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The charming case of the clumsy Cinderella
richard_sleboe5 March 2009
It's always great to see people having fun making movies. If cast and crew have a great time, they typically produce either of two kinds of movie. Most are ends in themselves, made only for the sake of the making. But some manage to share the fun, leaving the audience amused and inspired. This is a movie of the second kind. I promise you will walk out with a smile on your face. It's thoroughly enjoyable, all the way from the opening credits to the bloopers. The story revolves around a secretive author's much-anticipated mafia book, but the plot is really beside the point. It is merely the pretext for a parade of skits and sketches that are genuinely funny, well-timed, lovingly staged and set to a fool-proof rat pack soundtrack. Much is borrowed from the masters of the genre, screwball stars like Peter Sellers, Louis De Funès and Didi Hallervorden. But it's all done with wit and panache and style. Sebastian Niemann directs a charming cast, many with a stand-up comedy background. Lovely Nora Tschirner, stuck in the corner of a love triangle that involves her boss and a contract killer, will totally break your heart in the part of the clumsy Cinderella. She is also great acting drunk. Fine performance by Janek Rieke in his trademark part of the lovable loser - ever a good friend, never the groom. Guest appearance by the eminent Bud Spencer as a blind barfly. Too bad his friend the bishop never shows during the furious showdown shoot-out.
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Actually funny enough
blumdeluxe10 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling" tells the story of a paid killer who gets in trouble when he falls in love with a young, engaged lector that thinks of him as a famous investigative author.

The cast is more or less a who's who of German mediocre film, which isn't supposed to say that there are not gifted actors among them but you do begin to fear a bit, skipping through the cast. To put it first, the film is by no means very clever and barely carries a lot of message or depth. But I have to say that I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, that some of the exaggerated humor is really on point at that I wouldn't have minded another half an hour.

All in all you can probably say that this is a decent choice when you're looking for a humerous movie to spend a nice evening with. If you're going for more depth, this is not your choice but it also doesn't pretend to be.
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Don't quit your day/other job
kosmasp23 August 2010
Rick Kavanian a very well known comedian in Germany is charming in his role. But with this charm and of course because this is a light-hearted comedy, much of his menace never appear on screen. How are you supposed to believe he is what he claims he is? But then again, does he need to be menacing? Or is it just about having fun?

That's a question you have to answer for yourself. As it is, it's a fun little movie, that almost serves up every cliché in the book. Well done maybe and often times quite funny, still there is nothing new to be found here. And while quite a few things are far stretched, you still have a likable cast here (which as mentioned sometimes contradicts itself, but again that's in the eye of the beholder).
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Tries so much, succeeds so little
Horst_In_Translation24 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling" or "Killing Is My Business, Honey" is a German comedy movie from 7 years ago. The cast includes quite a few famous actors, at least here in Germany, and this does not only include Rick Kavanian and Nora Tschirner, who play the main characters. The most spectacular inclusions are surely Franco Nero (in a very small role) and Bud Spencer (in a slightly bigger role), two acting legends in their own right when it comes to Italian cinema. And even if the cast does not really include any really Italian actors, then there are many German actors playing Italians. The reason is that the entire movie is about organized crime and Mafia. But it is still a comedy, which poses a challenge to writer and director Sebastian Niemann that is almost impossible to master. Crime and comedy is a mix-up that is extremely difficult to succeed and it apparently needs a more gifted filmmaker than Niemann to make it work. By the way, I found the Erdinger promo in there really unfunny, repetitive and embarrassing. I wonder how much they paid for every ringtone we had to listen to.

And apart from the crime and comedy, there is also a fair share of romance in here. So it was definitely a great challenge, but the outcome is fairly disappointing. Kavanian brings nothing really to the role that exceeds the expected mediocrity and Tschirner, who I usually like, felt over the top on too many occasions. It was also a bit cringeworthy how they tried to include her usual goofiness and clumsiness, even if it did not fit the character at all. I cannot really blame them for the crime-related stuff as they decided to pick the safe route and not make this a violent or really aggressive movie in terms of depth when it comes to the mafia. But the negative deal breaker for the film is the failed attempt at comedy from start to finish. I was almost never laughing and it's not a short film by any means, almost makes it to 110 minutes. Sure it was nice to see Spencer, who I really love, but his character also offered nothing and it basically felt only included because they got him to play the part. All in all, as you know by now, I did not like this one. Thumbs down and I do not recommend checking it out. The only thing I liked here was the music (the songs) and of course this was not even an original aspect of the film.
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