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dr-sam300024 February 2008
My family and I were very entertained by the 2007 World Magic Award show. My children recorded it and routinely watch it. Every one of the magic tricks were very good and I enjoyed seeing celebrities that I watched when I was younger. Roger Moore was an excellent host and hopefully we get to see him host again next year. I believe this show was directed well and it kept us on the edge of our seats. The Hans Klok and Pam Anderson team was fun to watch as well as the other performers. In this day in age it is refreshing to have a fun and exciting show on television that is child friendly. I definitely recommend this show to all families especially those with children. My entire family gave this show an excellent rating because of its excitement and overall good feeling we got from the experience. All in all, it was a fun family show and we cannot wait to see the next one!
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Worst-Directed Magic Show I Have Ever Seen
dave4621 January 2008
This is the worst-directed magic show I have ever seen. The director constantly cuts away to the audience or to a shot from the back of the auditorium just as the magician is doing an illusion, so this show is incredibly frustrating to watch. The director seems to deliberately cut away from the magic or to a different angle at the moment when you most want to see the illusion happen, so most of the illusions in this show fall flat due to the terrible direction. I gave it 2 stars because of some of the genuinely good performers, otherwise I wouldn't give it any. But it's a shame that most of their efforts have little impact due to the terrible job done by the director on this show, who has no clue how to direct a magic program. The other problem is that when I saw this program, there were so many commercial breaks that it made the show even more frustrating to watch. If you're still interested, my advice it to record it and skip over the many commercial breaks.
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