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Somewhat of an acquired taste is cosmic dread...
paul_haakonsen12 March 2022
As I sat down to watch the 2021 fantasy horror movie "Offseason" from writer and director Mickey Keating, I must admit that I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about the movie. It being a horror movie was essentially all that was sufficient for me to sit down and watch it.

And I will say that the storyline told in "Offseason" is a slow burn type of storyline and narrative. So if you're hoping for a horror movie with an abundance of jump scares and spooky scenes, then "Offseason" is not your type of movie. Nay, "Offseason" is more of a Lovecraftian type of horror movie. Writer and director Mickey Keating takes his sweet time to set up the stage, but ultimately the long wait didn't really bear fruit in a fulfilling and satisfying manner.

The narrative told in "Offseason" was definitely inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, as it was a coastal community that apparently had struck some kind of bargain with a person that had emerged from the sea, and the town residents were bearing an old secret. And then the entire scene at the beach was just full-blown Lovecraft, no doubt about it. And I will say that it actually was the highlight of the movie, if you enjoy the cosmic dread of Lovecraftian stories. But if you watch "Offseason" hoping for a regular horror movie, then you will probably be lulled to sleep by the pacing and the lack of scary things.

"Offseason" is a movie with a small cast ensemble, and you essentially just following Jocelin Donahue (playing Marie Aldrich) around as she unveils the secrets of her past and the secrets of the secluded island. But I will say that she actually carried the movie quite well. I was pleasantly surprised to see Richard Brake (playing the Bridge Man) in the movie, just a shame that he wasn't given a lot more screen time.

Visually then you should not be expecting a whole lot from "Offseason", because it is a movie that is driven by the story and narrative of said story, not focusing on throwing an abundance of visual effects at the audience.

I will say that "Offseason" is definitely something of an acquired taste. Because if you are not a fan of the Lovecraftian tales, then you will not enjoy "Offseason" one bit. But if you are a fan of the classic H. P. Lovecraft tales, then you will definitely enjoy "Offseason".

My rating of "Offseason" lands on a six out of ten stars.
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Turn around, look at me
ferguson-619 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
SXSW 2021 Greetings again from the darkness. Horror director and writer Mickey Keating adds to his oeuvre with a creative twist on the genre that mixes zombies, the depths of hell, and a powerful monster. Using title cards to take us through six chapters and an Epilogue, Mr. Keating has us experience the events through the eyes of Marie Aldrich (played by Jocelin Donahue). However, it's Marie's mother Ava, played by the always interesting Melora Walters (whose career dates back to DEAD POETS SOCIETY, 1989), whom we see and hear from first. She appears near death as she explains that she's accepted that there is no way to run away from nightmares ... they always find you.

Marie receives a letter informing her that her mother's grave has been desecrated and it's an urgent matter that must be handled promptly and without fanfare (do people usually go to the press on such matters?). Marie and her boyfriend George (Joe Swanberg) head to the island where Mom is buried. It's a creepy place that shuts down for the winter. Marie's mother had told her stories of the island and "The Man from the Sea", and how the island residents sold their soul to the sea monster in order to survive the harsh conditions. Reluctantly, the Bridge Man (Richard Brake) allows them to cross the bridge onto the island.

Things immediately seem weird and off-center. Marie finds her mother's damaged grave, but the caretaker is nowhere to be found. Under a time crunch, Marie and George make some bad decisions ... of course, it wouldn't be a horror movie without bad decisions! Not to give away any of the fun, but suffice to say the island is cursed, just as Marie's mom had warned.

Keating creates some nice visuals, and has terrific placement of The Vogues' "Turn Around, Look at Me". One thing that I couldn't help but notice is that Marie runs and runs. She runs a lot. I'm hoping Ms. Donahue agreed to the extra miles before arriving on set. There are enough chills here to keep us engaged, and Keating deserves credit for an original story within a genre that frequently re-treads.
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Silent hill vibes without the intersting monsters
manuelasaez19 March 2022
During my whole watch through of this film I had one singular thought coursing through my mind, "This would have made a hell of a survivor horror game". For those uninitiated, it's a genre of games where your primary objective is to escape the horrifying goings-on around you. People lost in a strange town they can't escape from, people being chased in a forest by unknown assailants, that sort of thing. This movie is right up the alley of that genre and I swear that even the soundtrack was reminiscent of the first Silent Hill (the game, not so much the film of the same name although it can also be argued that that it could be an inspiration for this movie).

