when she is about to leave for Macchu Picchu, the girl just is detached, flat--she doesn't bring the emotion.

Now for the changes between the novel and the movie. The name changes are minor and I didn't mind them so much except for Kyle's Beast name being Hunter instead of Adrian that bugs me because there is a reason why he chose the name Adrian. A change I did enjoy was the choice of makeup for the Beast. In the book, he is a fabulous furry beast which I love but I found the make up in the movie rich, fascinating, and unique! In the movie. there is more interaction between Kyle and Lindy pre-Transformation which works for the movie. Lindy comes to live with Kyle through different means which I have certain issues with: 1. Her father is all torn up about sending her to Kyle. Lindy's Dad is a jerk in the book and that's part of the great grit of the novel, he has no qualms about trading his daughter for his own safety I wish they would have kept that grit in the movie. 2. They set it up like Lindy will be in danger from her Dad's dealer but they don't follow through. In the book, it is the dealer that comes after her, why they don't follow through with this perplexes me. 3. Lindy has contact with the outside world in the movie, Hunter builds the greenhouse for her but he does not make her room. In the novel, he builds the green house for himself as he learns to appreciate simpler beauty that's part of the character's arc, why change it? She is supposed to be isolated like him and making her room shows how much he cares, again character arc. Iconic elements from the book are missing: snowball fight, dancing, subway, Halloween, mirror, Kendra/Madga twist at the end and Will doesn't really tutor him which totally contradicts the book. But all the changes are things that I could accept. Kyle is still cursed, still falls in love with a girl named Lindy, and still learns his lesson. However, movie Lindy is not book Lindy at all. Book Lindy= sweet, doe-eyed, and dreamy. In the movie, she is stronger and more confident. I'm all about strong, independent heroines but, book Lindy was also admirable. There is one thing that I can't forgive and that truly disappoints me: the ending. At the end, she simply says I love you and he changes back and voilà--kiss in the middle of the street--The End. WHAT??!! The end in the book is heart-wrenching, beautiful, and poignant. It's a 'I can't read fast enough, oh God what's going to happen, tears welling up, epic' ending. Adrian (Kyle) is wounded rescuing Lindy and the beast dies, only to be transformed and revived, in a beautiful swirl of white roses, back to life and back to Kyle. The ending in the movie is anti-climatic even for the movie which as a whole is softer and lighter than the book.

So should you go see? Yes, go see it. Alex Pettyfer is too wonderful to miss. But if you have read the book, go into the movie knowing that it is not Flinn's novel brought to life on the silver screen. If you have not read the book yet, see the movie first--I think you'll enjoy it more that way. I've seen it twice. I enjoyed the second viewing more because I went into it accepting it for it is, loosely based on the novel. Alex is even better the second time. The end is still anti-climatic but it's a sweet Beauty and the Beast story.
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Wasn't as good as the trailer showed it to be
wondergirl131128 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
To say it was good is really if you are seriously young or if you are in to those sappy movies where they have a happy ending. I thought this movie was going to be good but to my disappointing it really wasn't it was to some extent like beauty and the beat other then the fact there was no real look into the story. It was very quickly moving on so that you couldn't really get into the movie which was a shame really for a movie that looked so good but I guess you can judge a film by its trailer. The acting was OK but was very serious and not that romantic. I wouldn't really suggest going to see it unless you want to see a romantic film with no action or real story to it.

The only real good bit is learning how real the dad only likes his son ( Alex) when he's handsome and will do anything to get him beautiful again which made feel quite sad that's how the dad see's him.

The beast really didn't look much like a beast almost like some one with lots of tattoos also he still had a six pack so it made him look even less ugly.

