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Surprisingly good
TheLittleSongbird14 March 2011
Not that I was expecting it to be bad in any way, it's just that I thought initially it would play more like an extended episode of the show. So I was surprised at how well it turned out. Sure, it could have been longer, but out of the movies based off Ben 10 Secret of the Omnitrix is one of the better ones.

I am not afraid to admit, I am quite fond of Ben 10 and of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. I like the animation, music, dialogue and stories and also how much the characters and voices have matured too. Secret of the Omnitrix is the epitome of everything I like about Ben 10 and its successors. Its plot is interesting and very well paced, I did worry that it would fall into the trap of being an extended episode but I needn't have done. The action scenes are compelling with some eye popping visual effects and the relationships between the characters are believable and don't take too long to develop.

The animation is also above decent, and I think improves slightly in its background quality. The characters are drawn in a unique way and the colours are bold and colourful. The music is very energetic and driven, the dialogue has a well-judged balance of being funny, thought-provoking and somewhat more reflective perhaps, the characters are all likable even the villains and Ben is growing in his maturity every time I see him and the voice acting is solid across the board.

Overall, surprisingly good and recommended. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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mguy-200-5625256 April 2017
I think Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix is absolutely amazing. I thought it was going to be a generic Ben 10 take, but the movie took many risks and at the end, we got this amazing movie. It's not just a great Ben 10 movie, it's a great movie. I really recommend it not just for kids, but for the entire family. Even adults can enjoy it.
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If you love the original series you will love this movie.
WeAreLive27 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this movie when I was young and it taught me lessons. Like for example when Gwen nearly died from a wildvine and Ben was taking a big risk to save her that was heroic.

I even loved how much action there was in the movie my favorite bit was where Way Big throws Vilgax into space. I would recommend this action packed movie to any original Ben 10 for both kids and adults.
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