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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, disturbing images, thematic material and language including some sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • Young woman is seen in a bathroom wearing a white T-shirt and panties.(No nudity is shown).
  • One sex scene is briefly shown when a man is on top of a woman and they're kissing passionately (Unrated Version only).Both are presumably naked. However No nudity is shown.
  • A man and a woman lie in bed together: she has her head on his bare chest and they talk and kiss (she is mostly covered by a blanket).
  • A woman is seen in a shower, her bare back is seen(Her buttocks is not shown).
  • Women are seen wrapped in towels in a locker room scene(No nudity is shown).
  • No nudity is shown throughout the movie. One implied sex scene between main characters & few sexual references.
  • In two scenes, a woman is seen in a bathroom wearing a tank top and panties(No nudity).
  • A woman is lying in bed in multiple scenes (in one scene we see her bare back, and in another we see her bare stomach).
  • A man tells a woman in a joking manner that she is giving him an erection (using a crude term).
  • A woman talks to another woman about a man's porn collection.
  • A woman talks to another woman about a man masturbating
  • A woman jokes with another woman about her vagina being disease-infested.
  • A woman calls another woman a hooker

Violence & Gore

  • Violence is pretty incredible for a PG-13 movie.
  • A woman wakes up on a ceiling and sees herself lying in bed: a pale, sickly-looking child lays next to her, puts his hand on her bare stomach, digs his hand into her stomach, and rips open a hole in her abdomen (her stomach is bloody).
  • A woman opens her front door, a child stabs her in the abdomen (she bleeds through her shirt and screams), she struggles to get away from the child, the child's face changes into demonic-looking features, with a wide open mouth and pointed, sharp teeth, and snarls and goes after her; a man rushes the child and gets the knife away (he seems to want to hurt the child but does not).
  • A woman lies on the floor after being stabbed, her eyes are open and her face is still, her head begins to jerk from side to side (it makes a cracking and breaking noise) and she makes strange moaning and growling noises; she then starts having what appears to be a seizure, her body shakes, her skin begins changing color and veins appear through it, she screams, her eyes change color also, her mouth opens exposing pointy-looking teeth, and she falls back to the floor and appears to be dead.
  • A woman is chased by a man on all fours, he stops at the bottom of a staircase, his head turns completely around and upside down (we hear breaking and cracking noises as his head moves), his spine sticks out through his skin and his limbs are contorted and twisted, and he continues to chase the woman down a hallway.
  • A man grabs a woman by the neck and begins to strangle her; he lifts her body off the ground by the neck, he opens his mouth and insects crawl out, and the woman screams and he has blood and bruises on his face.
  • A woman participating in an exorcism turns into a "demon": she bends backward (her back makes a breaking noise, and as she screams she exposes pointy teeth and yellow eyes).
  • A man transforms into a demon: his face changes, and he screams, he smashes his own head into a wall multiple times, and his face changes to demonic features and back again.
  • A woman follows a dog into a wooded area and finds a white mask; she picks up the mask, the mask has strings that are buried in the soil, and when she clears away the soil she find a fetus in formaldehyde.
  • A boy is shown dead, lying on a table, and a man covers the child with a sheet.
  • A man falls off a balcony (we see him fall and hit the ground), has blood on his ear, neck, cheek and chin and he dies.
  • A man's body writhes and turns to dust.
  • A man sees a dog with its head turned upside down on its body, it growls and snarls and shows its teeth, and the man yells at it.
  • A young boy unexpectedly hits a woman in the face with a broken mirror shard (in the next scene, she has a small cut under her eye).
  • A woman finds a young boy holding a sharp broken mirror shard over the crib of an infant while whispering.
  • A dead woman is seen lying on the floor (we see the lower part of her body but her face is obscured by a police officer leaning over the body).
  • A young woman walks into a hospital room and sees the back of a woman hunched over in a chair and she is holding something while breathing strangely: the young woman slowly approaches, the woman in the chair looks up, and we see what appears to be a demon-like creature with large teeth and a blue body; it opens its mouth wide and screams and howls at the young woman, who screams out of fear, and the demon drops a large glass jar to the floor (the glass breaks, and liquid spills out on the floor along with a human fetus).
  • A woman hits a boy on a tricycle with her car (the child strikes the windshield, but we do not see him hit the ground); the woman exits the car and finds the child standing behind the car, completely unharmed.
  • A man breaks through a wall and fights with another man, a woman tries to intervene and the man pushes her down; there is yelling and screaming, the woman jumps on the man's back, and he punches the other man and throws the woman off his back.
  • A man hits another man over the head with a piece of metal, knocking him unconscious.
  • Two children are seen lying on medical tables, men are shown wrapping straps around the children's heads (they are performing experiments), one man is shown approaching the boy's eye with a large hypodermic needle intending to inject his eye but we do not see the needle go into the eyeball (we hear that the Nazis would inject children's eyes to experiment with iris pigmentation).


  • 2 F-words, 7 sexual references, 4 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (retarded, crazy, freak, hag), 3 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • College-aged people drink in a nightclub, a woman says she needs a drink, and a woman blames another woman's hallucinations on being drunk. Later, one of them is seen throwing up in a toilet.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are plenty of jump scares and imagery that might scare younger viewers.
  • A scene at a concentration camp is shown, and a Nazi scientist is shown poking a needle into a young boy's eye and injecting something. There is a lot of frightening demonic scenes.
  • An old lady is chased by a mutilated (possessed) old man and she falls down the stairs.
  • An exorcism is shown at the end that is very intense.

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