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  • In Los Angeles, a serial-killer with unknown identity is slaughtering clients in convenience stores. He steals the surveillance tapes and the police department offers a US$ 500,000 reward for him. In a trashy convenience store, the owner Steve, his clients, phone sex worker Mona, and the whore Jess, his employee Donny Donut and his junky nephew Jimmy discuss with the carrier Morty what they would do with the serial-killer if they caught him. Out of the blue, they are attacked by a masked killer during a night of terror.

  • During their nightly poker game, a group of lowlifes are terrorized in their own convenience store by a masked killer.

    D Maze


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  • A serial killer with a morbid voyeur fetish is targeting and terrorizing convenience stores. He tortures and murders his victims in creative ways in front of closed-circuit television cameras, then steals the surveillance tapes as personal trophies.

    With the reward upped to $500,000, the serial killer is the hot topic at a downtown Los Angeles liquor store owned by STEVE (Eduardo GarciaNo Country for Old Men).

    When the beer deliveryman, MORTY (Steve GuttenbergCocoon, Police Academy, 3 Men and a Baby), shares his concerns about the recent killings, Steve and his motley friends fantasize about their big plans on what to do with the killer and the reward money.

    Convinced the store is safe, Steve and his buddies, JIMMY (James DuvalDonnie Darko, Independence Day, Gone in 60 Seconds), JESS (Elizabeth Nicole7th Heaven), DONNY (Peter StoryUgly Betty, CSI) and MONA (Ellia EnglishGood Luck Chuck, The Jamie Foxx Show), lock themselves in and settle down for their poker game.

    As the night progresses, drunken fun quickly turns into heinous murder as players begin to disappear. Their only hope for outside help is eliminated when the resident bum, JACKO (David Jean ThomasG.I. Joe, Star Trek), is gruesomely killed.

    Is there a way to stop the killer before he finds the basement filled with butchers tools and puts them to his demonic use?

    A suspenseful who-done-it with a refreshing spin on the classic horror film, CORNERED! will have you squirming. Be warned and watch what you say someone may be listening!

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