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It wasn't that bad, why the hate?
BigMaxAttacks6 October 2011
I saw Green Lantern with my son because it looked safe enough and I used to collect the comic books when I was a kid. I felt like I was the only guy over 20 at the theater, which I guess isn't surprising anymore. Did think there would be more adults, however, because the Green Lantern was something we read in my generation. Not sure if it's even around anymore. Being a fan of the comic book I had to go see it, and I was intrigued with the movie. After I got home I jumped on the computer and read the reviews. I was very disappointed with the professional reviews that cast stones at it, while at the same time, regular folk like myself thought it was a pretty good stab at the DC comic book version. I guess I look for something different when I go to the movies. I go to unwind and enjoy myself for a couple of hours, and Green Lantern worked for me.
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The critics are way overreacting.
Loving_Silence18 June 2011
Now let me begin by saying this film is not an amazing film. It is definitely not an awful film, like most critics are saying. I think critics might have raised their expectations due to Thor and X-Men: First Class. They should not compare the Green Lantern with those films. It is ranked now 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is way too low. It would probably be in the high 60s, if it was released before Thor and X-Men: First Class.

The acting in the film is good and not terrible at all. Ryan Reynolds is great as Hal Jordan and extremely likable. He definitely fits the role as Hal Jordan really well. Blake Lively is great and extremely sexy, she's not just a pretty face as most are suggesting. Peter Sarsgaard is a great actor and he plays the villainous Hector Hemmond really well and interesting. Overall everyone tries their best and at the end of the day do a really great job, certainly no Oscar worthy performances, though.

The special effects are pretty superb and extremely worthwhile to say the least. Although it sometimes feel a little CGIish, but it doesn't get too big of a distraction. I have to say I was a little disappointed how Parallax looked like, it felt a little fake at times, but it is not horrible in any sense of the way. Also the film did not take itself seriously which is kind of refreshing. Which could be the reason why critics disliked it so much. They want another sad, personal and serious story. Unlike Thor and X-Men, The Green Lantern is more kids friendly.

The main problem of the film was that they were trying to cram stuff in from the comics and the personal lives of the other characters. It seems that there could be so many sequels for the other characters. It did kind of focus on too many characters. Also the editing gets to be a little distracting at times, they certainly needed to have done a better job, but the editing is mediocre at best.

Overall the Green Lantern was a fun summer flick. Although it is nowhere near the realm of The Dark Knight, it didn't need to be. The 3D was actually really good and the special effects were memorable. No doubt, the critics were extremely tough on the Green Lantern and it is unfair. At the end of the day, don't listen to the critics. Make up your mind and see this film. At the end of the day, it should be only your opinion that matters to you. You might agree with the critics or you might not. However don't skip this movie because of the low Rotten Tomatoes score.
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Movie could have been so much better
abecipriano20 June 2011
As someone who's followed Green Lantern a little bit of a decent amount (not big but fairly decent, for DC character), I liked some things about the movie; but I definitely say that it could have been made better, both for casual fans, non-GL fans or hard core ones.

Good points... 1. It stuck fairly consistently with the mythos of the origin and Planet OA; 2. Ryan Reynolds did decently as Hal Jordan (though he fits more with the Kyle Rayner/Guy Gardner type than Jordan) -- but I wish he was more serious; though non-GL fans couldn't care less about this; 3. Blake Lively was eye candy; super hot, but not much else; 4. Green Lanterns Tomar Re, Kilowog and Abin Sur were damn good but didn't have enough screen time to be significant; 5. Mark Strong's Sinestro was excellent! 6. Hector Hammond was well portrayed by Peter Saarsgard (though it lacked a proper finish) 7. Good supporting cast from Tim Robbins (Sen. Hammond) to Angela Bassett (Amanda Waller); 8. Green Lantern's costume was wicked; 9. Visual/CGI effects were pretty good

Bad Points... > It tried to fit too much into one movie, moving back and forth from Earth and outer space/OA, thus there was no proper flow... (like when there was a build up of momentum, things go slow or boring; or from serious to funny without proper pacing); too many stories were crammed into one movie > Humor was misplaced at times (good peg is Thor which had it in the flow rather than contrived/forced) > Parallax looked comical; scary at times but only a couple of times > Like Iron Man 2, I wish the fight scenes were so much more; they spent too much on the set-up that the fights were short and could have been so much more and elaborate. > Some scenes and even some characters were not necessary (Hal's best friend, even some scenes with Blake's Carol Ferris were not needed); they should have added more action instead

Summary, visual effects, actors, GL base story good. But the way the writers and director put things together were a mixture of various plots and subplots crazy glued into one movie for pure entertainment. Kids will enjoy it, but adults likely will not. This is a summer of superheroes, with 3 down and one more to go (well, technically 5 with Transformers if you're thinking comic book stories), so it's quite impossible not to compare them to each other.

