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Only the ice is nice
Horst_In_Translation18 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Admittedly, you have to say that "Erdbeereis mit Liebe" is not as bad as some other German romantic comedies these days, but this film from eight years ago still left me hoping for more. Frier (one of Germany's most talented comedians and somebody who I usually like) and the rest of the cast did a solid job, but could never make up for the script which could be described as mediocre at best. The story is cheesy and predictable and there's even some unrealistic behavior included and there are some actions from Frier's character (towards her mother and even more so her original boyfriend, played by Sosniok) which do not make her particularly likable. The dramatic sequences are pretty ridiculous as well, including the mother-daughter lost love parallel towards the end.

Director Oliver Dommenget is pretty experienced in terms of television movies. Jasmin Wagner has more acting talent than she was allowed to show us here. The ending is one of the biggest weaknesses of the film. It's really very schmaltzy and brings up all of the goo now that the film managed to avoid mostly for its slightly under 90 minutes. The best thing you will take from it is maybe the desire to travel to Italy or have a great ice-cream as these two factors were depicted nicely. Anyway, that's obviously not enough to recommend watching it unless you really wanna see everything Annette Frier has acted in.
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