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  • Hodges gets Wendy and others on the staff to play murder games where they have to "process" imaginary crime scenes Hodges has sketched out. Wendy informs him that she is thinking of taking the CSI field test. It also turns out that Hodges has a specific reason though for engaging his colleagues in the game. Everyone is worried about Grissom but he doesn't want to talk to anyone about Sara.

  • Several colleagues agree to test Hodges' scenarios for a CSI board-game, which make minds wonder into fictitious, often far-fetched scenes on screen, concerning crimes among the team. Some object to his secret recording, but even Grissom enjoys having a go, like work a welcome distraction after losing Sara.

  • Hodges puts the lab techs through a series of "murder games"--a set of bizarre, hypothetical murder scenarios which all take place in the lab.


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  • Hodges requests Wendys assistance in what hes calling a thought experiment, in which he presents scenarios of various CSI lab rats getting offed in the lab by a fellow technician. Soon, the rest of the rats want to join in the murder game. Later, Hodges reveals the true point of his exercise to Wendy: hes developing a board game, and hes looking for creative situations to make the game more realistic. Wendy is into the game, until she discovers the prototype character he created in her image: a buxom, yet clumsy tech.

    Meanwhile, each member of the CSI team approaches Grissom in an attempt to comfort him in Saras absence. He reveals he has spoken to her a few times, and currently shes in San Francisco visiting her mother. Although no one is able to emotionally break through to Grissom, Hodges involves him in one of his scenarios. Always one to enjoy a good puzzle, Grissom joins in by solving the last of Hodges set-ups.

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