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Blu-Ray Review: ‘Lost: Season Four’ With Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly Worth Finding on Blu-Ray

Chicago – Rivaling “24” and “The Simpsons” as the TV series with the most in-depth, remarkable season DVD sets, “Lost” continues to impress with the Blu-Ray release of season four, a technically flawless presentation with a series of unique special features that should impress casual fans and make the hardcore ones drool.

The end of the third season of “Lost” revealed that Jack and Kate made it off the island and that life was not too good on the mainland. The revelation opened the door for a reinvigoration of the series in season four, returning it to the ranks of the best programs on television. As audiences learned more and more about the fate of the inhabitants of the “Lost” island, the sometimes rambling quality of the show started to come into focus. Viewers who complained that the “Lost” writers were making it up as they went along felt more confident that
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Barry Jossen top creative at ABC Studios

Barry Jossen has been tapped as the top creative executive at ABC Studios, replacing Julia Franz, who announced her resignation in April.

Jossen, who reports to ABC Studios president Mark Pedowitz, has been running the studio's production department for six years. As executive vp creative, Jossen will oversee the day-to-day creative affairs of the development and current departments for drama and comedy, working closely in the transition with Franz, who is departing after four years in the position.

The studio's slate of productions for the 2008-09 season includes 21 scripted programs for network and cable television as well as ABC's late-night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"I believe that Barry will bring a different insight and do wonders for the studio," Pedowitz said. "He's a bona-fide leader, and his production team is second to none in town. He is the best person to take us forward."

Jossen's previous position will be filled from within the studio.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, exec producers of ABC/ABC Studios' "Lost," also praised Jossen, who recently collaborated with the duo on the Emmy-nominated mobisodes "Lost: Missing Pieces."

"We view Barry as a key creative collaborator on the show," Cuse said. "He understands the issues one faces as a showrunner and has contributed in innumerable ways to making the show better."

Asked if Jossen is known for thinking outside the box, Lindelof said, "There is no box," and added that the executive "really treats us like partners."

Before joining the studio in 2002, Jossen was executive consultant for Imagine Television, developing projects and supervising productions including "Felicity" and "24."
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