The director is known to direct good flicks like Goldeneye and Casino Royale (two good movies), but I wish he did more; studied more, had split up more stories to be more single- minded and not work on a cluttered material.
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" There is a great power which fears only the Power of my Ring "
thinker169120 December 2012
In 1938, comic Imigination arrived at Dectective Comics with the Introducted of the Dark Knight also called The Batman. Before long a plethora of others soon followed, among them was the mysterious " Green Lantern. " Hal Jordan AKA Green Lantern are both played by Ryan Reynold. The story reaches back to the 20th century and the space age. Here we find our hero and his special selection by a celestial being who reaches into his chosen's human heart to learn that he possesses true Courage and no fear. That, then is the primary ingredient for his selection and the gist of the legend. Once you enter the myth of the Green Lantern, you also enter the vast din of the Universe and it's mystical powers, where beings from other planets are collected to fight their Nemesis, . . . Fear. This film does it's best to take our Hero and the audience to their world and the battlefield of the Universe. It's a fabulous journey and one which is responsible for the enjoyment of the cinema, A great slice of DC comics transformed into the stuff of imagination and the world of Entertainment. Recommended to all. ****
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It's Not Easy Being Green.....
Fields20119 June 2011
I went to see Green Lantern because a friend of mine was boycotting DC for such a long time because there has been no release of a Green Lantern movie. Sure, there were plenty reincarnations of Batman and Superman, but where's Green Lantern? Someone out there listened to his plea, and the result is this.....

A mess.

I will go on record to say that it's at least enjoyable. Even though the movie seems to be everywhere in its storytelling, with characters being underdeveloped and random things just happening. I would say that during this movie, I had a hard time finding a bathroom break. I was at least interested to see where the movie is going.

Let me try to explain this movie: There is this elite group of Green Lanterns led by Sinestro (well played by Mark Strong) who are having a hard time beating this giant alien in the Milky Way called The Parallax. So when their alien friend who's name I cannot remember falls to earth and dies, his ring is sent out to choose a new victim, and somehow it chooses Ryan Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds discovers that he has a new ability, and that he is the earth's only hope, but he can't handle that until the end of the movie. Not only that, but some doctor guy turns into an evil alien which, I guess, is controlled by Parallax, and Ryan has to stop him too.

I must say that I was intrigued by the doctor subplot where he is not accepted by his father (Tim Robbins) and slowly goes insane until he turns into John Travolta from Battlefield: Earth. I also liked seeing Ryan Reynolds in the movie because he brings energy to what could otherwise be a boring movie, and I was enjoying both stories that were coming along. The problem is that the whole movie felt disjointed, and not only did scenes felt random, but events turn random too.

Like the scene where Reynolds is chosen by the ring. It just happens out of nowhere. One minute he's talking to this kid (which never served much purpose to the film) and then all of a sudden he's walking and gets carried away in green light to that dying alien dude. This happened in more than one occasion. Also the CGI was all over the place, even on Reynold's outfit, and it's rather distracting. It's very vibrant and colorful (which is good), but it looked very cartoonish and took me out of the film. I also mentioned that the characters are underdeveloped, which goes a lot to Sinestro and that Parallax thing they are trying to fight. Heck, even the love interest felt underdeveloped. By the end of the film, I felt like I barely knew the characters, with just a likable performance by Ryan Reynolds.

However, Green Lantern isn't boring, just purely average. I think the reason why I sort of liked this film was that I went into it not expecting much. I already had groups of people telling me that this film is awful before its release, so I ended up getting a little more than I expected. Just a little. It was still entertaining, to say the least.
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A True Green Lantern Fan with More Than a High School Education!
revanformvii21 June 2011
I just have to do it, I just have to correct all the haters out there...

No summary, no spoilers, just points on what makes a movie.

