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lotteelbertse3 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Very beautiful movie with a sad ending. It is a dutch movie. A few years ago the book Sonny Boy appeared. I haven't read it then, but I will now. It's a very beautiful but also a sad story. The language is Dutch en German. However the German doesn't sound really good, you can hear that the actors are Dutch. But that's the only critic I have. After a true story. I had to cry a lot, I usually don't do that very quick. I hope many people will see this movie. Also the recordings in Suriname are very beautiful. I hope this movie wins a (at least Dutch) award! It takes a lot to write ten lines because I don't speak and write very good English.
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Interracial Love Story with a Holocaust Background
josephsyu9 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This epic love story is highly watchable but never really feels substantial enough for you to discuss anything about it after the movie. The story revolves around an inter-racial couple, the Surinamese student Waldemar, who comes to Holland to get a college education and hopefully, lift himself out of poverty, and free-thinking housewife Rika, who leaves her husband after catching him having sex with their maid. The story takes place against a background of prejudice, as the couple find themselves rejected by mainstream society while being helped by outsiders such as Sam, who runs a saloon and gives them a room after they are evicted from their rented house.

The strongest parts of the film are those that take place during WWII, when the Nazis occupied Holland, and Rika and Waldemar find themselves interned in Nazi labor camps. However, the movie never seems to go beyond a depiction of events to give us a deeper insight into the culture of the times. Still, its definitely worth watching for its strong storytelling and good performances.
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