There's a weird island/town, a distinct sound (the raising of the bridge), weird townspeople that act absolutely crazy, and a lot of fog. As a fan of Silent Hill, I immediately drew the comparisons and think I enjoyed this movie that much more because of it. Not because the movie was bad on its own, per se, it was just that I really liked how things transpired throughout the film, in a way that clearly reminded me of one of my favorite gaming franchises.

That being said, the acting in this movie is really well done (even the townspeople play there roles perfectly), and while the movie is light on actual scares, I was effectively creeped out at certain points, especially by the town florist. The music was effective and really put you in the mood, and the movie looked good (in that there was obvious care put into the cinematography, set pieces and framing of each shot). The only sour note in the whole movie were the special effects. They were sparse, and when they did show it, it looked cheap and obviously home made. There are more effective ways to use practical effects than this, so it kind of ruined a movie that had a lot of good thing going for it.

Overall, if you are a gamer and enjoy survival horror, you'll like this movie. Everyone else will find it very hit or miss.
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Whoa... This is a very, VERY different type of Horror movie. Extremely atmospheric and 'Out There'...
lathe-of-heaven14 March 2022
I should say right off that many people probably will not care for this movie. It has TONS of mood and atmosphere, and the soundtrack is powerfully effective in creating this suspense. But, for those looking for a straight forward, linear film, with lots of Horror Action, this is definitely not it.

The director even uses title cards for each section, and each section is like its own little vignette with its own strange, unique mood. Each sequence does indeed fill you in somewhat on the story with some flashbacks worked in, but overall this movie is ALL about oddness and atmosphere. Almost everything is mood generated as the couple begin to search around the island. So, first and foremost, this is more of a throwback to an old Gothic style story with great storms, foggy forests, and some nicely worked in visuals here and there. This movie is a little bit 'DAGON', with little bit 'THE FOG', mixed with The Supernatural, and with a bit of Lovecraft thrown in (which I guess IS being a bit redundant 😊)

But, if you are looking for a lot of Action, this is not it. Trust me, it is ALL mood and atmosphere, so if that is something that you can appreciate and enjoy, then yes, just like me you might really enjoy it and find that it is made very well and creates a real Creepy vibe. But, remember, it is very slow paced with more 'Weird' than over the top 'Horror' The camerawork is very effective. The director consistently uses this close-field focus effect where you can't quite make out anything just beyond what is presented immediately in front of you. This creates a lot of suspense, because you keep wondering what is in the background until it comes into focus. It can be a TAD annoying at times, but I felt that overall it was fairly effective.

The acting is pretty good, with the main woman lead having to carry the majority of the movie. I personally thought the beginning and ending 'wraparounds' with the mom could have been done better. And, without giving anything away, I would have ended the film just a little earlier, dispensing with the last 'Coda' at the end. I think that would have carried a bit more of a 'Punch'.

So, no, this movie is NOT for everyone and many might even find it very slow and uneventful, as some have said here. BUT... if you really get into super Moody and Atmospheric, kind of throwback Gothic flavoured films rather than tons of action, there is a good chance you also might like this one.
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About as Good as Low Budget Horror Can Be
jdowney-57-37115713 March 2022
Premise is a standard horror trope. Someone called back to a remote town or village by what seems to be circumstance, but ultimately is a plot by a mysterious evil peril. And in this case, we seem to be borrowing the milieu from Lovecraft.

This film is anchored by a protagonist who has to carry the entire enterprise on her shoulders. Jocelin Donahue pulls it off. She is lovely, tired, scared, confused and is a solid actress that makes it work. No other character has that much screen time or relevance, but nobody really does a bad job. Melora Walters is solid in her role as Marie's mom.

The little town filled with weird people who don't ever answer questions when you ask. The plot device of a townie who pulls you aside to let you know something isn't right and they will help. There is nothing new here. And we have a low budget, and no grand affects. So we need pacing, music, flashbacks, quick cuts to keep us engaged and for the most part the director, Mickey Keating does a good job.

The story is about impending inevitable doom. So this is just a ride watching Donahue's Marie character react as she is led further and further into the trap being set by evil.

We start, carry on, and end in fairly standard horror movie fashion. There is nothing new or wild here. But overall, it is engaging and fairly well-done. This type of horror maybe lacks the cheap scares that certain movie-goers require, but as a fan of horror, I can appreciate it for what it is. A well executed small budget horror movie.
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marinaant-3621726 April 2022
This was okay, the plot is unique, the scenery reminds me of silent hill. I liked the mystery going around the movie but it somewhat got boring because all we saw was a woman running around the island searching. I wish there was more to the plot and the ending didn't do the movie any favors to be honest.
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The creeping tide of cosmic horror
Sankari_Suomi22 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Marie is busy navigating the aftermath of a broken relationship when she receives a mysterious letter summoning her to the island where her mother was buried. The grave has been vandalised, and for legal reasons the local caretaker needs her advice on how to proceed.

