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27 Mar. 2012
Shaun Micallef
Shaun Micallef says he has been too busy focusing on his comedy career to be interested in family history, but as he approaches the big "5-0", he has started to reflect on his own life. He is worried that his ancestors will be boring and dull. Not so. He'll soon discover that they were players in some of the most extraordinary moments in modern history.
3 Apr. 2012
Kerry O'Brien
Television journalist Kerry O'Brien embarks on a journey to uncover his Irish roots. He discovers a colourful and fiery character in the form of Charles O' Brien, the first O'Brien to arrive in Australia. Having survived both the potato famine and a perilous voyage, Charles makes the most of the new opportunities afforded him in the Colony. Kerry will be surprised by his other Irish ancestors also searching for a better life. Convicted thieves, and sent over as convicts, their lives continued on a dramatic course, as they took desperate measures for survival.
10 Apr. 2012
Melissa George
Actress Melissa George rattles the skeletons in her family closet to uncover the heartbreaking truth behind a story of child migrants and investigates the case of an ancestor suspected of abusing a prisoner in a colonial gaol.
17 Apr. 2012
Vince Colosimo
On his father's side there's always been a mystery about his grandmother, as she died young, and little is known about her life or family. On his quest to find out who she was, Vince uncovers the story of her father, and finds out their lives in rural Calabria were touched by both joy and tragedy. Vince's re-connection to his ancestral mother country is profound and his observations are steeped in humour, candour, and occasional coarse language.
24 Apr. 2012
John Wood
Actor John Wood is best known for his role in "Blue Heelers" yet his detective work in "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" reaffirms truth is more fascinating than fiction. John's investigation into his father's capture and imprisonment in Nazi Europe reveals an unexpected love story - while a search for his Swedish ancestors uncovers wealth that belies his working class roots.
1 May 2012
Michael O'Loughlin
Michael investigates a family legend that connects him to Australia's $50 bill and discovers a life-changing ancestor, who was one of the last tribal Aboriginals from the Coorong and Lake regions to move onto the mission. Working alongside Australia's foremost anthropologist, Norman Tindale, his legacy was to preserve the memory of a disintegrating culture.

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