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Akki Singh is the real King!
himaank21 September 2008
'Balle balle te shava shava!' 'Oye! Chak De Phatte!' This is what you will hear loud and clear while watching this movie through out. 'Singh is Kinng' is a true example of how you package the ordinary idea with loads of no-logic but damn funny humor, jazzed up with some peppy nos, put a big tag of superstar and wrap it up with oodles of hype. This movie has created history in breaking all time box office records specially. The mass hysteria of Akshay Kumar is unstoppable. He is the next big thing and currently, Indian movie industry is betting more than Rs 150 crores on him.

The story of 'Singh is Kinng' is simple. Akki is a panic button for his village. People are so bugged with his non-sense that they decided to send him out of the village. They some how emotionally convinced him to go abroad and bring back another son of soil who is now an underworld don. Om Puri also got tagged along with Akki in this journey. In between, he meets his love interest Katrina and what follows is a no sense roller coaster ride where not only he has to bring the village son back to his roots but also, win his girl's heart.

It might sound nothing great then how come its such a big hit breaking all overseas records? The answer lies in two powerful words- Akki and the music. Akki aka Akhay Kumar is the current king of Bollywood. He is power packed and Singh is Kinng is a true example to prove it. He'd hold the front all alone with his witty performance. Katrina too has her moments but just moments. Kiran Kher is a sheer waste of talent. Om Puri is just fine and Ranvir Shorey is something i don't even want to talk about it. What a waste of talent. Javed Jaffery is funny and played an interesting character. This movie is not focused on building characters because it can only happen with a good script. But here it's not about script but Akki and only Akki.

Music is really nice and has lots of variety. Pritam has done it again and has given another super hit soundtrack. 'Teri Or' is a surprise delight with beautiful vocals, music and video. The reason why I like this song is not just the melody but an add on of some Rajasthani folk song playing in the background. Another interesting song is 'Jee Karda'. Solid Punjabi beats forcing you to break free and just dance. It's extremely catchy. The title track could've been better if they've got some other singer than Mika. He did a horrible job. Snoop Dogg did his first act in Bollywood singing the remix version of title song which is way better than the original. Another very interesting song is 'Bhutani Ke' which is very funny. It's a leg pulling song for the groom at his marriage. I can imagine this song getting played at every marriage and grooms just getting embarrassed.

It's an interesting movie and I advise every one to go with their group of friends and you'll be coming out laughing from the movie halls. Akshay has reached a status where he should take movies where he gets a support from a good script and some less silly things to be seen in the movie. Apart from this, i don't thing any other reason why you should not and go watch this full time pass movie.
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Just a slapstick comedy, Akshay ensures that it doesn’t bore you!
Vikas SS14 August 2008
Akshay Kumar has steadily established himself well as a bankable comedy star. Most of his recent movies; be it Welcome, Bhool Bhulaiyaa or its likes have less to with brains and more with goofy stuff. Not to say that I’m against no-brainers; note, flicks like these are tailor made for box-office performance! Who, except for hapless multiplex audience paying 200 bucks to watch it, would really care whether it makes sane sense!

Singh is King is one such movie off the comic assembly line! Akshay plays his usual Machismo, this time a Punjabi Munda, Happy Singh. The villagers love his innocence but are irritated by the damage he causes uncannily. Soon, they find a pretext to get him out of the village, to bring back a crime boss ‘King’ Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood) who the villagers feel has tarnished the repute of their village and their ethnic group.

A comedy of errors lands Happy and his buddy (Om Puri) in Egypt instead of Australia, where he bumps into a damsel Sonia (Katrina Kaif) and is instantly smitten. The story moves to Australia where the duo discover that the ‘King’ is in no mood to return to his village. A series of events leads to the king getting injured and going into Coma. As he passes out, he points at Happy. The gang takes it that Lucky has chosen his successor.

Just as happy sets out to do good to a world of evil Lucky controlled, Sonia returns engaged, our hero is heartbroken. But he’s still at his comic best with full scale Sardar bravado! Then, there are the usual dream sequences, bhangda dance numbers and goofy humor that may hardly tickle you. But, what does this movie have that makes it tick? Akshay! As much as you find the script stupid, you’ll adore Happy Singh!

