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Splendid boards 'The Conductor'

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Exclusive: Based on the true story of Dutch-born, Us-raised Antonia Brico who was the world’s first female conductor.

The Benelux arm of German outfit Splendid is taking the plunge into production. Splendid has just boarded new feature The Conductor (De Dirigent) from leading Dutch director Maria Peters (Pietje Bel 1 & 2, Sonny Boy) and producer Dave Schram.

The film is based on the true story of Dutch-born, Us-raised Antonia Brico who was the world’s first female conductor (pictured).

The film has a 4.6m euro budget and will shoot this fall throughout Europe. Another new Splendid Dutch production starts shooting this month. Directed by Erwin van den Eshof, teen drama Misfits stars some of the Netherlands’ most popular YouTube stars. The cast includes Niek Roozen, Donny Roelvink, Gio Latooy, Défano Holwijn, Jill Schirnhofer, Chris Tates, Eddy Zoëy, Bente Fokkens, Jolijn Henneman, Fenna Ramos, Sara Ras and boyband 4U.

The project was developed with Amsterdam-based company NewBe, with a quick
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Netherlands Film Fund backs 21 projects in latest funding round

Netherlands Film Fund backs 21 projects in latest funding round
Beneficiaries include team behind children’s fantasy film Admiral.Scroll down for full list of projects

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme has backed 21 film projects to the tune of €6.1m in its latest funding round, including 15 feature films, five documentaries and one animated feature.

The average investment was €291,185, with the smallest being €40,000 and the largest sum, €900,000, going to the team behind 2015 fantasy film Admiral [pictured] for their new project Redbad 754 A.D.

Currently in pre-production, Redbad 754 A.D. will be directed by Rob Reiné (who is attached to direct episdoes of Marvel’s upcoming TV series Inhumans) from a script by Alex van Galen. Dutch producers will be Farmhouse TV en Film, with Belgian outfit Bulletproof Cupid co-producing.

The Conductor, directed and written by Maria Peters and produced by Shooting Star Filmcompany, received the second largest grant with €898,111. Peters’ previous credits include romantic drama Sonny Boy and family film Mike Says Goodbye!.

Projects also receiving
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Finn Balor Debuts! Raw Championship Title Announced! | WWE Raw 07/25/16 Review

The following is a guest post from WrestleTalk. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for new videos every day.

A new set! A new logo! A new opening video package! A new piece of entrance music! A new announcer! A new kind of in-ring interview! A New Era – for realsies. This is the 25th July edition of WWE Monday Night Raw…in about 4 minutes.

Raw Re-debuts!

Raw was really good from the opening frame. Shinedown’s Enemies is a much better theme than Tonight Is the Night, the opening video package hit the ground running – even though there was a worryingly long shot of Braun Strowman – and the new Raw graphics straddle old and new remarkably well. I don’t even mind Triple H’s secret Illuminati code.

With the announcers now by the entrance ramp, WCW Nitro style, Raw’s two authority figures opened the show…and then were never seen again.
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Blu-ray Review Frankenstein 2015

When I was just a boy I had a paperback that included Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson in one volume. There were certain books I would reread every year, that was one. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury every summer, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens every December and that three in one book every October. I read it so many times I knew how to parcel it out daily up until Halloween, starting the first page of Dracula on October 1st up to the last page of Jekyll And Hyde on October 30th. That reading was just to get in the mood for Halloween.

I relate this, (not to brag,) to state I know those texts very well as a result. Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are great books, no doubt,
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Off The Shelf – Episode 76 – New DVD & Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday, February 3rd 2016

In this special episode of Off The Shelf, Ryan and Brian take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for Tuesday, January 26th 2016.