Storyline: 8/10 Was it award winning? No, but what super hero movie is? The becoming a Green Lantern of Hal Jordan follows the original comics perfectly. If you know the comics, you know the beginning. If you never read them, then you learn a lot real fast. The story introduces only characters necessary to the plot and nothing more. Hal, Carol, Senestro, Parallax, the Guardians, Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog. They easily could have introduced way too many guardians, way too fast, but they didn't. Parallax's origins are changed a little but it works out for the better, remember not everything that works in a book works on screen. All in all, storyline was good, it kept a good pace. Always remember it is an origins story so the 2 hours isn't completely filled with action but neither Casee nor I got bored.

Acting: 8/10 No Ryan R. did not screw up Hal Jordan. Alright, I'll admit Hal may not be as witty as Ryan played him but Hal was sure as hell a smart ace in the comics. I thought it fit. I went in thinking, "This is going to be great, or really going to suck." Luckily, casting was very well done. Carol: Blake did a fine job. I do agree with another review that said they wished someone a little more intellectual/mature would play Carol, but in the long scheme of things, Blake didn't get a terrible amount of screen time to prove herself. Maybe as Star Sapphire she may pull out. Lantern Corp: Sinestro 10/10 Tomar-Re: 10/10 Kilowog: 10/10 Abin Sur: 10/10 I can't say much else besides that these characters lived up to the comics perfectly. I loved them all.

Graphics/CGI: 8/10 Why 8? Eh, there were a few, just a few I tell you, parts where the graphics pulled the cartoon look of Spiderman 3. PLEASE! don't be afraid by this, all in all the graphics were awesome. Oa was beautiful, just a couple notches below Asgard in Thor. Green Lantern Ring effects were great, all around solid.

Costumes/sets: 9/10 First, short and sweet. Live action sets: average. Skylines just like any other city, Ferris Airforce Base: good enough. Nothing spectacular but it wasn't the center of the movie. Costumes: STOP HATING ON THE CGI COSTUMES!!!!!!! Even the the comics the suits were made from energy and that is what the movie did. A powerful ring of willpower isn't going to POOF put anyone in spandex or rubber armor. The mask appears when the identity of a Lantern needs to be protected and eye color changes as well. PERFECT to me.

Length: 7/10 Although, as I said before there were a few slow parts, I would have liked to see the movie for a few minutes longer. Towards the end, yes, a little rushed but it didn't ruin the whole movie. 10-15 minutes longer to put it just at the 2 hour mark would have been perfect for an origins story to me. Took off a couple points here.

Overall: 8/10 By all means it is not as bad as Catwoman or Daredevil as some are writing. Those who make that comment are probably the ones who think Transformers is somehow an epic movie. Anyways, it is a good solid super hero movie. Maybe, not one of the greats like Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Thor, but still a great movie that wouldn't be bad to take the mature enough younger kids. Parallax is a little scary and there are a few curse words, but by all means, this is not a racy film.

Remember: Stay after the credits...
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A Likable Comic Book Movie
ladymidath26 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I know a lot of people didn't like Green Lantern but I don't know why. It was a fun movie with a good solid lead in Ryan Reynolds. It was not as dark as The Dark Knight or V For Vendetta but that is not the nature of Green Lantern. The special effects were good and the casting was fine. Tim Robbins was well cast as Hammond as was Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. Kudos to Mark Strong as Sinestro. I do hope they do a sequel with him as Sinestro was one of my favourite villains. All up it was a solid film and one I enjoyed immensely. Pity some people were disappointed but to be honest, I don't know what they were expecting as the film stayed reasonably true to the character and the tone of the comic books.
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Decent flick. Not half as bad as some of the critics have been making it out.
karl-oneill17 June 2011
A decent comic book adaptation of the DC comic book character Green Lantern.

It's certainly not as bad as some critics have made it out to be.

It's fun, the action sequences are flashy and exciting. The acting is all top notch and the humor is done really well.

Green Lantern is unpretentious, probably even one of the most unpretentious superhero movies ever made. It embraces its inherent goofiness and excludes much of the angst and over-seriousness that we seen in other comic book movies like Batman and Spiderman.

The after-credits scene is awesome. A real fan pleaser and hopefully they will make a sequel.
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The Green Cheese
TourettesPersonal19 June 2011
We are getting decent and compelling superhero movies these days, which is a great thing that happened to the genre. Now "Green Lantern" is one of those films that also needs to be powerful, but it ends up being a generic cheesy cinema. "Green Lantern" is not perfectly horrible or the worst superhero movie ever but it's just too much exposition and a whole lot of green cheese.