Marie's ex-boyfriend helpfully drives her to the island, which is separated from the mainland by a folding bridge. Before crossing, they are advised that this is offseason, so the bridge is due to close at night and will not reopen until months later.

What happens next will shock you!

Offseason is a nice little indie film from experimental writer/director Mickey Keating, who most recently impressed me with Pod (2015).

Keating has a nice flair for atmosphere, so Offseason spends most of its 82 minutes being creepy as ****, ramping up the tension until it's tighter than piano wire.

The plot is simple, and draws clear inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos in a way that I found both creative and respectful to the original works.

Keating does a fine job of blending traditional thriller/suspense motifs with cosmic horror, and there's a scene near the end of the movie that proves he knows exactly how to handle a big reveal.

I rate Offseason at 23.31 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a highly respectable 7/10 on IMDB.
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An interesting journey to a predictable destination
tellstar15 March 2022
I'm the type of viewer who doesn't mind seeing people walking around, investigating an interesting setting for long stretches of time. If you like to see a film with regularly-marked story beats and linear progression, this one ain't for you.

Really enjoyed the efforts to create atmosphere in thick layers, especially some earlier scenes in an ocean-side grove. At times I could sense a Lucio Fulci vibe, which the director effectively channeled. Actors are all working hard and do a good job.

It's all very watchable, but the conclusion holds no real surprises. The film runs fairly short, and left me with a curious feeling - even if it ultimately goes nowhere, I wanted an enjoyable ride to last a little longer.
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Atmospheric, Lovecraftian Horror Film
Reviews_of_the_Dead24 May 2022
This is one of the earliest movies for 2022 that I learned about. It technically was making its festival round last year, making it officially a 2021 release for most purposes. For of us that didn't catch it at one of these, it came out this year though. I've heard some good things from voices in podcasting so that also made it a movie I moved up my list.

The synopsis: after receiving a mysterious letter, a woman travels to a desolate island town and soon becomes trapped in a nightmare.

We get a story here that is told in six chapters and an epilogue. The movie starts with showing us documentary style or home movies of people enjoying the beach. Being that this movie takes place mostly on the island from the synopsis, we are seeing how good it can be. The movie then shifts to a desolate beach to set the tone of the reality here.

The movie then shifts us to Ava Aldrich (Melora Walters). She doesn't want to go back somewhere and this stresses her out. It then shifts to her daughter. She is reading a letter from H. Gierson (voiced by Larry Fessenden). This letter is telling how her mother's grave was vandalized. She must come at once to decide what to do. Coming with her is her boyfriend, George Darrow (Joe Swanberg).

They come over a bridge that rises. The man who runs it is played by Richard Brake. He warns the couple that he cannot let them in. The island is going to be closed off soon. Marie shows him the letter and tells him that they will be quick. He is leery, but lets them in. They arrive at the cemetery to assess the damage. The problem is that they cannot find H. Grierson. They look around for him and get separated. Marie encounters Miss Emily (April Linscott), an odd old woman who runs a flower store on Main Street. Marie also has a run in with others with white eyes that won't respond to her.

Marie finds George and they go to a local bar to see anyone there knows where the caretaker is. They meet the locals, including Henry (Jeremy Gardner). He says odd things to Marie about he will be awake and will get her off the island if she needs it. She is creeped out though. George and Marie get back in the car and she reveals what her mother told her. This upsets him and he says they need to get off the island before it is too late. She agrees. The problem is that odd things happen and it strands them. We get more insight into Marie's past as well as more about her mother. She didn't want to come back, but her will said otherwise. Marie believes there's dark forces pushing things into place. This is only the beginning of the nightmare.

That is where I want to leave my recap as well as giving a bit more back-story. I don't want to go into spoilers as this movie gets wild. We are getting an interesting premise here that has a Lovecraftian vibe to it. It also has elements to the story that aren't new, but I like how they are used with this film. Where I'll start is the setting. This is on an island that closes over what I'm assuming is the fall until the spring. This creates tension from the moment our couple arrives. There is limited time, so when they look for H. Grierson and can't find him, it just builds. Adding more to this are the odd townsfolk. They don't seem to like outsiders and there is something off about them. Since this is Lovecraftian, I'm assuming they're using 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'. This is also any movie where we have a small, isolated town as well.