Although this flick is one of those run of the mill movies which you may never remember later, you may still find it worthwhile to watch it on cheap tickets. Reasons, the lead star rocks, the dance number Jee Karda in Egypt is neat. Katrina is the usual eye candy. As for the rest, Javed Jaffery, Kirron Kher, Om Puri, Neha Dhupia and Ranvir Shorey are nothing awesome, but they don’t bore you. My bet, try it out, albeit with low expectations!
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Someone Kill Me!
rahulthewall30009 August 2008
If I met Taran Adarsh right now, I would beg him never to review a movie again. He went ahead and gave this 4/5 on IndiaFM. He said, leave your brain at home and enjoy this exhilarating ride. I should have left my ears and eyes at home as well. This has to be the worst movie that I have ever watched, it is even worse that Welcome (which was written by the same guy and was a very big blockbuster, but as far as I am concerned was completely nonsensical). I do not what were the makers thinking when they made this movie. The writer must have been on drugs when he wrote this piece of crap. The story is paper thin, the plot is stupidly predictable. There is not even one moment in the film where something you do not expect happens. Hell, we have seen this all before. You do not even have to listen to the dialogues because they are insanely predictable. And to top it all, it is supposed to be a comedy, I could not manage a single laugh in two and a half hours. By the end of it, I just wanted to bang my head against a wall, it was unbearable. Where was the fun that you promised, Mr. Adarsh. The acting, quite bearable. Music, quite good actually. But a couple of songs are too forced to be acceptable. On the whole, it as a total no no. If you really want to see this and think you have nothing better to do for three hours, trust me you have. Get some sleep if you have really nothing else to do, I am sure that your bed is more comfortable than the cinema hall for a quite nap. Please do yourself a favour and do not watch this nonsense.
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!!!Singh is Kinng!!!King of Kings!!!
simransingh9710 August 2008
This film lived up to its heights. This film has everything, Comedy, Thriller,Action,Drama,Romance.....this film is not for those critics and those who want to judge every small detail.This movie is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.This movie gets you hooked in the first 15 minutes and thats what makes it great. All the actors where great except Katerina Kaif.She barely cant speak Hindi and her acting was horrible. Akshay,Sonu,Om... were great and knew some Punjabi which made the movie a good Hindi and little bit of Punjabi film.The plot was good. The songs were great especially Bas Ek King,Jee Karda,Singh is King and the comedy song Bhoot Ni Ke. I give this movie a 10/10.When punjabi's are in the house, you know its going to be great.Singh is king.!!!!

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Stupid Entertainer
Ganesh Salian5 April 2011
Singh is Kinng,directed by Anees Bazmee has no story basically.But this one could be called a Kinng sized entertainer. It offers loads of big laughs,some action sequences,a little drama and lots of romance and last but not the least it has the biggest entertainer of Bollywood-Akshay Kumar. Direction by Anees Bazmee is excellent. The music is chart buster with all songs topping. The Cinematagropher has done a excellent job.The scenic beauty of Australia has been captured very well. Special mention to the dialogs writer who does an amazing job. Performance wise-Akshay Kumar is the Daddy of Entertainment.He simply rocks!Katrina Kaif adds glamor value to the film.Om Puri and Kirron Kher are superb in their respective roles.Sonu Sood is very good.Neha Dhupia looks gorgeous.Javed Jaffery is excellent.Ranvir Shorey is okay in a brief role.Yashpal Sharma,Sudhanshu Pandey,Kamal Chopra and Manoj Pahwa are good.

