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I got what i wanted from the movie and I'm satisfied
subxerogravity29 January 2022
I came into this not knowing what to expect and came out liking what I saw.

For me I saw a movie about how hard it is to tear yourself away from the life you knew, even if it's poisoning you. This movie is a good example of how hard it is to do that, even if you have a great support system.

It's supposed to be a romance film, and I guess I saw that, but I was more thinking about this is a movie about what it takes to love yourself.

Well done!
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Absolutely beautiful
dragonheartc3 March 2022
Wow,what an Amazing story ....beginning to end. The soundtrack is just glorious, breathtaking. It really got me glued to the screen for 2 hours. This is definitely gonna end up in my collection

This might be the best movie of the year.
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A Beautiful Masterpiece Born In Our Era
cahidi27 February 2022
I didn't know that this movie is based on a novel. But then again most masterpieces are. The story is really beautiful, the acting is superb, the plot is well executed, the moral of the story is really shown perfectly, the visual is stunning, and the time setting is consistent. There's not many movies made in our time which holds such qualities. I'm glad to have watched this masterpiece. The director, the actors, and the crews deserve standing ovation. Bravo! Keep up the good work!
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A Dark Love Story With Forgiveness
statuskuo25 January 2022
In any other world, Abigail Cowen would be nominated for an Oscar. It is a lot to ask for a young person to go from broken flower to lady.

And it is a story of redemption But alas, we are in Hollywood and therefore, they can't support a Christian story.

Boy, would they be surprised.

This movie is dark and ugly and has brutal realities (much like the bible, which we often forget is really horrifying).

A young girl is sold to a pimp and is broken and emotionally empty who then finds a kindly farmer who shows her the path to a decent life.

Yes, the Academy doesn't recognize this inspiring story unless a heathen makes it. Or the industry that hides sex traffickers.

Here, it's directed by D. J. Caruso. Whose career I'd followed closely. He made a solid flick called "The Salton Sea" He is a stylist but also has the chops to make a Christian-based topic without it being overtly religious. It's a brilliant stroke to have him design this film as it is. It has some really really hard to watch segments. Mostly due to the acting chops of a young Angel (played by Livi Birch) and, aforementioned Abigail Cowen. They play frightened and broken well.

This was made much more perplexing that reviewers on another site destroyed this film. Clear where the disconnect is with media and the public.

Francine Rivers, listed as a born-again Christian, wrote this story in the 90's as a re-telling of The Book of Hosea and brilliantly put it in the gold rush of 1850. It is a frontier movie where the people in it are survivalist.

The few criticisms I have for it people having perfect teeth. And the prostitutes in it not looking more broken.

Great cameo from Famke Janssen as the Duchess. Her wicked step-mother take of a madam is fantastic.
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Here's a movie that is as good as the book.
demetriocoffman21 January 2022
I went to end not knowing how the movie would compare to the amazing book. But I was astounded by how well this movie was done. All the characters were perfect, the scenery was amazing and the message of love, forgiveness, faith, and more forgiveness came through. This is a true love story of love stories. Not too often do you get the audience in the theater to clap and to yell out on certain scenes, but in this one they did. I would say this movie is almost perfect.
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Beautifully done
ilovefoodcoma21 January 2022
They have casted great actors for the roles. This movie is truly all about love & forgiveness. It is so touching to see their journey together & how they been through. The storyline is interesting.
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Redeeming Masterpiece
sabae12102-186-59034121 January 2022
Have you read the book of Hosea? It's not a Pollyanna fairytale. It's about a prostitute. Prostitution is risqué, scandalous and nothing short of moral bankruptcy and impurity. Ironically, this is a picture of us... you and me. We are impure, unfaithful and forever returning to our old patterns and lifestyles. That's why we need God's redemption! God chose the analogy of a prostitute to help us see the immense contrast between our brokenness and His love and redemption.