What also helps is the bit of back-story elements we get throughout. We know that Ava was terrified. She convinced Marie to not let her be brought back. It seemed that she was dealing with dementia. Also, it is hard to overturn the will, especially when her mind was going like it was. There is an interesting scene where Marie gets into an argument with a couple of lawyers, Mr. Clayton (Jonathan Medina) and Ms. Gardner (Eliza Shin). There is a comment about if she fights this that should be considered a 'problem child'. This isn't explored beyond that, but I found it interesting that they are gaslighting her. We also subtly get things dealing with Henry, the fisher, and the relationship between Marie and George. Not everything plays into the movie overall, but it adds depth to help us connect more with the characters.

Now the last bit for the story I want to go over would be the darker, supernatural elements. I'm going to tread lightly as I don't want to spoil things. Marie reveals that her mother believed there was a demon associated with this town. Ava told her there was a man who came from the sea in the past when the settlers of this place were struggling due to the storms that hit the area. They made a pact with him. George doesn't buy it. He thinks the people here are odd, but that is it. I like how these elements get developed to the ultimate reveal.

The next element I want to go into would be the acting. I'm a big Donahue fan. She's good here. I like her as our lead who doesn't believe in the supernatural but starts to quickly into her time on the island. I think that develops in a realistic way. She was warned and what she was told fits. We have a solid cast around her. I like Swanberg who brings a bit of attitude to his role that worked. Brake is great in these unhinged type roles. I liked to see Gardner here and hearing the voice of Fessenden. I think this cast is solid to push Marie where she ends up.

Last things to go into would be the cinematography, effects and soundtrack. For the former, this is shot well. There are Silent Hill vibes here with this island. We don't see a lot of people and it adds a creepy factor. Plus, we get mist that makes it more eerie. The cinematography is well done with building this atmosphere. I'll pull in the soundtrack as well. It was funny that while watching this, my wife came down to say that the music was creepy. I agree with her and I like the element that it adds. The last thing would then be the effects. We don't get a lot of them, but this isn't necessarily that type of movie. What they do with eyes of people, making them white is unnerving to me. We also get something else in this movie that was great to see. It fits with elements that are given.

In conclusion, this is a movie that I heard good things about. What I knew ticked boxes and this movie lived up to that. We have an interesting set up with this isolated island. I like how it traps our characters there. There are Lovecraftian elements that make it even more eerie. The cinematography is good and the soundtrack is great in building the atmosphere. Donahue works so well as our lead with the rest of the cast pushing her to where she ends up. This is a solid movie that works in the realm that is building for me. I'd say that after this initial viewing, this is a good movie. I'm looking forward to revisiting before the end of year to see where I fall with a second viewing.

My Rating: 8 out of 10.
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Off The Mark
ryan_sy12 March 2022
I had high hopes for this movie- starring proven actors Jocelyn Donahue and Joe Swanberg with RJLE involved in distribution- but it fell short.

The main story was interesting (albeit unoriginal) and well acted, but the flow of movie felt scattered and unfocused. So much so, that I kept checking how much was left in the movie. Also, the scares were little to none, and I didn't feel an interest to see what happened next. Even good acting couldn't save my attention span

Add a little more coherence between scenes and more effective scares, and this would have been above average.

A mediocre movie at best [5/10]
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Excellent Atmospheric Horror
gemandeye113 June 2022
For those that enjoy truly atmospheric horror similar to those of the late 60s and 70s will love this film. For those looking for gore, action, and cheap thrills this isn't for you. This film had the feel of such independent classics as "Let's Scare Jessica to Death", "Carnival of Souls", amongst others. It also has a bit of HP Lovecraft going for it. It stars one of my favorite horror film actresses that I just wrote a review on for the film Summer Camp (2015), Jocelyn Donahue (House of the Devil, The Frontier). It also stars Joe Swanberg (You're Next, V/H/S), the always intense Richard Brake (31, 3 From Hell), and Melora Waters (The Accursed, The Butterfly Effect) and directed by Mickey Keating (Carnage Park, POD). The daughter of a famous actress receives a letter to return to a town where her monthly was buried due to vandalism of the gravesite. Once she and her boyfriend arrive they find it nearly impossible to leave as they encounter strange people and strange events.