Overall Singh is Kinng is an entertainer.
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Singh Is Kinng!
Priya Mann9 August 2008
Amazing movie, full of comedy and cheesy action :] Akshay doesn't fail to impress, his look as a Punjabi jatt is priceless. Katrina looks beautiful and does her part very well, except for a couple of overdone scenes. I love all of the clothes, especially the different colored pagadi/turban's. The songs are fantastic and not too long. Teri Ore, Jee Karda, Bas Ek Kinng and Singh Is Kinng are notable. The storyline is interesting and simple, yet entertaining. Definitely worth the watch for any age! The ending song, Singh Is Kinng, is a cherry on top as it features both Snoop Dogg and Akshay Kumar. The theater went wild the moment that song came on! Fun and entertaining, a must watch!
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Same old anees bazmee entertainer with a sikh twist....
pushpargha16 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A typical anees bazmee film, nothing special, yeah entertaining but still you can make out the touches of welcome and no entry when it comes to the comedy and entertainment. Good entertainment for the typical Indian b-grade comedy lovers.Watch it for time pass..Nothing extraordinary.Akshay Kumar again seen in a comedy film has done well but he is kind of getting stereotypic.Om Puri did well but then again the story line doesn't contain anything unpredictable with the same romantic and action sequences mixed and the same old happy ending with akshay and katrina finally meeting each other. Katrina is nothing but an extra addition to the movie.All in all, Not very special...I will only recommend it for good time pass but nothing more than that.
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Great Entertainment
CriticRoshan10 August 2008
I am having great difficulty understanding the number of reviewers who claim that you have to leave your brain at home to watch Singh is Kinng. I can't for the life of me remember one Indian film that has mentally engaged me - EVER. The simple fact of the matter is that Indian cinema is all about pure escapism and the key here is entertainment. The majority of cinema-goers in India are largely illiterate and enjoy what are essentially masala films. On that basis alone it would be pathetic to offer them something along the lines of 2001 A Space Odyssey – much like offering caviar to a pallet that is accustomed to pav bhaji.

Right, now I've got that off my chest I'll continue with my opinion on Singh is Kinng. If you go with the right attitude i.e. you – have – watched – Indian – films – before – and – know – what – to – expect, then what you will get is a greatly entertaining film with hilarious comic situations. Anees Bazmee is known for making entertaining films and has a great track record in making successful Bollywood films such as No Entry and Welcome. For me Singh is Kinng exceeds the aforementioned films as the humour and wit comes a lot thicker and faster and the tone is far more superior to films of a similar nature, i.e. David Dhawan films.

Akshay Kumar is superb and does an excellent job. He really brings a great energy to the screen and delivers a spirited performance as Happy Singh. Katrina Kaif does what she does best – look good – and she certainly does look breathtaking as usual. Om Puri, Kirron Kher, Sonu Sood, Javed Jafri, Neha Dupia and all the other supporting cast play their parts very well. In fact this is one of the first films in a long time where all the supporting cast get good screen time and have well rounded characters. They really add to the story progression and events. I won't really tell you anything about the story – in fact there is very little to say. Like many other great entertainers there isn't much of a storyline. It's just fast paced fun and action.

In short, Singh is Kinng has all the necessary ingredients for a good night out at the cinema. A fast paced storyline, a great star cast, excellent production values, good songs and laugh out loud comedy. So go and enjoy it and don't forget to take your brain along!
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Pure unadulterated fun !!
touch_me_yes7 August 2008
Just came back from preview screening of this movie. Its a Hilarious Comedy, we were literally in fits due to laughter. Akshay Kumar steals the show, nothing unexpected. But from the time he makes an entry, you know this is going to be one roller coaster ride. And he is supported very well by rest of the cast, however Katrina Kaif is there doing what she does the best, look good. She has nothing much to do in the movie. But I feel that this could have been a much better movie, the title of the movie had lot more potential, however I was not expecting much from Anees Bazmee. But yes, if you love Akshay Kumar, and do not might couple of hours of side splitting comedy, then go for it..
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Audience clap when they see the movie ...but they clap their hands over their eyes
Avinash Patalay30 September 2008
Story/ Screenplay/ Script:: Long story short - its gone to dogs. End result, the movie is "all form - no beer".

This movie is an another example to prove that star-power coupled with marketing can set the cash register on fire (mini-me of Om Shanti Om?). Overseas I am sure, it has raked moolah in loads. Akki proves that he is second to none when it comes to punching above one's weight.

Akki-Katrina:: Undoubtedly, they share a sizzling chemistry.

Om Puri/ Kiron Kher/ Ranvir Shorey:: These names are synonymous with "powerhouse of talent". It would be an "understatement" to mention that they were grossly under-utilised.

Javed Jaffery:: Why Javed why?

