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  • Urban sprawl, extinct species, depletion of natural resources and global warming are all causes of deep anxiety. Here to stay takes an uncompromising look at Planet Earth today, in all its beauty but also its scars and contradictions. Illustrating the intricate relationship and contrasts between the miracles of nature and man's obsession in trying to tame them. Can we turn back the tide? What do we really want for ourselves?


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  • Here to stay (original French title: Nous Resterons sur Terre) takes a direct look at todays planet, encompassing its beauty, horror and contradictions. This documentary film creates a play of mirrors and contrasts between the miracles of nature and mans obsession to try and tame it. It tells of the separation between our Mother Earth and her ungrateful children. Here to stay features environmentalist James Lovelock, philosopher Edgar Morin, Green Cross International President Mikhaïl Gorbatchev. It provides an inventory of the way humankinds natural harmony with the planet has broken down in the last few decades driven by a frenzied fantasy of constant progress leading to the exhaustion of our natural resources. The tragedy is still being written: urban sprawl, extinct species, and climatic change are all causes for deep anxiety. What exactly have we lost? What is left to lose? How can we turn back the tide? Is this what we really want? When? And how? The documentary answers none of these questions; instead it leaves each of us the freedom to assess the state of emergency, with only one certainty left: We are «Here to stay».

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