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Europe's Grandmother Foods

Andrew tastes the recipes and traditions passed down by Europe's grandmas. From fried calf brains to Italian tripe, fish meatballs to stuffed pig head, today's chefs are rediscovering and revamping old world dishes.

Season 6

24 May 2011
NYC: Will Work for Food
Andrew Zimmern pulls the night shift to explore the hidden world that fuels Big Apple. From eating goat brains at a cabby hangout to slurping blood clams at 4 am, he finds out feeding hungry New Yorkers is an all-night job
8 Mar. 2011
Andrew meets some Greeks who are passionate about their food.
29 Mar. 2011
Andrew goes to Chengdu China, the epicenter of tongue-numbing, spicy Sichuan cuisine. From pig brains dunked in the boiling chili oil of the Chengdu Hot Pot to mind-blowing spicy rabbit heads to heart attack noodles, Andrew finds out just how much heat he can stand.
22 Mar. 2011
In Hungary, it's not just goulash for Andrew: it's also blood cake.
7 Jun. 2011
Andrew ventures to Finland, where he dines on delectable delights.
20 Apr. 2011
Andrew fuels up on cobra blood for an extra kick of energy.
15 Mar. 2011
Hong Kong
Andrew gets a dose of turtle jelly soup, snake bile and medicinal bug tea.
3 May 2011
Outside Johannesburg, Andrew sinks his teeth into zebra.
19 Jul. 2011
Andrew experiences the true flavor of Jamaica.
12 Jul. 2011
Andrew heads up north for a taste of the joie de vivre in Montreal.
25 Jan. 2011
Andrew samples the Pennsylvania staples most people never hear about.
14 Jun. 2011
Rio de Janeiro
The attraction for Andrew in Rio de Janeiro is the diverse food culture.
1 Mar. 2011
San Francisco
Andrew delves into the cutting edge food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area!
5 Jul. 2011
Andrew is back for another exotic food adventure, this time in Sardinia.
28 Jun. 2011
Fez, Morocco
Andrew eats a plate of fermented meats in Morocco.
21 Jun. 2011
Andrew delves deep into the rainforest of the country of Suriname.
1 Feb. 2011
Andrew eats his way through the historic city of Venice.
31 May 2011
Embassy Row
Take a food tour around the world without leaving our nation's capitol.

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