So I wouldn't see this movie unless you in there with a child or want to watch some boring romantic film.
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May disappoint readers of the book, but not a bad movie
wareaglegurl4 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you've read the book Beastly, you're probably pretty psyched about the new movie adaptation that just came out. For those of you who haven't read it, it's basically a modern version of Beauty and the Beast about a selfish teenage boy named Kyle who cares only about his looks, and after blowing off his date to the dance, a witch named Kendra, gets transformed by Kendra into a hideous beast and is forced to live isolated from the world, with only his humorous blind teacher and loving housekeeper for company. The catch to the spell is that Kyle can have his looks back if he can get a girl to fall in love with him and "see him for who he truly is" within a year. Kyle thinks this task impossible, but then fate steps in and leads him to Lindy, a somewhat awkward, but very intelligent girl. Well, this movie is one of many that did not stay true to the book very well, but was still enjoyable for anyone who didn't mind the tweaks or hadn't read the book at all. They didn't butcher it in a bad way, is what I'm trying to say.First of all, many of the names were changed and I don't understand why. It's not as if they needed to change the names; it seems like it may have been something the director(s) just did for fun. Another small concern I had was Vanessa Hudgens, and it's not about her acting. She was way too gorgeous! Whoever did her hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you hit the nail on the head with the beauty factor. I think this is the prettiest I've seen her look, to be honest. And unfortunately, that's just didn't fit with how I pictured Lindy. Vanessa's still gorgeous and I'm definitely not fuming with anger about it, but in an interview, Hudgens said, "Lindy's kind of the girl that no one notices." Umm, not with the way you were looking in that movie! I found it very unrealistic that someone that gorgeous would have the life and social skills of someone like Lindy. I think the directors were trying to stay true to the original Disney's Beauty and the Beast, being that Belle was known for her looks, but odd and independent personality. They may have also done this to emphasize even more how ugly Kyle was! Kyle also was not a furry beast like the Disney movie as it describes in the book. That I can completely understand. That would just be way too much makeup work and too much of their time. What killed me the most about this movie was the ending. It was very rushed and was so abrupt. After reading the book, I had much higher expectations.

Overall, this is a typical chick-flick that is enjoyable and pretty entertaining for those who haven't read the book, but may be a bit angering to those who have because of all the changes that were made. Therefore, if you're not dying to see it or are getting this vibe that you might hate it, just wait until the DVD comes out and rent it. It's a better book than a movie, but still great for just watching for pleasure or with friends. Read the book before or after you watch it and see what you think!
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simple and sweet movie
alyanna-favian11 June 2011
this movie was adapted from the book of the same title inspired from the classic beauty and the beast. however, like the book this is a modern take of that old tale and the point of view of the story is that of the beast, hence the title. and of course we should not expect 100% similarities from book to movie which happens most of the time.finally this film is for targeted audience which are the teens so don't be too critical otherwise you will not enjoy the ride watching this awesome movie which for me is recommended not only for its target audience but adults is fun to watch, simple, straightforward and most of all heartwarming.and what i also love is the musical score and the songs used in this movie.
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Beauty within a Beast
Moviefanstar22 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) lives with his dad who doesn't think nothing but himself, this buts a downer on Kyle, and he ends up getting the attention from his school friends, as Kyle talks to the school witch (Mary-Kate Olsen)she teaches him a lesson, a lesson in looks. She warns him if he doesn't find love in a year he will remain looking like a beast forever. Kyle is set away from school by his father who doesn't want anyone to see him like this, only his housemaid helps try see light but Kyle doesn't care, even a hired blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris) doesn't help him till, someone changes Kyles heart, a young lady from his school called Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) he ends up helping her out showing what he looks like but giving her a false name. His heart is set on her knowing she be the one, his tutor and housemaid helps him and has she about to leave and time as ran out, he knows he gonna remain a beast forever, but will she change her mind before she goes.
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Nothing Says "I Love You" Like A Locked Door
Dreamer24120 April 2011
If we have learnt anything about love from Beauty and the Beast (Disney) it is that if you truly love someone you must lock them away. Shove that person in a room against their will, bolt the door and never listen to their nonsense about 'wanting to be free,' what is this freedom they speak of? In time they will begin to realise that beneath your abusive, threatening and ugly-in-certain-lights exterior lies a kind, gentle creature. A creature who likes to feed birdies, reveal libraries and much more-leave it.