Vipul:: You were fantastic as a director in "Namaste London", why on earth did you hand over the reigns?

Anees Bazmi:: Suggest you go back to writing or follow Priyan's footsteps (of remaking South movies viz. "No Entry"). Needless to say, it would be blessing to the audience.
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A heartbreakingly great movie
Andrei Pavlov22 April 2010
Yes, it's that good. Behind the flashy slick visuals a story of big heart and adventurous love unfolds. A story that changes everybody engaged. Changes for the better.

Like the other Indian comedy, which I witnessed not so long ago ("Money Hai"), this one is marvellous. It starts with crazy atmosphere (some serious gangsters are having a party and during their funny talks a tough and very lively hit-man jumps out of the big cake and starts shooting in all directions) that never stops… It's got so many hysterically funny scenes and innuendoes that no contemporary Hollywood comedy can beat it (at least from what I've seen). Like the one where a gangster puts on a triple mask and each mask gets a punch during a funny "karate" brawl scene… You can easily enjoy it all together with your whole family - no one will be offended (a rare feature these days).

It's very recommended if you enjoy good bright and clever modern comedies. It has more moral lessons than any drama I've seen in years, if you can notice them (I'll not spoil it by pointing them out here).

This is a 10 out of 10 - big respect to India. Thank you for attention.
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Worse than Tashan
springsunnywinter8 August 2008
Welcome director Anees Bazmee once again teams up with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif for this ridiculous comedy. The story revolves around a small-town Sikh boy called Happy Singh who becomes an underworld don by mistake. The film is set predominantly in Australia and 2 songs in Egypt. It was promoted really well before the release and promised to entertain and make the audience laugh throughout which it failed to do. Bollywood comedies usually turn out to be really funny or really annoying and Singh is Kinng is really annoying. All the fans of Bollywood slapstick comedies (yes there are a lot of you out there) will probably like it.

Tashan was a rubbish movie but a few jokes and Anil Kapoor's bad English was funny but Singh is Kinng was absolutely not funny. There is a difference between comedies that require no brains and brainless comedies. The whole movie is dodgy and lacks a single decent joke. Except Akshay Kumar the whole cast couldn't act especially Katrina Kaif who does not even know the ABC of acting. The ending was so bad and stupid that I felt like taking my shoe off & throwing it on the screen.

The Music is also really good and the best songs are Bas Ek King & Jee Karda. Overall it is the kind of movie that will make you leave the cinema hall with a red face and sing Stupid Kinng all the way home.
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wastage of time............
drona-king11 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i was waiting for this movie since long. i watched the first day first show. all my hopes bent!!!!! Akshay is fine in the movie. rest the story is not that great as expected. Katrina (really awful). it seems she is forced to do this movie. Neha Dhupia, yes a plus to this movie. giving good acts to this movie. nice thrills to watch!!! Sonu Sood had nicely played in the movie. not forgetting Om Puri & Kiran Kher who also submitted roles in the movie. MR. Udaas is watchful in the movie because of his comedy history. and yet Raftaar's story is unfinished in the movie. i was expecting that he will meet back with his wife and daughter. nothing!!!
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Singh is Boring
salilgoyal24 August 2008
Wake up Bollywood. Loudness and Comedy are not the same. Singh is King (or kinng, for god's sake) is one such terrible attempt at comedy which desperately tries to be funny but ends up being a loud and unfunny movie.

Akshay Kumar is the saving grace and acts well so does Javed Jeffrey. Om puri is miscast, Katrina is only for songs, Ranvir and Kiron Kher are wasted and Neha Dhupia appeared to be forcibly cast.

Comedy is less. 'Attempt at comedy' is more and that's where Singh is Kinng fails. 'Anything goes' is the mantra when it comes to comedy films these days in Bollywood. Either the movie makers simply copy the story from a hit Hollywood flick or simply write a crappy story themselves and make a movie. They are intelligent enough to know that People in India only come to cinemas when there's a brilliant star cast. What's actually in the movie is a secondary affair.