"Green Lantern" has a great concept. Just like the other superhero films, the storytelling also needs to be compelling. Unfortunately, the film gets lazy to tell the story so they just threw a lot of narration and even the ones that are not quite necessary to narrate. The action is not very amazing. it's just showing us how eye-candy the effects are.

At least the movie is loyal to its corniness. Hal Jordan's wacky imagination and the aliens' zany looking faces. The CGI is pretty. The performances were entertaining enough. Ryan Reynolds is doing his same old thing. Mark Strong didn't appear so much (which is disappointing) but still he's awesome.

It's disappointing because they're making the interesting villains into uninteresting. Example, Parallax should be terrifying and menacing. Instead he's a scrambled egg who eats fear. Not really terrifying nor menacing. Peter Sarsgaard's mad scientist performance was pretty good but the only thing he did in this film is crying in agony and use his telekinesis powers in a lame way.

"Green Lantern" just wanted to show its beautiful visuals. It's not a very bad thing but the filmmakers doesn't take its storytelling so seriously. It can be entertaining for some reason but it can also be forgettable. It's good to see it in the big screen for the visuals but you don't want to see it again after that. This might be the weakest superhero movie of the year. Even "The Green Hornet" is better than this. "Thor" might be the best superhero film of 2011 so far in my opinion because even though the action isn't great, at least there is a compelling storytelling. The sad thing is, both the action and the storytelling are not compelling in "Green Lantern".

3D? Very dark!
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Terrible Script, Good Characters- Verdict: FIRE THE SCRIPT WRITERS!
teslacoil_891 July 2011
For a comic book movie, Green Lantern had the potential to be great. If the writers of the movie even watched the animated movie First Flight, they would've been able to come up with a better script than what they did. I think the cast did the best that they could with the corny lines and terrible writing.

Ryan Reynolds was believable as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively was exceptional in her role (which primarily involved looking pretty which she is good at) and Mark Strong as Sinestro was flawless. Though I thoroughly disliked what the writers did to this movie, I do hope the GL series isn't written off. There is still enough in the story of Green Lantern for a sequel, but for the love of Oa the old script writers need to go and a brand new team needs to bring something to the table. Mark Strong is an acting powerhouse and as we have seen in the Dark Knight, it is the villain and not the hero that makes an exceptional comic book movie! Sinestro has to do for GL what the Joker did for Batman! Thats my 2 cents
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Not another green movie...
Chalice_Of_Evil11 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Another in a long line of comic book films released this year, Green Lantern unfortunately doesn't compare to Thor, X-Men: First Class or Captain America. Had I seen Green Lantern *before* seeing those other three films, perhaps I wouldn't be as critical of it. But those previous movies set a high standard that this latest comic book movie doesn't quite reach. I feel a large part of why GL isn't as successful as the films before it is the pace and editing. A film about aliens, space police and a ring that can transform thought into reality should all come together to make one hell of an interesting film, but somehow the movie suffers from a seemingly sluggish pace in the beginning (thanks to a rather snore-worthy voice-over, explaining things that we need to know) before anything really interesting happens. Starting movies with prologues/exposition *can* be interesting, but this one manages to make everything that *should* be interesting somehow dull. It's actually very disappointing, given that director Martin Campbell was behind two of the best Bond movies ever (Goldeneye and Casino Royale). Those films never had a dull moment in them, whereas GL seems to have too many.

I'm one who hadn't known the first thing about Green Lantern - having never read the comics - before seeing this movie. Having heard the name a while back, I figured it was just some dude who liked the colour green and walked around with an old-timey lantern. Luckily, it's a bit more interesting than that. It actually involves a ring and a human, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), who the ring chooses to join an intergalactic military/police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. Turns out I wasn't entirely wrong, as there is indeed a lantern involved, but thankfully it's not old-timey and he doesn't just carry it around with him wherever he goes. Though he does swear an oath to it - one of the lighter moments in the film.

Reynolds wasn't apparently many people's ideal actor to play Hal, but I think he serves the role of the jet-fighter-test-pilot-turned-universe-protector well. Yes, he does play a bit of a jerk and he does have some funny lines, but he's also believable in the more serious moments. When he recites the oath for the second time, you know he's grown as a character. Reynolds is convincing in his portrayal of Hal's flaws as a person, and by the end you're on his side.