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Follow-Up Depatie-Freleng Supplements News Arrow Video: Cult Cinema sold out directly (Available from Amazon UK), BFI: Napoleon Criterion Collection: In A Lonely Place Disney: Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-ray 4/5 Flicker Alley: Blu-ray Mod, film noirs John Carpenter Lost Themes II Kino: Tijuana Toads, Roland and Rattfink, Beware! The Blob, Eleni, Fuzz, Absolution, Masters of Cinema: April announcements tomorrow Olive Films: April titles Second Run: teaming up with Arrow Video Shout! Scream: Manhunter cover, MST3K Vol 2, NightHawks, I Saw What You Did / You’ll Like My Mother Thunderbean: Flip the Frog and Cubby Bear Twilight Time: New February titles available for pre-order on Wednesday February 3rd: Where The Sidewalk Ends, Cowboy, The Big Heat,
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HumanSide Podcast: Director Heath Cozens Talks Doglegs

Welcome to HumanSide, the podcast that looks at the human side of pop culture. This episode offers an early peek at Chicago's own Music Box Theatre 70mm Film Festival, taking place February 19 to March 10. I also review a couple of surreal classics on Blu-ray from Scream Factory. Trust me, if you love weird movies, Sonny Boy and Blood and Lace deserve your attention. I also look at the Criterion Collection upgrade of one of my favorite noir films, Night and the City, by the great Jules Dassin. Lastly, HumanSide episode 2 offers an interview with director Heath Cozens about his often humorous but ultimately moving documentary Doglegs, which tells the story of disabled Japanese wrestlers grappling with able bodied opponents in a bid for societal and self-respect.You can listen to the...

[Read the whole post on]
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Watch Gary Clark Jr. Light Up 'Austin City Limits'

Watch Gary Clark Jr. Light Up 'Austin City Limits'
Austin, Texas' own Gary Clark Jr. returned to a familiar setting on Halloween night as the guitarist partook in his second Austin City Limits concert to showcase tracks off his new album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim. In addition to the jaw-dropping "Grinder" and stirring "The Healing," the rocker's homecoming show also included soulful renditions of his Sonny Boy songs bolstered by a full band.

Clark Jr. was technically making his third Acl appearance: He and the Alabama Shakes split an episode in the series' 38th season, while the
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Watch Gary Clark Jr.'s Jaw-Dropping 'Acl' Performance of 'Grinder'

Watch Gary Clark Jr.'s Jaw-Dropping 'Acl' Performance of 'Grinder'
Gary Clark Jr. tears through his mid-tempo blues ripper, "Grinder," during a powerful homecoming concert in Austin set to air on the next episode of Austin City Limits.

In the clip, Clark Jr. sprints easily up and down the neck of his guitar while singing rueful verses about the never-ending pursuit of a dollar, a message bolstered by the ominous bleating of his horn trio. Clark Jr. also delivered a stirring, striving rendition of "The Healing," another cut from his recent album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.

Both performances were taken from Clark Jr.
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Actress Martha Stewart May Still Be Alive Despite Two-Year-Old Reports to the Contrary

Martha Stewart: Actress / Singer in Fox movies apparently not dead despite two-year-old reports to the contrary (Photo: Martha Stewart and Perry Como in 'Doll Face') According to various online reports, including Variety's, actress and singer Martha Stewart, a pretty blonde featured in supporting roles in a handful of 20th Century Fox movies of the '40s, died at age 89 of "natural causes" in Northeast Harbor, Maine, on February 25, 2012. Needless to say, that was not the same Martha Stewart hawking "delicious foods" and whatever else on American television. But quite possibly, the Martha Stewart who died in February 2012 -- if any -- was not the Martha Stewart of old Fox movies either. And that's why I'm republishing this (former) obit, originally posted more than two and a half years ago: March 11, 2012. Earlier today, a commenter wrote to Alt Film Guide, claiming that the Martha Stewart featured in Doll Face, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now,
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Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Sleazy McSleazoid

Nick threatens Sonny. He must be destroyed.

Name That Chest!

Dannifer! !@#$%

Um … does Nicole have brand new hair from when this scene aired Friday?

Theresa is rocking her best Karen Walker circa Season Three of Will & Grace

Gabi comes home to find that Ari has been Sorased a couple of years. Thank God! Oh Dammit, it’s just a dream. She hallucinates that Older Ari loves daddies Will and Sonny more. So maybe … it isn’t a dream?