Ever wondered why there's not a writer's strike in bollywood?
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Complete value for money
nahush928 August 2008
Fultoo entertainment...not a single sad moment....after a long time we are treated with a hilarious movie....much much better than previous Akki duds like welcome and hey baby....Akki plays his part really well...but the film belongs to the entire cast and not just it Katrina (boy...she is too gorgeous), Manoj Pahwa (very cute), Om Puri (mind blowing), Yashpal Sharma (very funny), Neha Dhupia (complete she can act!!), Javed Jaffry (sure to bring the house down)..Teri Ore is shot really well and Katrina looks stunning in black sari....the combo of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya is terrific....there are many scenes which u will remember for a long suits the film....

word of advice: keep your brains at home....move aside David Dhawan....Anees has replaced u as the comedy king....
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uncontrolled..uninterrupted fun
saur-7810 August 2008
this movie has just one word for it and its "FUN". this is the first one since bheja fry that i have seen which had me laughing throughout. I didn't like Welcome and i still think that it was too much hype and no plot at all but i cant say the same about this one.

The story is about a villager Happy Singh who wants to help people but ends up troubling them. Happy Singh is sent to Australia to bring back lucky singh who is from the same village and a don in Australia. In the end happy manages to show light to Lucky singh and all his accomplices and cause a change of heart.

Forget the plot, the script, the other actors and there is just one real thing...akshaye kumar. His performance, punjabi accent, the dialogues and body language will keep u laughing throughout. The movie has no dull moment This is a one man show although he's got a great support from om puri, kiron kher and the rest of cast. The music is smashing and has great visuals too. Katrina looks gorgeous and the movie has all the makings of a great entertainer.

Go and enjoy....the movie is hilarious and so is akshaye kumar.
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Everyone except Akshay disappoints. Nice songs but a complete mess
long-ford25 February 2009
Akshay Kumar tries his best and occasionally breathes life into 'Singh Is Kinng'. The film is a complete mess. It has such a horrendous beginning that I almost felt I had entered the wrong theater. Akshay then enters and despite the corny jokes, manages to hold our attention. There are some catchy musical numbers. However, the plot is simply too weak and everybody else looks bored. Om Puri and Ranvir Shorey are both VERY disappointing. Katrina Kaif tries to act but doesn't succeed. The ending descends into mawkish melodrama and becomes preachy. The film is best seen at home with ample use of the FF button.

Overall 3/10
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No Kings here, only Jokers
Apurv Nagpal9 August 2008
For those who like that kind of stuff, this is yet another mindless film masquerading as a comedy. And all the hype yet again reveals something very slapstick, very ordinary. The first half is not so bad, if you don't mind a little slapstick and some very Punjabi humour. The second half just deteriorates into unnecessary weeping, melodrama and one implausible situation after another.

Its not without its moments though…the lingo is very rustic Punjabi and raises a lot of laughs. 'Chehra itna bhola, andar bam ka gola' or 'lady Bheem' were both delightful descriptors of Katrina. Names like Happy, Lucky and Mika cannot belong to any other community in the world. Pankaj Uddas, with his mournful, morbid stories, was a very nice touch. Javed Jaffri's removal of all guns from his person was funny. And the scene in the second half, involving Lucky Singh on a wheelchair being used as a waiter, was absolutely hilarious.

However, there was a tendency to degenerate into slapstick (the film begins with the oldest slapstick routine in the book with Akshay chasing a hen through the streets of his village), the situations become more and more flimsy and I really didn't understand the need to switch gears and become so emotional in the second half – it absolutely ruined the whole film. Katrina & Neha looked lovely through the film, Akshay holds his own and most people acted decently, except Ranvir, who looks out of sorts and a bit miscast. The music is a split between the good (the title song and Jee Karda), the ugly (the Snoopy Dogg song and 'Talli hua') and the OK (most others), though all songs were forced into the film In some ways though, the movie is almost like an ad for Punjab and its delightful, over-sized, gregarious residents. I remember when a restaurant chain called 'Punjabi by Nature' opened up in Delhi and quickly established itself as an iconic Punjabi place with its vodka-shot Gol Gappa's, over-sized Naan's (pls never order 2) and tangy butter chicken. This movie has already, due to its title, established itself as an icon of all Sikh's and has been parodied / used and re-used in news channels, normal conversations, posters, SMS jokes etc. Its commercial success is almost assured. Pity though that the imaginative title and the lovely designer turban's was followed by something so trite, so ordinary. Surely the kingly Singh's of the world deserved better.

