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  • Ellen begins to explore Patty's relationship with Daniel Purcell. He was a witness in a big case 10 years before and Patty tore him to shreds during his deposition. Ellen begins to wonder if Patty paid him off but their relationship goes back much further and is much more meaningful than that of client and solicitor. As Patty has decided not to take on the child medical care case, the FBI want Ellen to slow down a bit as they are afraid Patty might get wind of what is going on. They also remind Ellen that this kind of sting may take years to come to fruition. Purcell finds himself in jail when the police arrest him trying to leave the country.


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  • Daniel and Claire in the car. He tells her he had nothing to do with his wife's death and she didn't know about them. (Flash to him fighting with his wife the night of her murder, though we can't hear about what.) He admits he leaked the report. There are some things he doesn't want Claire to know, for her protection. She asks who's responsible. Who do you think? he says.

    Tom briefs Patty on Ultima National Resources and CEO Tom Kendrick. They're poisoning the environment. They have more than 200 lawsuits filed against them and only one won. Patty has no idea whether Daniel killed his wife, but his consulting firm has worked for UNR for more than a decade. He must know more than he's tell her. Tom says he's on board, but he wants to know if there's something about her past with Daniel that he should know about. "If there was, I'd tell you," she smiles.

    The FBI guys talk to Ellen in her hotel room. They want to know why Tom didn't go through with the pay-off. They want her to back-off for now, they're worried about her cover.

    Tom goes to meet with Daniel, who's injecting himself with insulin. Tom briefs him before his meeting with the detective. His wife was strangled, and there are signs of a struggle. The police found no evidence that anyone else was there.

    Ellen asks to sit in with Purcell, for the experience. Patty says no, she's not running a law school.

    The detective meets with Purcell, asking why nothing was stolen during either break-in. He acts politely incredulous. He's stuck on why someone would break into a house twice and not steal anything. Purcell says there wasn't time. The detective wants to show Daniel pictures of the crime scene. He says OK, if it'll help. The detective lays out pictures of Daniel's dead wife. Daniels fights back tears. Then he notices she's not wearing the ruby ring she always wore on her right hand. They left the diamond. The detective condescends about it being a big development. Daniel yells that he's absolutely useless. He asks Daniel if he ever laid a hand on his wife. He says of course not. The detective wants to know why, then, his wife filed a restraining order against him three years ago. Daniel wants to explain, also saying the file was sealed. Patty shuts him up while the detective watches, bemused.

    Back at her office, Patty wants to know why the restraining order didn't show up. It was sealed, Tom tells her. Patty says Daniel is acting like he wants to get arrested. She's not sure whether to buy the story about the ring. Tom suggests they turn him over to a criminal defense attorney, but she won't do it because she thinks Daniel is the way into Ultima.

    Ellen does some research in her office. She finds an old deposition with Patty and Daniel on opposing sides.

    Flash to 10 years ago, Daniel saying a contaminant isn't toxic. Patty pulls out a letter someone wrote to his daughter's daycare provider, asking who wrote it.

    Jump back to Ellen's phone ringing. It's Katie, asking where she is. They were supposed to meet for drinks. Katie wants Ellen to meet her boyfriend. Tom lingers in her doorway, asking who Ellen is blowing off. She hasn't seen Katie since David's funeral, but they've spoken on the phone. She thinks Katie is in denial.

    Ellen asks Tom about the IBC Global case Patty tried 10 years ago, in which Daniel was the key witness against her. She asks Tom if he thinks it's weird Patty didn't mention it. Tom, not surprisingly, doesn't. Patty would tell them if they needed to know, he says with blind faith.

    Claire intercepts UNR honcho Wayne on his run in the park. Now that she knows Christine Purcell is dead, she's checking that they're only dealing with a case of stolen documents. Wayne tells her to look no further than the widower. Wayne says Daniel is brilliant but unstable, with a violent temper. And his marriage was a wreck. Claire says she's met him once or twice.

    Wayne calls Mr. Kendrick, telling him Claire is asking questions about Purcell. He says he'll get her to back off. He assures Mr. Kendrick that Aerocyte is a dead issue. Wayne agrees to fly down to West Virginia to see Kendrick.

    Kendrick tells a man driving his car to step up security at all their coal facilities, just in case.

    Daniel waits at the front desk for Patty. Ellen intercepts him, saying he's in good hands.

    Daniel meets with Patty. She doesn't believe a thing he says. He says he's telling the truth about the ring, and he's told her everything about the reports. Patty wants him to prove it. Daniel takes a lie detector test.

    One of the questions is if he thought about killing his wife. He says no, while he thinks of that night and their screaming argument. He also says no, he didn't kill his wife and yes, he thinks the ring was stolen. Patty looks at the results.