The lovely and very aptly named Blake Lively is a breath of fresh air, livening things up and injecting some much-needed energy into the otherwise kinda dull proceedings. As Carol Ferris, she's not only a fellow pilot with Hal, but also someone with whom Hal has a history. Not just another ordinary/boring love interest, she's able to stand up to Hal, not take his crap and can handle herself admirably. Best of all, though? She's no idiot. Most awesomely, Hal's lame Superman-in-glasses-like attempt to cover up his identity with nothing more than a small green mask doesn't work on Carol. As she says, she's known him her whole life and not being able to see his cheek bones isn't going to fool her. She immediately recognises it's him. Other superheroes' love interests would do well to learn from Carol (take note, Lois Lane!). The scene where he tries out his best Batman voice on her (after having earlier rescued her in public from a crashing helicopter by creating a race track for it to land on) is one of the best in the entire film. Carol's reactions to seeing through Hal's mask are really quite good/amusing. It's one of the more unique things about the film - where most tend to have the 'love interest' remain in the dark or look stupid for not having figured out things early on.

I liked how Carol wasn't just giving Hal crap nonstop, but also encouraged him/saved him. Lively and Reynolds have decent chemistry and share some good moments together. Though the rest/supporting characters, both human & alien, are all rather average. This lack of character development lets the film down.

It also doesn't help that the villain/s of the film are among some of the most non-scary & laugh-worthy villains ever to appear in comic book films (up there with Green Goblin). Parallax is nothing more than a big angry dust cloud that zaps people with yellow. You know you're in trouble when this is the 'Big Bad' of the movie. The film's 'Little Bad' is hair-sniffer, Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), who becomes infected by Parallax and gains telepathic/telekinetic abilities as a result...but also (literally) gets a big head - doesn't really seem like a fair trade-off. Our fat-headed villain is gross to look at, but other than that, he's not particularly effective. He's just another poor sod with daddy issues and bad luck. He shares minimal dialogue with Hal and Carol, and yet we're supposed to buy them as people who know each other well. The only real tense moment I felt involving them was was when Hector's threatening to make Carol like him - something no SANE person would want to see happen.

What I felt really let the film down was the pacing. Things seem to be shown to us in a strange order a lot of the time, and it just feels 'off'. I will say that the movie did allow for some interesting uses of CGI - the constructs Hal forms with his mind/the ring are pretty exciting & creative. The flying was also good. And it makes sense his costume looks the way it does, since it's created out of energy.

This isn't a bad film as such, it just isn't all that it could have been. Still, here's hoping that a sequel improves on it. Despite all the flaws, I do wish to see Hal Jordan and Carrol Ferris again. Until then, go green!
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"In Brightest Day..."
XweAponX27 June 2011
I have the Green Lantern Comics (Numbers 49-51 circa 1993) where Hal Jordan goes crazy and smashes the main power battery on OA, and gives up his GL status to a new Green Lantern. But Hal Jordan has always been Green Lantern to me, even with other people putting the ring on over the years.

This film accounts the story of how Hal Jordan was chosen by the ring, as the dying Abin Sur sends out the ring to find a successor. Not to get into too much of a spoiler here, so I won't say how that happens in the film, which is slightly different than the original "Origin or Green Lantern" stories I have read when I was a kid, suffice it to say, the people who made this film had 5 decades of Green Lantern stories to get into a 2 hour film. And they did it good.

I saw this in 3D and it was adequate 3D, the look of Green Lantern was sort of a blend of all the different changes in costume he had over the years. Ryan Reynolds was a very good Hal Jordan, and Blake Lively a very very good Carol Ferris. A lot of the characters from the comics are in this, there is a "Pieface" but he is not Asian, there is an appearance by Sinestro who in this film is the head of the Green Lantern Corps, which includes veteran Green Lantern Tomar-Re voiced by Geoffery Rush, and Micheal Clark Duncan voicing Kilowog, all much loved GL characters, and the appearance of the Green Lantern Corps was a very good idea.

The Guardians of OA looked much like they looked in the comics, they named none of the Guardian Actors save Warren Burton and Salome Jens (who was the main Shape-Shifter in Star Trek: Deep Space 9), the rest of them are, well they are just Guardians. the evil entity Parallax was voiced by one of my favourite actors, Clancy Brown.