Beastly is based on the fairy tale of the beautiful girl who falls in love with a monster and breaks a curse meaning instead of a minging hairy beast, she gets to live forever in a palace with a hottie who's rich. Beauty is a lucky cow. The modern message should be, love them now while their gruesome looking, later a bit of plastic surgery and a makeover and you'll get your fairytale. Just look at Colleen Rooney, she stuck around and she has a millionaire footballer who's really…good looking. Better example, as someone said on Youtube, "the future nerds and fatties of today, billionaires and hotties of tomorrow."

Beauty and the Beast is all about looking past the outward appearance of someone and discovering their personality and desiring them because of who they are. It is interesting to get the story from the Beast/Kyle's perspective of losing your adorable good looks for tattoos…and scars… because those aren't attractive at all! In this superficial world we live in it's easy to see why this loss grieved him. (Read Face-Benjamin Zephaniah) There's a scary moment when you're a kid and you realise you preferred Beast to Adam. Why is that? I imagine that it's because you get to know him as a character and see Belle's love for him grow. Through her eyes we see that he is beautiful and that Adam is…well we all remember the revelation.

I did feel that in the beginning the script was a little too clunky and didn't fit. Oddly enough Vanessa Hudgens managed not to ruin the film by being…Vanessa Hudgens. Of course Alex Pettyfer stole the show with his… everything. You want to believe that he is meant to be ugly but he just isn't. Mary Kate Olsen as Kendra/Witch was also amazing I wanted to see more of her. Hollywood just freaks me out with its weird 'be yourself but only if you're hot' message. In the film Kyle isn't ugly, he's just different which must be frowned upon! You could tell they wanted to take him all the way into emodom but there would have been an uproar- especially from me-about what they were trying to portray. I won't spoil the ending but I think you can guess what happens. (What would an emo Alex Pettyfer look like?)

The sad thing is that Vannessa Hudgens and Kristen Stewart-queens of the frozen face-will still get acting roles. Although I guess my face would be frozen if I was working with The Lautner and Alex (yes we are on first name terms.) So should you watch this film? There is a hot guy in it, it's summer do you want to overheat? It is very sweet in parts though…*sigh*

Tagline: Love is never ugly....unless you're an ugly girl
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Enjoyed it, but not as much as I had hoped.
archangel74320 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have been looking forward to this movie for some time. Usually I ignore all the clips and promos, so they don't ruin the film for me, but I was so excited I couldn't keep from watching them. Thus, I had great expectations for the film. Expectations that, sadly, were not met.

First, Alex is enjoyable as Kyle. Probably not the best, but there are many scenes that I truly enjoy his character. Little mannerisms such as his excited "giggle" or concerned look, or his phone call to his dad (excellet). There is the issue of what he looks like as the beast though. Many fans are upset that he isn't "ugly." I guess that's true, but I don't mind so much. I did enjoy the scars and tattoos, they were a stark contrast to non beastly Kyle, so I don't join the ranks of those who hated his look. Plus, isn't his "beastly" personality supposed to be the worst part? Second, Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy. I like Vanessa, and I know from promos that she was working on new tones of voice and different skills for this film. But it kind of came across as flat. Not terrible, but...almost too mono-tone. I wasn't sure who Lindy was supposed to be. She had a lot of different airs about her. Happy go lucky; stand off-ish; in love; in disgust. Maybe that's just how real women are, confusing. :) Third, Neil Patrick Harris and the housekeeper. One word for both of them: Excellent.

Finally, the plot. Here we go. I can suspend belief and believe in the magical curse, easy enough. But...(SPOILER..kinda)..."Let her live with me or I'll turn you in to the police" Say what? It is almost too much to believe. (END of SPOILER) Another hard part for me was that there was NO ACTION!! There was a tad in the middle with the druggies, but that was it my friends. Even at the end, there was no climatic moment. It just kinda hit a nice stride and stayed there and ended there. I thought I learned in 7th grade there should be a build up to a climax and then a small anti climax. None in this film. None. It's not a surprising end, just a flat one.

