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26 Sep. 2011
Doctor Who?
Doctor-in-training Erica is dismayed to learn that her first patient is someone that she knows: her soon to be ex-brother-in-law, Josh MacIntosh, a man she neither understands or likes. Despite she realizing that Josh needs help, Erica hates him even more after Samantha's vitriolic verbal attacks about their bitter divorce proceedings. To help Erica help Josh, Dr. Tom sends her back to the incident when she first realized that she hated him, which was a trip in 1998 by Erica, Sam, Josh and Jenny to Fort Lauderdale to visit Erica and Sam's grandmother. Erica tries to ...
3 Oct. 2011
Osso Barko
Julianne and Erica have a somewhat uncomfortable time at Frank Galvin's funeral in the fact of running into some of their old nemeses, most specifically Thomas Friedkin. Julianne is also expecting a visit from her sister Georgie, a brilliant academic, who wants to pitch a book by her friend, local professor Michel Streith. Both these events place Julianne on edge, more so than usual, her frustrations which she takes out on 50/50's new assistant, Rachel. Julianne and Erica have differing opinions about Rachel, who Erica likes, despite her quirky nerdiness, which ...
10 Oct. 2011
Baby Mama
Beyond the shock of the news, everyone seems happy about Samantha being pregnant with Lenin's baby - everyone except for Barb. Barb believes Samantha is being irresponsible yet again. Erica is surprised by her mother's reaction, but she will have to understand that reaction after Dr. Tom tells her that her mother is her next patient. Erica thinks she knows why Barb is feeling the way she is, but Dr. Tom sends Erica back to 1969 and seventeen year old Barb's senior year in high school to get a true picture of what is bothering Barb in present day. What Erica finds out ...
17 Oct. 2011
Born This Way
Scott Galvin's reign at River Rock brings an entirely different corporate mentality, where everything is driven by his testosterone laden sense. The men have to be dudes, and the projects they will be working on reflect Scott's own interests. Even the name of the company has been re-branded to The Rock. As hard as he tries for the sake of keeping his job, Brent just doesn't fit into this new corporate image. Erica's advice of pitching an idea that brings his own sensibilities into the testosterone world of The Rock gets Brent fired. After the fact, Erica realizes that...
24 Oct. 2011
Sins of the Father
By opening up a part of her own personal life to him, Dr. Naadiah is trying to show Dr. Tom that he can be a good therapist and still maintain a healthy personal life. She is trying to get him to return the several telephone calls from his former fiancée, Amanda, to see why she has come back into his life. Telephoning Amanda and forgiving her for walking out on their engagement to marry another man may be two different things. Dr. Naadiah sends Tom back to his and Amanda's engagement party, where he believed that Amanda was looking for an excuse to leave him so that ...
31 Oct. 2011
If I Could Turn Back Time
In the next phase of her doctor training, Erica, for twenty-four hours, receives the power of initiating time travel. As a doctor-in-training, her current temporary powers only allow her to travel within that same day. Dr. Tom warns her that with power comes much responsibility. Erica, like a kid in a candy shop, wants to tell the whole world what she can now do. But she comes to the realization that she can fix some mistakes that she feels she's already made that day. One has to do with Julianne and Brent, who are moving into new territory in their relationship. They...
7 Nov. 2011
Being Ethan
Despite still feeling the emotional pain of the situation, Erica is trying to move on with her life after Adam breaking up with her. She is trying to make herself feel better by wearing pretty but somewhat provocative clothes. Her friends believe her outward appearance matches how she is feeling inside. Coincidentally, she runs into Ethan, who is also a recent dumpee, this time by yet another strong, risk taking woman, much in the same vein of Claire and Erica herself. Erica sees that Ethan is always falling for the wrong type of woman, one who wants different things ...
14 Nov. 2011
Please, Please Tell Me Now
Beyond Rachel knowing, Julianne isn't yet ready to tell the world, let alone Erica, that she and Brent are a couple. Although Brent respects Julianne's wishes, he doesn't much like it. Erica also isn't ready to tell the world that she and Kai are now dating. Their relationship faces its own challenges with Kai being officially from the future. Being as such, Kai has certain knowledge about what will happen in Erica's life. Although he knows he isn't supposed to tell her anything about the future, the temptation to pass along monumental news may be too difficult to ...
28 Nov. 2011
Erica's Adventures in Wonderland
It's the day of Dave and Ivan's wedding, and Erica, seeing two people in love, is reflective of her recent relationships. That reflection is also due in part to having Kai be her date to the wedding, yet seeing Adam there, not only for the first time since their break-up but with another woman as his date. She is lamenting the fact of always seeming to pick the wrong men, as even her relationship with Kai she eventually realizes can't last since they don't belong to the same point in time. Kai may be a little slower in coming to this realization as evidenced by a ...
5 Dec. 2011
It's Erica's thirty-fifth birthday. She and Adam are back together, although they still disagree on certain issues, such as personal boundaries. Regardless, she's generally in a happy place in her life. She even gets a present from an unexpected source. The one negative issue in her life on this day starts when she catches Julianne and Brent locked in a romantic kiss at the office, which is her introduction to the fact of them being a couple. Instead of feeling happy for them, especially Julianne who she knows has been unhappy romantically of late, Erica feels that ...
12 Dec. 2011
Dr. Erica
Julianne and Brent hit a possible obstacle in their relationship, namely Brent's dog Duchess and how well, or more precisely how badly the two females get along. Meanwhile, Erica is beginning to have a series of scattered visions which is giving her massive headaches. Dr. Tom informs her that the visions are a sign that she is now a full fledged therapist, the visions, which will become clearer as time goes on, identifying who her potential patient will be. Erica is unprepared for this news, and feels she will need Dr. Tom's guidance now more than ever in navigating ...

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