For more on this and other reviews read apurvbollywood at blogspot. Thanks
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Singh is Kinng = Tashan- Part2 :((
rk10 August 2008
Movie is not that great. Not even 25% of my expectation even though the cinematography was good. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous in this movie. But she is just like a doll, not much acting roll. Pretty good performance from Sonu Sood, Neha, Om Puri and Kiron Kher.

A silly story with little bit of comedy. Songs are not at all good. Pritam is really out of his mind give such a hopeless music.

Akshay is once again not meeting viewer's expectation like Tashan...(A Horrible movie). His acting is not at all up to his potential. He could have acted better like "Bhool Bhulaiya" or "Welcome".

Overall this movie is just a waste of time and money, unless you are a big fan of "Katrina Kaif"
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sing is kinng breaks several records....
gurpreet3952913 August 2008
sing is kinng(bollywood) becomes the biggest grossing film ever in first three days of its release. singh is kinng breaks the record of om shanti om featuring shahrukh khan. if it continues like it it will become the biggest grossing bollywood movie ever. film is starring akshay kumar,Katrina Kaif.the due gave many hits before. story consist of Sikh youth from village(akshay kumar) go to Australia to for some mission. some happened in his ways that he ultimately becomes the kinng of Australian underworld. film is full of comedy and breathtaking stunts. singh is kinng also the first bollywood movie in which famous American rapster snoop dog give his voice in the title track .must watch.recommended for everyone.
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Singh is Kinng: A Fun & Charming Film
CanadianPrincess10 August 2008
Going into the theater to watch Singh is Kinng, I really did not know what to expect. Would it live up to the hype? Would it make me laugh?

The answer to both questions is the same: a resounding YES!

The story revolves around Happy Singh, a turbaned Sikh youth, who travels to Australia to bring his relative Lucky Singh, and his entourage, back home to their village in India. However, the story is multi-layered, as Happy also attempts to reform those who have wandered off the path of good. There is also a romantic element to the film. Suddenly, the plot becomes multi-faceted and interesting on more than just one level.

Singh Is Kinng is a laugh-riot all the way until the end. It's not an intellectual movie, nor does it try to be. It is a comedy all the way, and this is apparent from the opening minutes. The movie is filled with hilarious situations and well-written dialogues. The music of the movie is also well produced since it flows very well with the entire movie and does justice to the Punjabi theme of the film.

Akshay Kumar can now easily be called the King of Bollywood Comedy, without any objection. Kumar has mastered comic timing and easily fits into the role of Happy Singh, a happy-go-lucky young man. This movie definitely proves that Akshay is one of the top actors. Not only can he make you laugh, but he also makes Happy Singh a lovable character. It was a huge risk on Kumar's role to do the whole film wearing a turban, something which is rarely done in Bollywood cinema; however Akshay Kumar pulls it off wonderfully. He stays in character throughout the entire film, mastering the Punjabi dialect. Happy Singh will definitely go down as one of his most memorable characters yet.

The supporting cast is also superb, in particular Sonu Sood and Om Puri. Sonu Sood proves to be a scene-stealer yet again, after Jodhaa-Akbar. Sood, as Lucky Singh, is extremely effective in playing the role of a stylish Australian gangster. His role even allows him to showcase his acting prowess in a range of different types of scenes, ranging from violent to hilarious. Om Puri is a veteran actor, and needless to say, does a tremendous job playing Rangeela. The rest of the cast is also superb, and do justice to their roles. Katrina Kaif is adequate, as her role does not require her to do much, besides looking pretty.

This movie draws from Punjabi, and in particular, the Sikh culture. Although the movie is a comedy, it does not once disrespect either of these communities, which is extremely commendable and note-worthy.

If you are looking to relax, and enjoy an endearing, comedic film, then this is the movie for you!
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Akshay is Kinng
nitesh_sharks11 August 2008
With a string of consistent hits, it seems Akshay is set to become the next king of Bollywood.