How is one suppose to write a book or film portraying prostitution!? Do you have any idea how many people can relate to this type of brokenness? We act so polished once we experience redemption and forget how awful our own sin is. Truthfully we have ALL betrayed the heart of God with sin that is no different than the sin of a prostitute.

I'm thankful for pictures like this that demonstrate how messed up we can be and STILL BE LOVED, ACCEPTED, FORGIVEN and SET FREE!
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God's Love in a humans' story
ebenbanban4 April 2022
This is the most inspirational movie that has such a huge impact on me. When you watch it in a shallow view, it's just a love story, but the message is so deep that even though we sin and run away too many times, God's love never change and is still waiting for us.

The only problem I had is the unnecessary bedroom scene for a faith based film, and it would've been more effective if the movie starts with a scripture about forgiveness rather than William Shakespeare's.
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Should Have Been a Mini Series!
tsroque23 January 2022
This book was too good for a 2-hr film. I absolutely loved it and I saw it with tissues in one hand and popcorn in the other. But there was so much more to each of these characters and their back stories. Like Paul and the shop owner. I was already in love with Tom Lewis from Gentleman Jack. This movie showed he has the charm and swagger of Matthew McConaughey! The actress that played a young Angel was just stunning! She did a fantastic job! Abigail Cowen looks like a young Nicole Kidman and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her soon.
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cinematic and engaging
kristoffe-brodeur21 January 2022
I really went in after seeing the trailer knowing the cinematic abilities were already going to shine, and I wasn't disappointed with the acting or story line. It was a very dramatic and hard to watch piece at times, and wonderful in others. Even seeing a sunset is a shining moment in this.

The lost feel of the lead is apparent from the start, and some things involving abuse could really turn away a few viewers for apparent reasons. The use of the tragedy and influence on the story development is carefully executed and there are more than a few surprises. You can almost smell the wood furniture, oil lamps and the lingering fear in this.

I really enjoyed the wardrobe and makeup choices and modulations throughout the piece as well, it was very carefully attended to. Accuracy as what I could understand really makes this a step ahead from just another western drama. Some might also have issues with religion in the piece, but I found it a good attempt to show many different sides to what was very important in that era.

I would certainly say the audio and video in this piece warrants a large screen viewing, and it's up to you to go and see it, even with others in a large living room on a saturday night together.
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Powerful Storytelling
crazi-swans21 January 2022
A powerful story of true love and redemption based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Francine Rivers.

I had my doubts going into this movie, I'd read the book years ago and really enjoyed it, but wasn't sure about how it would translate onto the big screen, especially in regards to the mature themes and adult content. I was pleased to discover that Francine Rivers was heavily involved in the screenplay, and that the project was not being rushed, but that they were taking their time to find the best way to bring a film that did justice to the book to viewers. I can honestly say that I think that they did just that.

Redeeming Love is the re-telling of the Biblical story of Hosea, set in the gold fields of California during the 1850's. Angel is a prostitute, highly prized for her beauty and the wealth that she brings to her handlers. Michael Hosea hears God tell him that Angel will be his wife. But Angel has lived a rough life, mistreated by everyone she ever met, and her acceptance of Michael's offer is only the beginning.

The way that this book stayed true to the book surpassed all of my expectations, some of the details are changed but the storyline, characters, and message all come shining through. The movie is well done, with a stellar cast, an excellent script, set against stunningly captured scenery. The camera is artfully handled in a way that shows the full gravity of the nature of the story, but also decisively deflects some of the more grisly things. The movie doesn't shy away from sex, and there is nudity where the most sensitive areas are artfully covered by hair, blocking and angles. There is brief language. Though handled very well, I personally thought that the very heavy dark themes of the hit harder in the film, and I could tell that much thought had gone into how to best handle the difficult themes of the book. Rated PG-13, I would say that I felt that it definitely isn't a film I would want my 13 year old daughter seeing and would view with caution with older teens, perhaps after reading and discussing the book first.