I truly did enjoy the film, but felt when I left the theater, I was going to go back and watch the rest after dinner. Like it didn't quite end. Will I watch it again? Sure, I really like Alex, and Vanessa is good, but I'll just remember when I watch it again that my expectations should be lowered.
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I've Seen Better, But Definitely Read the Book
arwenelve137 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
*** I don't think this is really a spoiler, but just in case…

For those of you (like me) who read the book, you will be sadly disappointed.

For those of you who are seeing this solely to see Alex Pettyfer with his shirt off, you probably won't be.

I must say, being a fan of the novel, I was excited for this to come out. So you can imagine my disappointment when (after waiting, what? Eight months? Seeing as they changed the release date) the movie did not meet my expectations. For those of you who didn't read the book, take my word for it that many aspects were unnecessarily changed in the movie. For instance, their NAMES. In the book, his name is "Kyle Kingsbury", but they changed it to "Kingson" in the movie. Also, his name becomes "Adrian" in the book. Yet they call him "Hunter" in the movie instead. Why? I don't know. Such a change may seem insignificant. But if it matters so little, why bother CHANGING it??

Plus, as much as I love Neil Patrick Harris, Will was much different in the book (but I won't complain because NPH provided some much needed comedic relief). And many other parts of the plot line were changed (like why Vanessa Hudgens' character was in the house with Adrian - I'm sorry, HUNTER – in the first place.)

Also, they changed the ENTIRE ending – even though the ending in the book was better.

So, overall, the book was more suspenseful. If you like relatively pointless but somewhat charming love stories, you'll like it. But if you read the book, I suggest you wait to rent the DVD.
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My teenage girls love it
cg_angels23 March 2011
My girls begged me to take them to see this movie as they are big fans of Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer and Mary-Kate Olsen. As young teenagers of 13, they both loved the movie and would rate it 9 out of 10. I however, will rate it a 6. My favourite character was Neil Patrick Harris (Will), the blind tutor.... he made me laugh at almost all the scenes he was in.

I did enjoy some of the characters, and Vanessa was very convincing as Lindy, and played her part well. I enjoyed Mary-Kate's character as, Kendra. It was fun seeing her in a different acting role then the many years of having watched her on Full House and all those cute Olson Twin movies. So all in all, I enjoyed my evening out with my girls. Please keep in mind that we did not know this movie was based on a book, which is probably why my girls enjoyed it so much.
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Much More Entertaining Than I Thought it Would Be......
archeather3 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I just want to say that I am not the biggest fan of Vanessa Hudgens. However, her playing opposite Alex Pettyfer and the chemistry that he added really helped her in this movie. I gotta say it....there is something about Alex Pettyfer on screen that keeps you captivated. He does it in I Am Number Four and again here in Beastly. People keep comparing him to Robert Pattinson but I see their career paths going in different directions (Pattinson's next project is w/ David Cronenberg and I see Pettyfer going more mainstream). While I have never read Beastly, I think this was a much better young adult film adaption than the Twilight Saga films. There was bunch of males in our group that attended the sneak preview of Beastly. After Twilight, they had low expectations of this film and they enjoyed this film far more. Brilliant casting move by making Neil Patrick Harris the tutor of Alex Pettyfer. As always Harris's comedic timing was impeccable. Who knows if his lines where improvised or what but whatever came out of his mouth was hilarious. I had low expectations of Mary-Kate Olsen's role going into this but she definitely owned her role as the witch. I thought whoever did the costuming for her character did a fantastic job too. Loved how each ensemble she wore was different but yet at the same time very interesting. I thought the set design and music choices were all well done. I thought the makeup on Alex Pettyfer when he was the "beast" was superb. His makeup was the perfect blend of creativity but still have a gruesome quality to it. And of course, the message about not judging a book by it's cover is always valid even in this modern remake of the original tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Look I had low expectations of this movie but after viewing it I thought it was a very fun date night kind of flick even for the older sect. Just saying, don't completely write it off because of Twilight or Hudgen's high school musical past.....
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"A" for effort ... and makes you wonder about ...
A_Different_Drummer5 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
... what sort of movie this would have been with different actors? First and foremost this is the kind of script you don't really see much of anymore, especially in teenage rom-coms. It is as much a stage play as a movie script. Percentage-wise, the number of scenes with the same two characters BY THEMSELVES running lines off each other (Pettyfer and Hudgens) is very high. And therein lies the good news and the bad news. The good news is that Director/Writer Daniel Barnes took risks, the kind of risks you can only take when you are, in point of fact, both the director and writer on the production. He placed all his trust in his actors, and gave them lots of room. The bad news is that it doesn't always work. I am not sure where the fault lies -- since with issues of "chemistry" you need something to compare to -- but if I had to guess, I would point the finger at Hudgens. This film was done at the end the very unusual arc in her career when, as far as teen movies went, she was the "it" girl, she was the girl every high school guy would sell his parents to gypsies for. Whether or not she can deliver this promise is another matter. She is cute, she is sweet, she is vulnerable. But that's fine for love at a distance. Love in tight closeups with tricky dialog is another matter entirely. (If you want to see a quirky Disney rom-com done to sizzling perfection, look at THE CUTTING EDGE, also in my reviews, where the characters completely sell the romance from the first scene, to the delight of the audience). A very ambitious effort which never really hits the target.
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"I've seen worse" ... Really? Well, I haven't when it comes to recent films.
ThatsWhatTheyTellMe15 March 2011
As an avid supporter of fairy tales, a particular favourite being Beauty and the Beast, I went to see this film despite its horrendous critical reception. I usually enjoy mindless, simple teen trash for what it is and was even somewhat intrigued by the film's trailer. Unfortunately, calling "Beastly" teen trash would be a generous understatement.