    Bloomsfield, West Virginia

    On a farm, a man looks at a dead pig. He introduces himself to Mrs. Enwhistle as Josh Reston. "I knew your pig," he says. Met her at the county fair. He asks how she died. It seems a lot of livestock has been dying lately. He asks where she got her water, if she thinks it's contaminated from the coal plant. She asks if he's a reporter. He doesn't answer, but tells her she's not alone. She tells him to get off her property.

    Back in New York, Ellen meets with Mr. Nye, telling him that 17 years ago, Patty used Daniel has an expert witness. But 10 years ago they were on opposite sides. Nye was defense council for IBC, the company involved in the 10 year old case. Ellen says the deposition read like Daniel wasn't prepared. Nye doesn't seem inclined to answer, but she reminds him he's the one who brought the FBI to her and got her into this.

    10 Years Ago The daycare question again. Daniel Purcell wrote the letter, telling them they needed to relocate. They tested the land and the contaminant was present. He worried at 30 parts per million, even though IBC said 100 ppm were OK. Patty hounds him, trying to get Daniel to say which was right, IBC or him.

    Nye says that IBC was Patty's first case after she started her own firm and that Purcell is brilliant, but he collapsed when Patty questioned him. Ellen asks Nye if he thinks they colluded. Nye says something went on. But he can't prove it.

    Ellen calls FBI guy Randall Harrison. She's angry. She's left him five messages and they're ignoring her.

    At home, Patty has dinner with her husband and son. Michael wants to know who Daniel is. She tells him she used him as an expert witness once. Michael says she should stay away from him, he totally did it. He thought Daniel looked like a psycho when he shook his hand. Patty says nothing.

    Reston walks through the woods in W. Virginia, calling Daniel Purcell. Purcell sends it to voice mail. Reston says he needs Purcell to call him back, things are getting worse down there.

    Patty shows up to meet Daniel. His polygraph results were inconclusive. She says she's trying to help. He says for her it's another case but for him it's real. But he says she was right. He was lying. He had nothing to do with Christine's murder, but he does know more than he's been saying. He knows Patty will fight, not to protect him, but to protect her case. As soon as he gives her information on Ultima, she'll toss him aside. OK, she says. She'll call a good defense attorney for him.

    Michael stops in to chat with Ellen, wanting her to read his college application essay. She asks him if he knows why his mom is defending Purcell. He doesn't, but he knows his mom, something's up between them.

    Daniel gets in a cab. Claire is in it. She tells him she met with Wayne. Daniel can't trust him. She says he shouldn't have sent Patty those documents. His own people are turning against him. Claire says she doesn't know who killed his wife, but he's going to get blamed for it. She tells him he needs to leave the country. He's not safe.

    Ellen lays it all out for Patty, asking her bluntly what happened between her and Daniel on the IBC Global case. They met roughly 17 years ago. She says "there are some men you meet who might be wrong for you, but you can't help yourself." That's what happened with her and Daniel. But she had to go after him in the deposition. Ellen implies that Patty paid Daniel to throw the case. Patty laughs.

    10 Years Ago Patty handing an envelope to Daniel in the park. He says he gave her the letter because it was the right thing to do, she doesn't owe him anything. She says she's given it a lot of thought and she wants him to have it.

    Back forward 10 years, Ellen talks to the FBI guys again. She says she was looking at the wrong case. She should have been looking at the one 17 years ago, because Michael is about to turn 18. Ellen looked up his birth date. Roughly nine months after Daniel's testimony concluded the first time. She thinks he's Purcell's kid. Patty's never said who Michael's father was.

    10 Years Ago Daniel looks over what Patty has handed him. "I always wanted a son," he says. "I just didn't know I actually had one." The packet is photos of Michael. Daniel thinks her timing is odd. That it's his reward for helping her win her case. He says she never would have given him these if he hadn't thrown his testimony her way. He didn't want to find out like this.

    Back forward 10 years, Tom tells Patty that Detective Huntley just called as a courtesy. Daniel was arrested boarding a plane at JFK.

    W.Va. Reston breaks into a coal plant, getting some water trickling out of the facility.

    Daniel sits in lock-up with Patty. She believes he was set up but he has to tell her what he knows. "Represent me, and I'll tell you everything." Patty just happens to have the necessary paperwork on hand. Daniel starts talking. "There's a reporter that she needs to meet in West Virginia."

    Reston comes out of the plant to find his Jeep has a flat tire. He goes to change it, but is jumped. Two men take his camera, saying, "let's get this to Mr. Kendrick."

    Tom asks Patty how the cops new Purcell was fleeing. Malcolm, the bald security guy, was watching the Purcells. The police always appreciate anonymous tips. She decided to call Daniel's bluff is how she describes putting her baby daddy in jail. People have a tendency to talk when they're behind bars. Patty's still not sure if Daniel's guilty, but from meeting Christine at the gala, she remembers that she was wearing that ruby ring. Something definitely happened to it.

    Cut to the POV of someone walking into a pawn shop. A strung-out looking guy with blond hair turns the ring over and takes the cash.

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