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sutherpg22 August 2008
possibly the worst plot/ acting i have ever seen in a movie. the budget must have been very low on this film because everything from the lousy wrestler masks to the outdated plot reeks of a third world country. The acting is what annoyed me the most because they act like they are acting, and they are not believable for the single second. for those of you who have enough self-control to sit through until the end, you will be disappointed because the last scene is possibly one of the worst.I was disappointed too with the different characters that showed up throughout the movie, such as the "Don" who appears to be a Mexican attempting to impersonate what is supposed to be a mafia godfather, but he looks more like a failed fashion designer. My last comment has to be about the dialogue. This has to be the worst dialogue i have ever seen. i won't give any examples here but it is ridiculous. Last but not least, there is a crystal meth dealer that appears in the film. His performance is so bad i started laughing when i saw it his southern accent in the middle of L.A. is simply so bad. All in all this is a great movie if you have never seen a movie before. otherwise this movie is so bad you could turn it into a comedy.
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Sleep inducing
meltingsmoke26 July 2008
I was surprised to see no comments on this movie yet but now after trying to watch it I can see why, I feel asleep before the movie was over and this was mid afternoon lol, extremely boring and uneventful movie.

The plot isn't original or that entertaining but I am willing to set that aside, it was mostly the poor cast of actors and their lact of any acting abilities that I think really bring the movie down. It probably couldn't have been any worse if they were reading off cue cards the entire time, in some cases they may have been.

Anyway It won't be a movie I recommend unless your having trouble sleeping and don't mind suffering through the movie until you go out.
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terrible movie
khatho27 July 2008
I didn't make it till the end so I don't know if I'm aloud to vote or write. But I just couldn't help it.

Generally, I don't like movies that start with a scene and then suddenly do the '5 days ago' - thing, I always think, 'you will have to show me a decent movie to make me forget about this scene'. This one didn't!

The lines in this movie are the worst I have ever seen/heard. Image is OK, even some action. But the conversations are just so ridiculous this movie really is a waste of time! and what about that lead! OK, if you speak English with a Spanish accent, who cares, but it should be some sort of real English at least. If you can't do that, well speak Spanish man!

Well, since I didn't have enough lines to post this, i decided to finish the movie anyway.

It got worse. The movie maker obviously thinks his viewers are stupid.

This movie is awful, acting was very, very bad!
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help please
rghitulescu12 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Now you know those Latino soap opera? well this one is worse. I gave it 1 because I can't gave zero, nada null. It is one of the worse movie I have ever sen in my life. Image is good but it looks like a commercial for Kodak. "buy new Kodak Gold Reala with crisp saturated colors. Acting was crap, secondhand actors is to much for them and the screenplay is just crap. Do your self a favor and don't watch. The plot sucks in any possible way and you can see how the writer and director have pushed so hard to make an interesting movie by making absurd twists in the end. Characters are cliché from other gang movie with no life and bones. I think I am already writing to much about this.
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Walked out came back and did not miss much so I turned it off
Touchstone8625 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just did not enjoy this movie at all. Waste of time. Acting was kind of like someone just read it and put little emotion into it. The way the movie was filmed felt very soap opera like. Like some of the other comments before me the plot was bad and to me not really plausible. It also felt like typical stereotypes. It really does feel like a bad indie film meaning low budget/ no budget and below par everything. In order for any film to have any success even low budget films it needs to have plot, acting, directing, editing, camera and audio work and I could not find it in this movie at all. I am sorry for this part but if any people are Pablo veliz's fans or friends he is not a director nor a writer. He is a salesman and that is how he gets his movies made.
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Pathetic Excuse For A Movie!!!!
finalcutproeditor21 December 2009
Pablo Veliz from San Antonio, Texas wound not know a good film if it hit him across the ass. He has repeatedly written, produced & directed films that are absolutely despicable. They have no storyline or plot and the acting is extremely bad. The directing & editing is even worse. Someone needs to tell him to stop attempting to make films that no one wants to watch and tell the distributors to stop buying them from him!!!! BY FAR ONE OF THE WORSE MOVIES EVER MADE!!! Just because he graduated with a communications degree, does not mean that he can produce good movies. The independent film industry will not elevate itself to a higher level until people like him stop what they are doing!! STOP MAKING PATHETIC MOVIES THAT NO ONE CAN STAND TO WATCH OF STAY AWAKE LONG ENOUGH TO WATCH!!!!!
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dbborroughs26 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Owner of a failing jewelry store, who also happens to be an ex thief decides to give it ago one more time to save himself.

A cut or two above the amateur ranks this film isn't very good with our hero seeming to sit brooding in every other scene and the people around him often playing to the camera. Its as if no one had been on camera before, or worse no one had any idea how to really convey emotions. You never believe any of it for an instant. There is no sense of anything other than lets play dress up. I have no idea how this film got released to DVD, except that there is no underestimating the ability for people to try bad movies, I mean even I picked it up.
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cute B movie
ckckrox-110 November 2008
this movie is a fun watch if you are not in the mood for anything super intellectual or stimulating. it's definitely an indie, so you will need to bear with it through some parts, but i think it's worth it. there are some parts that are pretty silly, but the movie does not take itself too seriously.

the characters are all pretty interesting, and you find yourself rooting for the bad guys just because they seem like ordinary dudes. there are some crazy twists that may keep you guessing just who the bad guys are.

it's kinda pulp fiction-y and stylized, but there are some real emotional moments. some of the dialogue is a bit stiff, but there are pretty funny jokes in there as well. if you want a stress free laugh, check it out

oh and the music is great!
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good movie
ldelagarza8010 November 2008
I thought this movie was done very well. I was very skeptical at first because I don't really watch many independent films but I am glad that I gave this one a shot.

Pros: The story was well thought out with a great twist at the end and the music was good. Musicians should be able to appreciate some of the time signatures and melodies.

Cons: The only drawback for me was some of the acting. Most of it was good but the ones who were bad were just kinda funny to watch.

If you are skeptical about watching indie films...don't be. I highly recommend anyone give this movie a try!
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