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[Now Streaming] Your ‘X-Men: First Class,’ ‘Submarine,’ ‘Beginners,’ and ‘Last Mountain’ Alternatives

Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to the worthwhile titles currently available on Netflix Instant Watch.

As super-powered mutants do battle in multiplexes across the nation, a trio of indies will open in limited release, unleashing tales of love, acceptance, and protest. To take the heart-pounding, mind-broadening, soul-warming and/or consciousness-awakening experience home, try our selected picks from the libraries of Netflix’s streaming features.

X-Men: First Class

In this prequel to Bryan Singer’s genre-resurrecting X-Men, director Matthew Vaughn leaps back to 1963, where Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is just beginning to lay the groundwork for his school, with the help of his best friend, Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender). Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kevin Bacon co-star.

Kick-Ass (2010) The self-reflexive indie flick that brought Mark Millar’s gritty comic to life is also what scored director Vaughn the X-Men gig. Aaron Johnson
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Netflix Nuggets: The Silent, The Sexy, The Weird & The True

Netflix has revolutionized the home movie experience for fans of film with its instant streaming technology. Netflix Nuggets is my way of spreading the word about independent, classic and foreign films made available by Netflix for instant streaming.

How I Ended This Summer (2010)

Streaming Available: 05/10/2011

Synopsis: At an isolated science station in the Arctic, meteorologist Sergei and young intern Pavel face the impending closure of the now-irrelevant base. While Sergei eagerly anticipates returning to his family, Pavel still hopes for a grand adventure. Average Netflix rating: 3.5

Blue Velvet (1986)

Streaming Available: 05/15/2011

Synopsis: An innocent man gets mixed up in a small-town murder mystery involving a kinky nightclub chanteuse and a kidnapper with a penchant for snorting helium in this moodily surreal mystery from writer-director David Lynch. Average Netflix rating: 3.4

Don Juan Demarco (1994)

Streaming Available: 05/15/2011

Synopsis: Marlon Brando stars as a psychiatrist assigned to diagnose a mysterious man who’s convinced that
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Canadian Films Available On iTunes

Believe it or not, Mongrel Media, a Canadian film distributor, puts its products on iTunes. Moreover, as far as I know, downloading a film on iTunes is legal. The following is the list of some films and there are Canadian films among them.

Canadian Feature films:

* Away from Her.

* Breakfast with Scot.

* Cairo Time.

* Growing Op.

* How She Move.

* Love & Savagery.

* Nurse.Fighter.Boy.

* One Week.

Foreign feature films:

* Mary and Max.

* The Narrows (2008).

* Scenes of a Sexual Nature.

* Wendy and Lucy.


* Big River Man.

* Blood on the Flat Track.

* The Corporation.

* A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.

* Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.

* Flow: For Love of Water.

* Garbage Warrior.
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"Twilight" to be Honored as Film of Vision...Really?

The vampire romance film "Twilight" is being considered as one of the best and brightest. The flick, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, is one of the movies being honored at the 36th Annual Vision Awards to be held on June 27 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Here's the complete press release, and for the Vision Awards website, click here.

Los Angeles, CA, June 5, 2009 - Many of Hollywood.s best and brightest in film, television and music will descend upon the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, on Saturday, June 27 for the star-studded, 36th Annual Vision Awards .. The gala fundraising event, which has become an annual Hollywood tradition, honors entertainment and business luminaries as well as medical professionals who have exhibited exceptional gifts of sight, foresight and insight in the creative arts, related technologies and medical research.

Presented by Rp International, the nation.s leading non-profit fighting Retinitis Pigmentosa and other blinding eye diseases,
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Flow: For Love of Water

Flow: For Love of Water
Sundance Film Festival

PARK CITY -- Flow: For Love of Water, a documentary about escalating threats to the world's freshwater supplies, may appear rather prosaic until the enormity of the issue becomes apparent: Worldwide, water sources are consistently endangered by overuse, drought, pollution and privatization. At the same time, more than a billion people globally still lack access to clean water.

Along with this sobering information, filmmaker Irena Salina's docu includes a distinct note of optimism that should help the film flow smoothly through the festival pipeline before eventually settling on DVD.

Salina's globetrotting camera finds local residents and activists protesting water contamination and seeking safer supplies in South Africa, the U.S., Bolivia and India, where Coca Cola has reportedly polluted an entire community's water source.

Worldwide she encounters multinational corporations like Nestle, Vivendi-Universal and Suez that are attempting to lock up water reserves through government-sanctioned privatization. Meanwhile, subsidiaries of these major conglomerates sell water back to us in bottled form worth an estimated $22 billion annually.

Salina also shows how activists and scientists are challenging water profiteering and assisting impoverished communities on the front lines of water conservation conflicts with protecting critical resources. Interviews with community leaders, activists and experts, as well as water company executives, form the spine of the film. Alarming exterior scenes of localities threatened by pollution and drought are combined with footage of clear, free-flowing water as a reminder of the opportunity that still exists to safeguard supplies.

Insistent, sometimes conspicuously one-sided, the film's concerns are difficult to dismiss, considering that a water-starved planet isn't ultimately viable. "Flow's" digital video tech credits are suitably modest although a few scenes with poor audio or video could benefit from trimming.


A Steven Starr Production in association with The Group Entertainment


Director: Irena Salina

Producer: Steven Starr

Executive producers: Stephen Nemeth, Caroleen Feeney, Lee Jaffe, Augusta Brown Holland, Brent Meikle, Cornalia Meikle, Hadley Meikle

Directors of photography: Pablo de Selva, Irena Salina

Music: Christophe Julien

Editors: Caitlin Dixon, Madeleine Gavin, Andrew Mondshein

Running time -- 93 minutes

No MPAA rating

'Banks,' 'Flow' reel in overseas deals

Just in time for the Berlin International Film Festival, Myriad Films has picked up foreign sales rights to Fred Durst's directorial debut, The Education of Charlie Banks, and Celluloid Dreams has nabbed foreign sales rights to the Sundance docu competition entry Flow: For the Love of Water.

The filmmakers behind Irena Salina's global eco-docu Flow will donate 1% of their profits from any sale to the charity 1% for the Planet, which benefits ecological charities worldwide.

Anchor Bay Entertainment picked up North American theatrical and DVD rights in October to the coming-of-age drama Banks. The film, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter and Eva Amurri, won the Made in New York Award at last year's Tribeca Film Festival and hits theaters this year.

Myriad and Celluloid have non-North American rights to the projects. Josh Braun of Submarine is repping North American Flow sales.

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