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MPAA Rated R for strong crude material and dangerous stunts, graphic nudity and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • A man drinks liquid identified as pig semen.
  • A small snapping turtle bites a man's penis
  • A naked man gets his penis and testicles covered by bees stinging them. This is shown for a while, and they even show close ups of the stings.
  • In one scene, a man gets his groin punched by a MMA fighter, a softball thrown at it, a hockey puck shot at it and finally a pogo stick bounced on top of it.
  • The opening scene is a Godzilla parody where they dress up one of cast members penises in paint and prosthetics to look like a dinosaur. Pubic hairs are clearly shown.
  • A man gets punched in testicles very fast and hard with a toy set of toy fists. Male genital nudity up close, in focus for an extended period of time. In the unrated virsion
  • A man sticks his penis in a paddle with a ball on a string attached and another man shakes it.
  • Lots and lots of male graphic nudity. Most of this movie involves fully nude men during different stunts. This becomes violent as you can see blood dripping down their genitals. This is fully uncensored and everything is shown for a prolonged period of time, but is non-sexual in context. No female genitalia in a non-sexual context.
  • A large man in a suit is getting ready for a stunt, but he poops. They take his suit off and show his butt and underwear, both of which clearly have feces on them.
  • A man tries to start a flame underwater. He is shown nude in a bath as he tries to fart. Bubbles rise to the surface in zoomed in camera shots. This is pretty graphic as the mans rear and testicles are sticking through a thong.
  • A penis is inserted into two glass pieces and it gets smashed. This is used to play ping pong with another person doing the same thing.
  • A man puts his penis and testicles in a Godzilla-like puppet. Semen is show squirting from the mouth of it as if it were destroying a city. His testicles and pubic hair are still clearly shown, as it is just his penis in the puppet.
  • Multiple people in thongs get sent down a a slip in slide. A slow mo shows them flying in the air. Nudity can be seen from a distance

Violence & Gore

  • Several comedic depictions of real injuries, pain, and fear with some brief blood detail. People are knocked unconscious, penises and testicles are zapped, punched, smashed, covered in bees and are snapped by turtles.
  • Several comical explosions are seen.
  • A fake head is seen popping with fake blood in the opening sketch. This is mostly done for laughs.
  • A man gets bitten by a tarantula on his nipple
  • Several men lie under ramps while others on bikes and skateboards jump off and land on them. One man smacks his knee on the ramp and flips over onto the ground.
  • Flip flops rigged to machines smack three men in the groin a few times.
  • A man has a soccer ball thrown at his head from a machine.
  • A few men are tased, run into frying pans, get bit by snakes and hit by a volleyball.
  • A few men slide down a hill and land on dirt covered ground.
  • A man jumps down onto a mattress which sends another straight up through a ceiling.
  • Four men are launched into the air from sitting in rigged chairs.
  • A man is launched into the air from a cannon and lands in water.
  • A man rides a bike straight into a fake wall.
  • A woman puts her tongue in a stun gun, a man gets bitten by a rattlesnake and another man has a skateboard fall straight on his legs. A man runs around trying to tase one man and ends up tasing another.
  • A man goes into a PortaLoo and a large explosion is seen while the man falls out of it.
  • A man is swung out of a hammock straight up into the air and lands on the ground.
  • A man hangs upside down from an electrical pole while playing a prank on a woman. He smacks the pole a few times while electricity almost hits him.
  • Six men walk onto a treadmill sideways and land straight intoa wall. Blood is seen on one man's head, while another is taken away on a stretcher.
  • An inflatable tube comes out the side of a truck and hits a man in the face.
  • A man gets his testicles beaten with a toy set of fists very fast. His bruised testicles are shown.
  • Two men are hit with giant hands and fall backwards into a pool.
  • Three men are suspended by their underpants by bungee cords.
  • A woman is stung several times by a scorpion.
  • A man is launched into the air by a rigged toilet.
  • Two men launch off a ramp straight into the ground.
  • A man is skating while another man in a fist costume comes out of frame and punches the man off the skateboard.
  • A man has several pieces of meat eaten off his body by a vulture. Another man has the vulture lay on his arm.
  • Several men are electrocuted while performing a dance routine.
  • A man has pig semen dumped on him. A man is also tased.
  • A man is electrocuted several times while a bear eats honey and salmon off of his body.
  • A man gets hit by a bull and lands straight on his head, getting knocked unconscious.


  • Exactly 146 uses of "fuck", 84 uses of "shit" and other uses of "ass", "damn" and "cum"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All the stunts featured in the film may make viewers squirm based on the high impact of all. Some of them are sexual but they mostly aren't but it is the most wild jackass film to date.
  • A stunt involving a real bear and a man tied to a chair has a lot of tension. Some of the members of the cast can be seen in fits of laughter.
  • Two men are playing a game against each other where they have two helmets and a tube connected together. A tarantula is put inside the tube and the men have to blow it onto the other person's side of the tube. After this, one of the men has the tarantula bitten on its nipple. May be frightening to viewers with spider fears.
  • A man gets flipped into the air and knocked unconscious from a bull hitting him. He gets taken away on a stretcher.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets his penis and testicles covered in bees.
  • A man tests a cup by having an MMA fighter punch it, a softball pitched into it, a hockey puck hit at it and a pogo stick bounced on it. Some blood is seen after the pogo stick lands on it.
  • An explosion is seen as a man farts underwater.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man on a pogo stick jumps on another man's groin while he's wearing a cup. The man's bloody testicle is seen. A camera guy pukes after seeing this.
  • A man soils himself, causing a few others to gag around him. One man pukes.
  • A man drinks pig semen. A few others around him gag and almost puke.
  • A man gets pig semen dumped onto his head.
  • A man gets his entire penis and testicles covered in bees.

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