Trivia Fact: This was filmed in my county about 5 miles south of where I live. I just leaned this at the end of the film and loooking it up.
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Good idea and cinematography in service if a shoddy script
bujincarl12 March 2022
The movie looks good, and the idea is good and the whole thing could have been creepy, but there are just so many weird inconsistencies.

A character will go from "I am not leaving because X!" to "No we have to go now!" within the span of 20s. The characters also seem to teleport around the island, going from cemetary, to beach to djungle within 10 steps. The exposition is delivered clumsily and either to early or too late in the movie.

Theres so much footage of the main character walking slowly through fog with nothing happening that it really felt like they didn't have enough movie to fill the run time.

Just a huge letdown.
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Not good
PedroPires9021 March 2022
This didn't work for me. It reminded me the video rental times in the worst way.

I don't like to speak a lot about films I don't like. I prefer just to say that the plot is predictable, I am not a fan of the editing style and I never felt that I was really into the film, a bit too amateurish for my own taste. Good performance of the main actress tho.
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Atmospheric but not for the Short Attention Spanners
arfdawg-110 April 2022
This was sort of an interesting movie. Not really a horror film. More like a chiller. It reminded my of that old indie Carnival of Souls.

The score is top notch as far as I'm concerned. Usually with low budget pics like this the score is predicable and filled with scare tactics to tell you when to be frightened. Not so here. It's a very unique score that works perfectly.

I thought it was directed by a guy who clearly has some talent but but maybe he should lay off the writing because the script is kind of clunky an down right dumb at times.

The acting isnt great; it's just right at the acceptable level.

Generally with movies of this ilk, I get really bored and want to turn them off. I watched the whole film because I got engaged in finding out where this journey ended. It had the promise of being a rully good movie, but fell short.
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Underwhelming at best with very few positives
kannibalcorpsegrinder21 June 2022
After being informed of a pressing emergency, a woman and her boyfriend return to her hometown to investigate the claims of her mother's grave being desecrated, but the longer they stay the more convinced something otherworldly is inhabiting the island and must solve the mystery to get away alive.

For the most part, this was a rather solid if troublesome effort. When this one works is due to the rather effective atmosphere of unease and discomfort established around the island. The general look of the area is perfect for this kind of mysterious build-up, with the entire area covered in fog from the gloomy cemetery to the rather bizarrely-deserted streets in town that focus on her running around trying to figure out the reason why she's there. The lack of answers about what's happening around her, the behavior of the locals, and the various encounters she has with those left who are clearly hiding something and lying about what's going on which all give this one a rather unnerving setup the longer she's there and the more frantic she is to leave. With some decent confrontations involving something supernatural in the area occurring at select intervals around the latter half of the film and the full reveal of what's actually going on giving this a satisfying finish, there are some likable elements. That said, there are some big issues present here which really drag the film down. The main detriment is the lack of explanation for what's going on, preferring to wallow in the mystery angle of everything rather than actually spend any time offering clues as to what's going on. The fact that there's so much time in the film spent running around trying to figure out how to get an answer out of someone which doesn't provide this one with any kind of enjoyable scenes during this time. With very little happening here and very few answers given about everything until the end, this one feels somewhat frustrating for the first two-thirds until there's a last-ditch effort at offering a setup for the events to come. That also manages to make this feel like an unnecessarily longer film than it really should, since this easily could've been trimmed down into an anthology film entry instead of being a standalone film, which are all the factors that hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence and Graphic Language.
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Island California
thesar-219 June 2022
To Quote MST3k: "The movie 'The Fog' didn't have this much fog." And speaking of The Fog...

This is a cross between The Shining, Silent Hill, Shutter Island, The Fog, Twilight Zone, An American Horror Story and Malignant. So, if you liked most or all of those, this is the movie for you.

An unreliable Narrator travels with a male companion to an island that's going dark for the Off Season, i.e. The bridge will not be available and there'll be no way on/off the island. But, our duo makes it on the island due to some vandalism to the Narrator's mother's tomb. When she tries to get some answers, 20x more questions are asked.

Oh, boy, did I like this - for the most part. I wasn't too keen on the loud score for what seems to be a jump scare that the camera lingered on for far too long. And to boot, this happens several times for about a minute. Far too long - and definitely more unintentionally hilarious than terrifying straight up.

Other than that, and the predictable finale, it's beautifully shot and incredibly acted by the lead that not only carries the entire movie on her shoulders, but she also looks like SO MANY current and past actresses. You could say she was very relatable to the audience since she could possibly pass for 5+ different well-known actresses.

It's a tad uneven, but a lot of fun to watch and short, which usually helps. I'd definitely recommend it.