As far as Production, some great names popped out during the credits: James Newton Howard did a very good score, on par with his King Kong score, and the whole production was designed by another who worked on King Kong: Oscar winner Grant Major who had that same job in Lord of the Rings trilogy - And the costumes were done by another Lord of the Rings veteran, Ngila Dickson, another Oscar winner.

As far as the director, I had never heard of Martin Campbell except for Casino Royale and Vertical Limit, but one name did pop out: Stuart Baird, a veteran Editor, who has edited some great films all the way back to the Donner version of Superman II, Gorillas in the Mist, and of course he directed Star Trek: Nemesis which I rather liked.

Green Lantern being one of my favourite comic books when I was a kid, I was very gratified to see this film- They really did not take very many liberties with the stories which they cultivated to make this film, so I give it a 10 - Mostly because I can care less what anyone's lame gripes about this film are, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was done very well.
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Introduces Character
nogodnomasters27 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts with a CG background science fiction origins of Green Lantern. The power of the Green Lantern is given to those who do not know fear. Parallax is introduced as the evil force which is "fear." As a Green Lantern lays crashed he releases his Green Lantern ring (force) to someone who doesn't know the meaning of the word "fear." Clearly that is Hal Jordon (Ryan Reynolds) who thinks he is Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" as he defeats 2 High tech pilot-less air craft by using a maneuver from Ironman.

The movie spends a lot of time building background and lays the foundation for a multiple sequels. This is mostly an introduction of the character.

While the Green Lantern is flying around impressing his former gf, mad scientist and son of a senator, Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) has been experimenting by injecting himself with microbes, which happen to be alien, creating the super villain for our super hero. They spent a ton of money on special effects. The ring may never make a mistake, but the casting director did. They should have gone the extra expense to get some real box office stars. Ryan Reynolds didn't hack it.

No sex, no nudity, and no F-bombs. Good for kids.
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Lazy Writing, Directing and Action Make This One to Avoid
gavynhelfyre26 June 2011
Back in 1977 when George Lucas told a story in the frame of Joseph Campbells Heroes Journey, it was unique. When Sam Raimi told a super hero story with the same structure in 2002, there was still plenty it added a new filter. And, when Jon Favreau did it again in 2008, he added enough unique touches to the tale to reinvigorate what was becoming a tired formula.

The writers of Green Lantern felt it was enough to skim cliffnotes of Campbell and write the film based on their notes of the reading and half remembered recollections of reading comic books when they were 12. There is nothing new in this film. A man is given a magic ring which takes him out of the world of the ordinary and makes him a hero. We don't grow to care about him because he doesn't grow or change... he simply goes through the motions because the script tells him to.

Ryan Reynolds tries his best with a weak and contrived script, but he still comes off too snarky to be the overconfident jet pilot he's supposed to be. It's not all his fault, as the script is much more content to tell us what the cast is feeling or thinking instead of letting the actors convey it through their actions, inflections or looks. It is as if the writers had no faith in their cast or direction, let alone their audience, and dumbed the entire affair down below even the cartoon portrayals of the character.

The visuals are nice, but never have weight, leading to the effect that Ryan Reynolds head if occasionally floating through a video game. It's sad to think it's been six years since Gollum, and this is the best Warner Brothers can offer us in a tent pole film. It's also a shame to think this is the best they could do with only 37 million dollars less than Avatar. Again, it just shows that the production staff was lazy, never pushing it to look better, and instead setting for the "they'll think it looks cool" effect.

We should demand better from comic book films. After having Dark Knight and Iron Man in a single year, we should not be subjected to subpar outings like this. Fun is one thing, mind numbingly dumb and lazy is another.

Skip this in the theater. Wait for it to come to NetFlix and then forget to put it in your cue. You'll thank me.
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My thoughts on the movie.
insangpa8717 June 2011
After using IMDb for about 10 years this is my first time writing a review so here goes.

I am a big fan of DC Comics and Green Lantern is definitely one of my favorites as I even own quite a volume of comics of him. I wasn't really looking forward to this movie since every time I do I always got let down. My first thought after hearing Parallax being in the movie I was wondering if they would do it like in the comics. But that didn't make sense because this is only the first movie and the studio would make it as an origin movie not something else. The whole thing seemed a little tad slow and I think they tried to do character developments and get the story going but even for a fan I kind of found it hard to follow. It wasn't engaging enough I suppose. There were some action scenes but that also didn't really live up to expectations. I thought they had the right director and actors for this movie but something was missing from the comics.