This week saw the the release of his much hyped 'Singh is Kinng'. Expectations were as always were high. Interestingly, the movie doesn't disappoint.

The movie uses the hitherto untouched concept of 'Gangsta. Sardar'.Though this has caused quite a stir in various Sikh groups but the movie doesn't project anything objectionable. Its a ride of just under two-and-half hours with most of the time or rather all the time Akshay making his presence felt.

The script is just OK. Akshay's acting makes up for the flaws. Its not a deliberate 'laughter show' type comedy. The jokes are genuinely funny. All the actors get to play there part comfortably. Without going too deep into each characters origins, the story doesn't shift from its prime plot.

The 'Punjabi biased' music is OK. The title track is good. Also the Snoop Dogg's version at the end credits is also pretty cool. The songs don't slow down the movie and provide the right break in the movie.

The cinematography is good. The frame captures the beautiful locales of Australia. Also the songs provide the already seen for a hundred times Egyptian monuments. Barring that the cinematography is quite cool during the action sequences.

Acting. All the actors deliver at their respective moments. Akshay is on cloud nine with his extravagant performance. The supporting actors also get their dues in the script. Katrina looks gorgeous but just seems to be a retired stereotype.

In all the movie is not at all a waste of time or money. If you're having a free weekend, just grab a seat and a tub of popcorn and enjoy.

Oh! And be sure to leave your brains back at home if you wanna have a good time!!
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To put it simply, the movie is all about fun!!!!!
varuna1212 August 2008
And entertainment!!! The movie rocks! I am basically a Punjabi and maybe that is why i enjoyed the dialects and jokes. However I kept looking around during funny Punjabi bits and I found even the non-Punjabis have fun! The film all about Akshay and his character Happy Singh. Happy Singh managed to make all the viewers Happy with his antics throughout the film.

Katrina looked simply stunning and a visual delight although she kind of struggled with the acting bit. However that was expected. But she did manage to put a positive 'bits' to the film.

Om Puri was simply brilliant too! It was basically Om Puri as Rangeela and Akshay as Happy Singh who carried all the weight of audiences' expectations and they both managed to carry it for long distance.

Ranvir Shorey (I hope i spelt his name correctly) was not as funny as he has been in his other flicks such as Bheja Fry or Khosla Ka Ghonsla.

Kirron Kher was usual. Just perfect! Pritam's music rocked! Each track is just amazing! My favourite being JEE KARDA and BAS EK KING. However every time a song was on I found myself waiting it to finish so that I could enjoy Happy Singh's antics! Cinematography was at place out of focus but over all effective.

Audiography was quite troubling to my ears at time. Now it was because of the dodgy sound system in the cinema or something else, I don't know but it did the spoil the film a bit for me.

Aneez Bazmee the director has over all managed to give us a fun film and I'd like to thank him for this.

8 out of 10!!!! SINGH IS KINNG!!!!!
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Avoid at all costs
Varun Luthra13 August 2008
Yuck!!! one word that came to my mind after i left the hall, was this a comedy, n moreover was this an Akshay Kumar movie, no, nothing new, same old crap, i haven't seen Tashan yet, but i do hope this is the Worst Akshay Kumar Movie ever. He does steal the show with his timing, but if story line is nil, what can u expect from actors. I'm a big fan of Akshay, but their was nothing in movie that i would have liked, bad music, except from Title track. I was completely blank after it was over, i never expected it to be like that. complete waste of money, moreover, of your precious Time. please avoid it @ all costs. Singh is Kinng, but movie does not Sing(Sound well) :)
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adverd9 August 2008
film second half was inspired from JACKIE CHAIN popular film call "Ji Ji" & it was release in 1989.

but still film was well enough Indian way. few emotional scene are well executed. but their was not enough punching dialog. Akshay did A god job as Sikh but as usual he was not ENOUGH GOOD to do a comedy. might be GOVINDA or may be SANJAY DUTT will be god. by the time pass people will forget as other movie like WELCOME or RACE. film do not have any strong thing which help you to go again watch this movie. KATRINA do not have much thing to do in film except Barby doll. SONU SUD has done a good performance rest of the cast also specially KAMAL TALVAR.
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