Final Thoughts: The people I had in mind for whom the lead, actress Jocelin Donahue, looked like were: Rashida Jones, Margot Kidder, Courtney Cox, Annabelle Wallis and Maura Tierney, just to name a few. And I'm not necessarily saying Jocelin Donahue looks like these actresses today - but sometime in their careers.
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Can the writers tell us where to find Haskel?
cassandra-petersen14 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers

A few good creepy moments. But missing too much (including the mystery of the elusive cemetery caretaker) to be a solid horror film. Most of it is the main character wandering around a dense fog. It had potential. Wait until its free.
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A suspenseful ride that never really finished...
OneWithChihuahua7 June 2022
I enjoyed this film. It layers on the suspense, with very little jump scares. With a fairly short run time, around 80 mins, it keeps you engaged throughout. The story plays out in a sequence of chapters. You're never told directly what the evil is, but early on I was feeling heavy Cthulhu vibes. Give it a go if you like your horror without the gore and cheap tricks.
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Horrific Gem
edwardtsteele10 May 2022
I did not expect much going into this film but found it very entertaining with a nice Lovecraft overtone. Not for everyone but HP fans would enjoy it.
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Failed so hard.
Dodge-Zombie24 June 2022
Clearly this movie is trying to take some inspiration from Lovecraft but it's just all done wrong.

A movie needs more than just a woman running here then running there.

So much could of been done with this but it just didn't happen.
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BandSAboutMovies18 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Look, I've said it before and God knows I'll say it again, but if you leave home, never come back. If your mother dies telling you there's a curse; if your father paints pictures of a dark stranger and a bloody moon and leaves you messages saying to never come back; if you need to fix a will; no matter what, never go home again.

Director and writer Mickey Keating has made Psychopaths, Pod, Carnage Park, Darling, Ritual and Ultra Violence over the past years and now, he's back with Offseason, which has Marie Aldrich (Jocelin Donahue, always and forever House of the Devil) going back to the coastal town of her birth, a place where her mother Ava Aldrich (Melora Walters) has just passed away in and begged to not be buried within. Now that the tourist island has called her back - her mother's grave was desecrated - she must get in and get out before the small village shuts down and refuses outsiders until the season returns.

Look, when Richard Brake controls the entrance and exit to your hometown, get out. Get out and never come back. Then again, seeing the relationship that Marie has with George (Joe Swanberg), she doesn't have much on the outside either. But this is a place where the locals stop talking the moment you walk in, where everyone is an outsider if they've left the place behind and where menace hangs in the air. It's a wonder people aren't devoured at the grocery store.

You may ask, if you're as obsessed by Messiah of Evil as I am - check out our commentary track - is this Point Dume? The streets look the same, the fog feels the same, but this all had to have had a catering budget equal to that classic's entire overall cost, right? Regardless, this has some potent visuals and looming Lovecraftian menace, even if it doesn't really get anywhere by the end. You'll see the close coming and be fine with it - this is technically a gorgeous film - but wonder how this could have surprised you more.
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Fell short
juliaaw0112 March 2022
I stuck it out because I wanted to see how it would all turn out. Maybe it was just one of those slow burn films, I thought. The plot seemed promising, but it was just an hour and a half of a woman running around fog world Silent Hill. Nothing more. Don't waste your time.
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He's Back!
westsideschl9 July 2022
Overhead view of car on road several times (classic sign of a cheap production). Lots of talking. Very staged poor acting. Satan or something like him, not clear, controls an island isolated village of people most likely located in the Northeast (P. S. You would think he/it could expand his/its influence a bit further - must be old age). So how do we know it's Satanic influence? Townspeople have white CGI eyes, and act weird.
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Outright Stupidity
warcryz14 April 2022
This movie is based on nonsense. The filmmakers think the audience are stupid maybe. Where do I start, two people going to a secluded island in modern times and both of them don't have cell phones? And then when the main character gets lost and was looking for a land-line to call for help she goes into many stores where phones are ringing and didn't even bother to use one of them? Wow, I just don't understand how actors even accepted to take part in this garbage. Don't waste your time like I did.
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Rather dull cosmic horror
jmbovan-47-16017331 July 2022
This is a well produced but dull take on cosmic horror. The basic plot of the film is reminiscent of Lovercraftian stories and films, Dagon being the closest to mind. Acting isn't bad, but the story is lifeless and largely devoid of any frightening material. It just plods along without clarity and relies on a basic simple premise to somehow be worth the time spent watching. It isn't worth it.
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