Sami and Will tell Caroline that he and Sony are getting married. Caroline is very happy for them, but this means she needs to look for a new designer vest. Meanwhile, Sonny meets Nick in the park, and tells him to cut the crap with Gabi, and he’s tired of Nick interfering, and Sonny may not be a Horton or Hernandez but he is a Kiriakis, dammit, and that means he gets what he wants,
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Reel Ink August 2013

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August 2013 -

The cast of characters in writer/director Curtis Harrington’s autobiography Nice Guys Don’t Work In Hollywood: The Adventures of an Aesthete in the Movie Business (Drag City Incorporated, is nothing short of amazing. A partial list of featured and supporting players includes avant-garde pioneer Kenneth Anger, director James Whale, Jean Cocteau, Shelley Winters, Robert Bresson, Forrest (Forry) Ackerman, Christopher Isherwood (who punched Harrington), Stanley Kubrick, Debbie Reynolds, Roger Corman and the cast of Charlie’s Angels. To call his CV eclectic is something of an understatement, and it’s doubtful that any other major or minor Hollywood figure’s career moved as Harrington’s did: from the resolutely experimental to the realm of low brow American television drama of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Born and raised in California, Harrington was entranced by movies, art and literature at an early age. Among his early accomplishments,
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No 'Growing Pains' Here

No 'Growing Pains' Here
Alan Thicke couldn't be happier about his son's song of the summer.

The "Growing Pains" star spoke to People about Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and said, "He has now projected himself into a stratosphere, into another level, having raised the bar, the family brand, to unimaginable heights."

Thicke earned a good-guy reputation from playing lovable yet firm dad Jason Seaver on the '80s hit TV show, but also has a successful career as a songwriter and composer. The father-son duo even co-wrote a song that appears on the album, "Ain't No Hat 4 That."

Now he jokes that he sometimes introduces himself as "Robin Thicke's father," Thicke told People. "And though I cannot quite relate to the incredible success and accomplishment of his work on that song, now I just feel [like], 'Okay, now I just have to share you with the rest of the world now ... You are barely mine anymore.
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Anniversaries: Elmore James Born 95 Years Ago

Elmore James (January 17, 1918 - May 24, 1963), inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992, is one of the most important figures in the development of the blues. By playing electric guitar not as a louder version of an acoustic guitar, but rather as a new instrument that took advantage of the amplifier to create a new sound, he revolutionized the blues and influenced several generations of rockers as well.

Fortunately, there is a single-cd compilation that offers an excellent cross-section of his legacy: The Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James (Rhino, 1993). Unfortunately, it's no longer in print and isn't on iTunes, but it was so popular and highly acclaimed that there are plenty of copies still floating around, as a look at quickly reveals -- and they're still cheap, too. The 21-song collection includes items from the Trumpet, Chess, Flair, Atlantic, Chief, Fire, Sphere Sound,
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Levon Helm obituary

Drummer with the Band whose career stretched in many other directions

Levon Helm – a life in pictures

A shorthand way of describing Levon Helm, who has died of cancer aged 71, would be as the drummer with the Band, who were Bob Dylan's backing group as he made the leap from folk to rock, and then forged a hugely influential career of their own in the late 1960s and 70s. This would have made Helm eminent enough, but his career stretched in many other directions, as drummer with the rock'n'roller Ronnie Hawkins, solo artist, prolific film actor and, most recently, host of the all-star Midnight Ramble Sessions. He was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and a fine and distinctive singer.

He was born Mark Lavon Helm in Elaine, Arkansas, the second of Nell and Diamond Helm's four children. His father was a cotton farmer but also a music lover, and the Grand Ole Opry
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Robin Williams interview: Happy Feet 2, Call Of Duty, playing bad guys and more

Robin Williams talks playing bad guys, doing accents, his return to stand-up, voicing animation, and why he no longer plays multiplayer Call Of Duty online…

Reading a Robin Williams interview is like trying to listen to a Hendrix tune by staring at the guitar tab: so much of the good stuff gets lost in translation. He doesn’t so much answer questions as improvise a stand-up set around them, springing into voices and one-liners with the lightest of prompting.

Williams speaks fast, and laughs often. When he’s being himself - though how can you tell? - his vocabulary is full of “like, dude” and “big time” surf-speak. He nimbly evades anything getting serious by driving his answers full steam into entertaining anecdotes or gags.