Overall, this film does an excellent job of bringing this powerful story to the big screen. It is so obvious that great care was taken with this story and I think that it pays off. One of the best novel to film adaptations I have ever seen. I know that the book is fairly controversial in some circles, so I think that viewers should use discretion when deciding to go see it. If the book was offensive, then the movie isn't for you. I think it is good to know what you are going to see, so if you haven't read the book I would recommend discussing the story with someone who has, before going to see the film. I was so happy to see that the movie didn't shy away from keeping the strong faith elements central to the story, the message of hope and redemption shine through. Fans of the book will fall in love with Michael Hosea and Angel's story all over again as they watch this powerful story of love, hope and redemption unfolds before them!

#RedeemingLoveMovieMIN #RedeemingLoveMovie #MomentumInfluencerNetwork

Many thanks to Universal for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
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True love does exist
Misss2510 February 2022
I'm not a romantic genre lover. However,I loved it. I could just watch the movie all the day. This is so soothing. Machel love for Angel made me believe ''True love actually exists''. It doesn't count on where we come from, what we are? True love means loving selflessly without thinking about getting it back from the person you loved.
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Powerful and Moving Story
traceyleem6 May 2022
This is about overcoming things that are not always in your control, you were thrown into them and you were strong enough to come out on top. Even if great people come into your life you have to know you are worthy of their love. I won't overshare but I will just say there were alot of points in this movie that hit hard for me.
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Beautifully and Powerfully Inspiring!
tepack22 January 2022
I went with limited expectation. I had read the first edition of redeeming love before it was revised for publication in the Christian genre. That book impacted me In a powerful way! I closed the last page with a deep knowing of God's Love. To my great surprise- Redeeming Love the movie packs the same impact-Well Done!

It is appropriately classified PG-13 with serious subject matter and references not appropriate for all ages.
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love, redeemed
salonzoperez23 February 2022
To start with, I don't really wanna call it a "Christian film" due to the elements infused by Hollywood. Calling it such would only raise it as controversial. But the message is strong symbolizing God's love to a repentant sinner. Though, we really couldn't compare it to anything else in this world, the idea was presented well in this story. Thus, personally, I was able to appreciate the whole redemption picture. I really love the film as it is. I fully get the message as to why the cringey scenes were included. Wonderful cast too, they're very convincing. I think they really did a good job.
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alex_wiky20 February 2022
Honestly I had doubts before starting the movie. But I must say it was amazing!!! Powerful acting by the cast and love the cinematography. Abigail and Tom did a great job as leads (can't wait to see their future work!) Thank you youtube for recommending me the trailer <3.
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time is up
biggerheart22 January 2022
The romance is good and easy to enjoy. It seems since the COVID pandemic over two years ago, there have been few romantic movies while there should have been more. After all, not everyone is a superhero to save the world but almost anyone can use more warmth from love.

I also appreciate the realistic backdrop of justice, moral, and even empowerment of education.

Characters, dresses, scenes, and musics range from nice to impressive to gorgeous.

The rating is not 8 for the love story is not remarkably new or deep, which I admit is rather tricky since new or deep does not necessarily make a good romance.
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Based on the biblical Book of Hosea, using an 1840s and 1850s old west story.
TxMike27 July 2022
Hosea was a minor prophet, in his book the worship of false gods is denounced, metaphorically comparing Israel's abandonment of Yahweh to a woman being unfaithful to her husband. The main character here is Michael Hosea and his wife is Sarah but until the very end only known as Angel. It is a story of hope and redemption. As others urged Michael to forceably bring Angel home he stood steadfast, it has to be her decision to return.

It is set in the old west, but filmed in South Africa, particularly locations where prospectors were hunting gold. Angel was orphaned as a young girl and ended up in prostitution. In the local town called Pair-A-Dice (Paradise). When Michael discovered her, late teens or maybe 20, he vowed to marry her so she could be his partner in life, live and work with him on his farm, and raise a family.