The film's screenplay is no better than the work of a high school student trying to write a short story during their creative writing class. There is rarely if any witty dialogue and many of the lines are laugh-out-loud funny in their obscurity and cheesiness. There are a few very simple plot points in the film and the rest is just utter nonsense and one overly long and painfully uninteresting montage after another. The film should have spent more time developing characters and less time on these useless montage sequences that are so painfully tedious that I actually joked with my friend about falling asleep in the theatre several times.

The acting is pretty mediocre. I'm not going to call Hudgens or Pettyfer abominations to the craft of acting, simply because their characters didn't have nearly enough depth to allow them to prove whether or not they can act. Mary-Kate Olsen stands out as one of the few redeeming qualities this movie has. Her character is instantly biting and likable; she causes you to crave more screen time for her character throughout the film with her adorably wicked smirk and eerie vibe. Neil Patrick Harris is underused in what could have been a potentially interesting side character but manages to try and salvage his poorly written material.

Basically, this movie feels longer than it is, causing many of us to wish it would just be over. Nothing interesting happens that didn't occur in the trailer. There are many unnecessary plot elements, such as something that happens with Hudgens' character's father towards the end and then is sort of just solved off-screen with no real explanation. It's a tedious film and the ending is a cop-out that leaves a bad taste in your mouth as it completely undermines the supposed message of the film. And to top it off, they didn't have the decency to even attempt an epic climax. The climax and final embrace of the romantic leads is truly uninspired and pathetic. Just like the majority of this beastly excuse for a film.
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Done Before and better
Jacuk6 March 2011
This movie is the same old story which has been made into countless movies. We have a person who is a obsessed by his good looks and therefore of course will be punished and will not become his old self until he has gone through some trials that will teach him that beauty comes from within and not based on the outside. We all know that in the real world this is not the case and it's a fairy-tale.

Going into the movie i did not have high hopes and i must admit i was surprised not because the movie is that good, but because it's not that bad either, the story has been done 100 times and has been done better than this but something about the main actors makes you feel pleasantly entertained and if you have 1½ hour which have to be spent on something this movie is not the worst thing to throw on the DVD.

Just don't expect to be wowed or see anything new and anything that hasn 't been done before.