In a 15-minute round table chat, he did at least 15 different voices (one per minute, though it felt like more) and cracked jokes I’m
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Academy Award Submissions for Best Foreign Language Oscar With Sales Agents

The complete list of submissions for the nomination for Best Foreign Language Academy Award, has been announced. 63 countries' selections have been accepted. Last year there were 65 selections. I have added the international sales agents and when there is one, the U.S. distributor. The Female Factor: 8 of 63 films or 13%. Last year, of the 65 films submitted, 9 were directed by women — that’s 14%. The films by women are Leticia Tonos' Love Child ♀ (the Dominican Republic), Valerie Donzelli's Declaration of War ♀ (France), Ann Hui's A Simple Life ♀ (Hong Kong), Juanita Wilson's As If I Am Not There ♀ (Ireland), Nadine Labaki's Where Do We Go Now? ♀ (Lebanon), Maria Peters' Sonny Boy ♀ (the Netherlands), Anne Sewitzky's Happy, Happy (Norway) ♀ and Pernilla August's Beyond ♀ (Sweden).
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63 Countries Fight for Best Foreign Language Oscar Nomination

From Albania to Vietnam, 63 countries are hoping that their film entry will get picked to fill one of the five slots for Best Foreign Language Film for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

Five slots, 63 countries, the competition is fierce! Is your country of choice one of the 63 hopefuls?

I'm happy that my home country, the Philippines, has an entry, the dramedy "The Woman in the Septic Tank" from director Marlon N. Rivera. Released in the Philippines on August 3rd, the film became the highest grossing independent movie in my country's cinema history. So keeping my fingers crossed for this movie!

The shortlist will be released in January and then it will be whittled down to five contenders when the nominations are announced on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. The winner will be announced on Oscar night on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Take a look at the complete list of Best Foreign Language hopefuls:

Albania, "Amnesty,
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63 Countries Submit Films for Final List of 2012 Foreign Language Oscar Contenders

Yesterday the Academy finally released the full list of 2012 Foreign Language Oscar contenders adding four films I did not have on my previous list from the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, United Kingdom and a mysterious title I can't find anything about from Kazakhstan and now that the short list has been announced and everyone has posted the Academy's press release it's like searching for a needle in a haystack if you go looking for more information on it. That said, if anyone has a link to any information on Egor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's Returning to the 'A' I would love to share it as I have links and information for all other 62 films submitted for consideration. As I said in my last post addressing the category, I haven't seen any of these films, a rarity for me, but based on buzz the top contenders would seem to include Zhang Yimou's The War of Flowers,
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Final List for Foreign Films Being Submitted for Oscar Consideration

63 films have made it onto the list to be considered for the 2012 Academy Awards. There was only one added since we last tracked about three weeks ago. That means a total of 10 films are directed by women out of 63. We shall see how many of the women make it to the next level. Dominican Republic- Leticia Tonos' ”Love Child” The others previously announced are: France -Valérie Donzelli’s “Declaration of War” Norway - Anne Sewitsky’s “Happy Happy” Poland - Agnieszka Holland’s “In Darkness” The Netherlands - Maria Peters’s “Sonny Boy” Greece - Athina Rachel Tsangari’s “Attenberg” Ireland…
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Oscar 2012: Ten Female Directors on Best Foreign Language Film List

Nadine Labaki, Where Do We Go Now? Today it was announced that Patty Jenkins, whose Monster earned Charlize Theron a Best Actress Oscar in early 2004, will be directing Thor 2. Officially, Perkins is the first woman director at the helm of a big-budget, Hollywood superhero movie. Below you'll find ten movies directed by female filmmakers that are among the 63 contenders for nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards' Best Foreign Language Film category. Seven of those hail from Europe; one is from the Americas, one from East Asia, and one from West Asia (or the Middle East). They are: the Dominican Republic's Leticia Tonos for Love Child, France's Valérie Donzelli for the semi-autobiographical Declaration of War, Greece's Athina Rachel Tsangari for Attenberg, Hong Kong's Ann Hui for A Simple Life, and Ireland's Juanita Wilson for As If I Am Not There. Also: Lebanon's Nadine Labaki for Toronto Film Festival Audience Award winner Where Do We Go Now?
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