It is a very well told and well made movie. My wife and I watched it at home, streaming on Amazon Prime. Good movie.
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Wow, what a REAL love story.
huyzer29 January 2022
I'm going to write it like I'm recommending it to family or friend.

Man, this was such a good.... great movie. It wasn't what I had expected at all for a love story. Maybe I don't watch enough love stories. XD Haha!

Anyhow, without giving it away, the setting was not what I expected (thank goodness I didn't pay attention to the trailer. I hate trailers! It ruins movies.).

What I REALLY appreciated was the REALISM in the characters' decisions.

A major life issue is also addressed. Bravo to the author, film makers, and actors.
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jeepgirl2213 August 2022
This movie could have been so much better. Although, a lot of the story stays true to the book, God isn't included nearly as much. The story would be great for teenagers if the creators had not felt it necessary to include the sex scenes. So inappropriate! And crazy that they managed to keep the scenes in the brothels clean, but decided to get much more graphic with the scenes with the married couple. It took away from the quality of the movie and was unnecessary. You can get the point across without actually showing them have sex. They did with all the other scenes. You can tell adult themes in a story without giving a play by play before our eyes. The novel is not graphic in any way and yet tells a wonderful story about God's forgiveness and His redeeming love for all of us, no matter our past. You also don't get to know Sarah/Angel as well in the movie as in the novel and don't really see how unworthy she feels because of the life she's led. The movie is based on a Christian novel and often such movies are something that church groups and youth groups attend together. Unfortunately, because of the unnecessary sex scenes in the movie, it isn't appropriate to do so. The story in the novel isn't an easy one - prostitution, adultery, child sexual abuse, incest - but it still tells the story in a way where you are deeply affected without having those acts played out for you. The film doesn't play those acts out, either, but playing out the sex between the main characters spoils what could have been a much better film. Do I recommend it? No. It will be quickly forgotten because it doesn't leave a lasting impression. Read the novel. It is a story that stays with you and you never forget it.
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Powerful and touching!
Cover-Lover21 January 2022
I just viewed a screening of the Redeeming Love movie. What a powerful and touching story!

Many years ago, I read the book of the same title, written by Francine Rivers. I still remember the impact it made on me, becoming one of my favorite books of all time. When I heard a film based on the book was being made, I wondered if it could possibly capture the heart of the story as effectively. But when I discovered Francine Rivers was involved in the movie adaptation, I was confident the Christian theme wouldn't be lost.

Now, I must state, this isn't a typical Christian movie. It includes prostitution, sex slavery, child abuse, etc. It doesn't gloss over the ugliness of these worldly evils, but it doesn't glamorize them either. The film delivers a beautiful story of redemption, despite the ugliness.

This story takes place during the mid 1800s gold rush. It focuses on Angel, who was sold into prostitution as a child. It shows how relentless, unconditional, all-consuming love of both a persistent man (Michael Hosea) and God, restores her heart.

Redeeming Love, inspired by a minor character in the book of Hosea in the Bible, shows the redemptive power of love, faith, acceptance, and forgiveness.

#RedeemingLoveMovieMIN #RedeemingLoveMovie #MomentumInfluencerNetwork #RLGirlsNightOutGiveaway

Many thanks to Universal for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
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Hard to watch...
ginasharp12 September 2022
While the story was good, it was hard to watch. It was disappointing for a Christian based movie that it was so sexually charged. I get the brothel but the close to R - rated body scenes were not needed. I have watched R-rated movies that didn't show as much as this. It just wasn't needed to drive the story. Also, for me a little long and drawn out! Just kept going back and forth from her staying, her leaving, her staying her leaving. Got a little tedious. It really paints men in a horrible light! Only like 2-3 good men in the whole men , everyone else is brutal so the story didn't really give much hope throughout. Just harped on the bad side. I've never read a Francine rivers book and was wanting to read one but this film did not make me wanna rush out and read one. Ugh...
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This is what movies are supposed to be.
sammig-4771830 January 2022
Let me start by saying that I don't normally like the romance movies genre (I find it extremely unrealistic). So, I don't want to get all corny here, but I believe this movie will be remembered right alongside "The Notebook" as one of the best in the genre. It is an epic love story that every girl dreams of...finding a man that loves her despite her past, and/or her faults. It was gripping from start to finish...not a dull moment over the 2+ hours I watched it in the theater. And that says a lot, as I have an EXTREME case of ADD (which has not been helped by COVID, where I can watch most any movie at home). 😂

