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xredgarnetx14 November 2007
You haven't lived until you hear House tell a kid with an Elephant Man face "You are ugly!" The team is treating a kid who is about to have plastic surgery to get rid of his Elephant Man face, but the kid suddenly gets very sick. House and Plastic Surgeon Man clash over the cause, to the point where House angrily fires him -- and which Cuddy immediately rescinds. Michael Michele (hubba hubba!) is back as the CIA doctor whom House adores. This leads to some very funny results. Wilson is on screen a fair amount, serving as House's conscience as House wrestles with his mindset over the luscious CIA doctor. House worried that she's making him dopey and clouding his judgment, which Wilson explains is what happens to a man around a beautiful woman. "But I'm not just any man!" cries House. Cuddy and House have a couple of nice moments together, insulting each other while clearly they'd rather be fornicating somewhere. This is one of the series' funniest episodes.
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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder
sam_avb12 September 2014
This episode is yet another amazing one. Dr.House breezes through this episode with his wit and humor. All those TV cameras can make anyone nervous. Television crew obviously are curious and want to record everything on film. The team is worried about lot of things, obviously with television crew presence and lot of people seeing that afterwards on TV. There are some really great and shocking moments on this episode which will give all the laughs and "oh he shouldn't have done that" kind of moments. It was drama filled episode. Without a doubt an entertaining one. Wilson once again does his usual best with his wisdom and putting Dr.House on track. Wonderful episode. Thoroughly enjoyed. If you guys haven't seen then you shouldn't miss this one at all. And last but not the least don't forget to watch out for Cuddy and her entertaining conversation with Dr.House.
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Yes!! House finally has his humor back!
InvisableMirages13 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another episode that deserves 10 stars. Love it, love it, love it.

Starting off, a teenager with a birth deformity comes in scheduled for surgery to reconstruct his face. But problems occur and we're taken through the whole entertaining cycle once more. The kid can't do the surgery to fix his birth defect until he's cured. And House, as usual, knows (or at least thinks) he's right, but the ever-battling doctors think otherwise. However House pokes his nose into one of the trainees.

And then the doctor from the CIA House hired, got FIRED. I was rather pleased about that because I honestly didn't like her.

But what made this episode stand out from the rest was that this was the first episode of the season where House was humorous. All those hilarious, laugh-out-loud lines were in this one. The first shows of this season didn't have that. House was charming, witty, amusing, and everything.

This episode had it's Season-1 charm and spark back. I'm really hoping the upcoming episodes in season 4 have that same allure. Because up until now, everything was too serious. They loosened up and added the witty and obscene jokes and everything.

Plot: 9/10 It was a little different. Acting: 10/10 Of course. Ending: 10/10 It was happy. Happy endings are good. :)
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Some Spoof for the trained eye
Juancho Salao`22 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Warning May Contain Spoiler!!!! The episode is what one would expect from any House EP. Very few are the instances when the show will bore you, and more often than not, makes you want to join the Diagnostics Sessions and pretend to know whats wrong.

This episode, explicits the moral fiber of Dr. House, the very reason we admire the character.

Anyway, On the part where Dr. House and Dr. Wilson were sneaking inside the designated cutting room of the film crew to preview the films that has been so far taken, I noticed that the place is filled with MiniDV tapes and what appears to be a AB Roll meant for non-film formats. Where as, as stated in the episode that the camera crew is shooting on black and white film. Hmmm.

Either way this was a good one.
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