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The tone this time out is primarily comic.
A polished, fast-moving, entertaining picture whose mainstream success will depend on audiences' tolerance of its tendency to become an abattoir of extreme carnage.
Boxoffice Magazine
Silly and not nearly scary enough, this does not rank as grade-A Romero, but the story unfolds efficiently and economically and it provides plenty of laughs.
While Survival of the Dead does its best to work up a decent allegorical bent -- this time involving territorial pissing matches within a country under siege -- its power is diffused (and frankly, confused) by its execution.
There are some memorable images, including the sight of a beautiful, horse-riding ''dead head.'' But for much of the movie, Van Sprang's zombie fatigue seems to be an echo of Romero's own.
There's little here that's new or interesting; the movie is for hard-core Romero devotees only.
Steeped in fan-pleasing gore but woefully thin on ideas, originality (beyond new zombie-offing methods) or directorial flair.
At long last, the Dead series may be ready for that final bullet between the eyes.
Village Voice
The inevitable all-you-can-eat orgy of zombies pulling stringy mouthfuls away from red, wet rib cages may satisfy gorehounds, but big set pieces showing how atrophied Romero's cutting and tactical framing have become is depressing to anyone who has valued his films for more than just splatter.
Orlando Sentinel
Survival of the Dead lacks the wit of "Zombieland," the polish and punch of last winter's "The Crazies," a remake of a Romero zombie picture from the '70s.

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