Also, I am a Christian, so the VERY subtle hints of Christianity sprinkled throughout the film were an added bonus.

Bottom line...GO SEE IT.
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Good movie better book
conkat624 January 2022
Most readers will agree that books are better than movies and that is the case here. If you didn't read the book and just went to see the movie, you would get a movie for the time and the money. If you read the book, like I did, you will feel cheated of some of the most crucial moments from the book. I don't feel that there were any needless parts in the movie. I can't even tell you how you could've added more. But I do feel like this would've thrived better if it would've been a mini series. There is literally no time to develop character relationships. It also lacked a lot of the faith and the connectivity to the Bible that it's famous for.

The actors were wonderful though. The actor who played Michael is smaller than described in the book but you quickly connect with him. The actress who played Angel was terrific also! Duke is dashing but as monstrous as the book portrays him to be.

Overall I'm not sorry I saw it but I will certainly go back to the book and likely won't need to see the movie beyond maybe one more showing.
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Honestly, I was pretty disappointed.
lynnettebonner25 January 2022
First, I want to say that I've read the book multiple times and love love love it. I just feel like the movie missed the heart of the message of the book. I was so glad that my daughter was busy and couldn't come to the theatre with me! I was quite shocked at some of the almost-nudity and sex scenes in this. And frankly, I'm disappointed to see so many Christians who think this somehow brings glory to God. It's one thing to say in a book it's quite another to show on the screen. So much of the objectionable parts could have been softened. For example, when Michael first goes up to Angel's room, she's standing there naked. There was absolutely no need for that. She could have been in something skimpy for that day that would have covered her. They used her hair as a covering, but there is an actual woman acting this scene, having to stand there like that in front of the cameras and crew, and now the audience. May the Lord reveal to her that, like Angel learned in the book, she is worth so much more than that. The other thing I felt was so disappointing and overdone was the sex scenes, complete with hip movements (to put it as softly as possible.) Lastly, in the book Michael talked to Angel about how she was worth so much more than how people had been treating her. He read to her from the Word. And talked to her about salvation and giving her life to the Lord. None of that was in the movie. They could have skipped on all the skin and faded the sex to black and included the important parts that would have kept this a meaningful Christian movie.

Angel did pray toward the end of the movie, but it sort of felt out of context because Michael hadn't said anything to her about the Lord, and growing up as she did, she obviously had no real model of what a Christian is. It just was sort of expected that we would think Michael had talked to her about Christ, I guess. But what a missed opportunity to show why she ought to change-because she's created in the image of the One and Only True God and He loved her enough to sacrifice Himself on a cross for her redemption. She did turn her life around, like in the book, but there wasn't really any Christian feel to it other than the big cross around her neck and the scene where she asks God to rescue her and tells the truth about Duke.

The cinematography was pretty - though because I grew up in Africa, and have been to CA, it was quite obvious to me that it was Africa and not California in the scenes. That's not a big deal. The costumes were lovely. The town set was well done.

I wanted to love this movie. Went in fully expecting to love it. Came away so sad and heartbroken for what has become "Christianity" in America. The book is something you could hand to an unsaved person and expect them to see the gospel Truth in it. The movie... I went with a friend and we were both cringing at some of the scenes. Not something that shines the light of the gospel, in my opinion. Not something I can in any good conscience tell others to watch.
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