Therefore i cannot in good will give it more than a 2.
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denbra9921 August 2014
I don't even like love stories.... this was a fantastic movie!!! I saw I am Number Four and I loved it so i thought i should check out Beastly, was expecting a bad romance, especially because i didn't even like romances, Im more of a sci-fi action kind of guy, but i was very surprised! this movie was amazing! I found the movie on you tube actually while searching for the trailer and decided to check it out! definitely worth it! 9.5/10 --------- ____________ ------------ ______________ ----------------- _________________ ------------ ____________ -------------- ____________ --------------- ____________ ---- --------------- _______________ -------------------- _____________ ------- ----------- ______________ ----------------- _____________
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Not Terrible- Had Some Good Moments
thetruth4517 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Movie was kinda cool, there were parts I liked and parts I didn't like. Overall, the flaws drag the movie down to being a decent weekday movie while you browse the internet and pay bills. Not a movie you devote 100% of your attention to but definitely interesting background fodder.

Parts I liked: The plot was interesting (albeit common)- a good looking guy who sucks at life turns ugly and has to change his internal persona to become good looking again. The girl who played opposite the Rich Schmuck turned beast was pretty good. She was "for the most part" likable (there were issues I had with her which I will address later but she's the kind of girl you'd hope to land in real life...for the most part). The ending was sweet and made me borderline cry (weird I know). The ending where you realize the Rich Schmuck's dad is going to get screwed just like his son did....pretty cool.

Parts I didn't like: The movie is so incredibly short (like an hour and 20 minutes) that none of the relationships are developed (not even a little bit). The reason the movie gives to get this girl to move into the rich schmuck's house is kinda bizarre(i.e. he breaks up a fight, the girl's dad then turns a gun on the bad guy and kills him, so in exchange for the rich schmuck not turning this guy in he blackmails the dad to give him ownership of his daughter- I mean it's completely bizarre). I didn't like that this girl who falls for "the beast" already liked this guy before he became "the beast." This guy is a total loser douche bag before turning into "the beast" (giving speeches about how he's awesome and rich and how everyone who's ugly sucks, humiliating women in public, etc). I mean there is not a single redeemable characteristic of this kid so it really undermines this girl's character that she LIKES THIS DOUCHE.

Lastly, that they have to rely on weird tribal looking tattoos and tree tattoos and metal rivets in his face to make him ugly is stupid. A lot of those tattoos were pretty bad ass and would not be a turn off. The face tattoos were gross but the body ones were kinda cool. There should have been a better effort to make this guy ugly instead of relying on tattoos and piercing (the costume designer needs a reality check).

Overall it's a C+: decent story, cute girl, some nice romance, that is hurt by it's bad costumes, douchey lead, bizarre story twists, and lack of character development.
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My tween daughter enjoyed this, I almost fell asleep
scarletheels7 March 2012
Kyle (Alex Pettyfer, I Am Number Four) is a handsome, popular, rich kid who is also a grade-A jerk but blame that on his conceited, inattentive father who is more concerned about his career as an anchorman than with his own son. At least that's what the film wants you to do. Like father, like son.

After Kyle plays a cruel prank on another student, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen, Full House), she transforms him into a bald, boil-covered, tattooed freak. It turns out Michelle Tanner grew up to be a witch dressed in emo-inspired haute couture clothing. Oops, not exactly the person you want to invite to the prom and then publicly humiliate. He has one year to find someone to fall in love with him or he's cursed to stay ugly as hell forever. A blind girl, maybe?

Nope, Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens, High School Musical), a fellow student who moves in with him after he saves her and her father from muggers. The blind person turns out to be a tutor, Will (Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother), hired by Kyle's father. Kyle was moved into a place of his own after doctors told his father that, um no, a face transplant is not a viable option.

We are all familiar with the tale of Beauty and the Beast so we all know where the characters are headed and what happens at the end. This isn't the kind of film for special effects or over-choreographed fight scenes so that leaves the acting.

Both Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens are easy on the eyes but their acting skills have yet to be fully developed, or developed at all. It seems like Pettyfer is trying but Hudgens has one or two facial expressions in her repertoire. I've seen better acting from my daughter's sock puppets. The saving grace is Neil Patrick Harris whose comedic timing is sublime. He breathes some life into this flat fantasy.

Parents, this is okay to let your tween/teen watch but I don't recommend it.
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