If they ever make a sequel to this movie I do hope they hire someone from DC to write a script and have the sort of impact Iron Man did back in 2008. I do have a feeling this is going to be another Superman Returns though.
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Green Lantern: The Average Joe of the Superhero Movies
Mrohnoes22 June 2011
They say that if you've seen one superhero movie, you've seen them all. That's not entirely true, but if every superhero movie were like Green Lantern, then it would be true. Green Lantern is your typical superhero movie, so if you've seen quite a few superhero movies (like I have), you'll know what's ahead. This is the problem with Green Lantern, it's too predictable and does nothing new to make it stand out from the crowd. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, but it's not a good thing either. There are 3 good things in this movie. One, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond is delightfully hammy and fun to watch. Two, the SFX are cool and what they do with the Green Lantern ring is also cool, and Parallax's design suits its evilness. Third, the fight between Hal and Parallax is the best scene in the movie. Other than those things, it's average. If you've never seen a superhero movie and/or are a Green Lantern fan, this movie is worth seeing. Everyone else should see X-Men: First Class.
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true to comics
adidas65622 June 2011
First, I see that this movie has been getting negative reviews. However, it is the first superhero movie of its type. As an avid green lantern fan, I have to say that it does exactly what it should do, set-up the character.

I would not have chosen this particular plot line as the basis for the first movie. I would have gone with an approach more like the DC animated cartoon, Green Lantern First Flight. That would have appealed to a much wider audience.

However, I can assure you, that if they make sequels, this is a good starting point. Give the movie a chance, see if you like the character, I guarantee you, Hal Jordan's stories only get better from here. Case in point, Geoff Johns has won numerous awards for the comic book series Green Lantern.

Anyway, my opinion, see the movie, then watch Green Lantern First Flight. You will appreciate the movie much more that way.

As a side note, Green Lantern Emerald Knights, is not really important to the general concept. It is more just background information on a few of the other lanterns, and the only important segment, you get the full story in Green Lantern First Flight.
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The critics are talking s*** (Spoiler Alert)
michael-892-5268225 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Green Lantern is a great film it so didn't deserve the critical thrashing that it got I loved it not the best film of the year but non the less great. The performances were OK Mark Strong as Sinestro was a fantastic as ever his performance reminded me of his performance in Sherlock Holmes as Lord Blackwood which is a great thing Ryan Renyolds did better than expected as Hal Jordan but Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond was down right awful whenever he was on screen it detracted from the experience and which is why I can't give this film any more than 8/10 i'm just glad he dies so he cant be in the next one. Oh and by the way if you stay after the film has finished there is an extra bit which strongly hints towards a sequel so watch out for that.
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Underrated Comic Flick That Deserves More Praise
SciFiSheriff30 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Comic book adaptations are quickly becoming one of the most popular movie genres of the modern era. With high speed action, a good story and some great acting, who could blame it. however there is one film that is constantly battered by fans and movie goers alike.

Yes, this is my review of Green Lantern.

(Note; I do not believe in Millions of years, so i'm just going to leave it out of this review. I ignore usually these kind of references)

The plot goes like this;

Somewhere in the universe, a mighty force of nature called Parallax, who feeds on the fear of the universe, escapes custody by a green lantern warrior known as Abin Sur. Parallax fatally wounds Abin but he narrowly escapes instant death in an escape pod. He contacts the rest of the green lanterns and tells them who he encountered and that he will die. His pod lands on earth and at the brink of death he is met by a man who was brought there by his power ring. He passes on the ring to the man, Hal Jordan, and tells him to speak the oath. He does, and becomes one of the green lanterns. It eventually falls on him to save the universe from Parallax and defeat him once and for all.

While this movie doesn't live up to the standards of "Captain America- The First Avenger" or the Nolan Batman Trilogy, this film is still quite enjoyable.

I'll admit, the acting wasn't that great. There was no real character that stood out for me as being well acted but it was still watchable. As for the characters themselves, they were quite interesting. Although the human characters were interesting to an extent, It's the green lanterns that stole the show. Their is one scene were all the green lanterns are having a conference of some sort. There are so many green lanterns that sometimes all you see is green. Each one looks different and unique; I actually pause at this part to see what other strange beings i missed inn the first viewing. Props to the designers for creating some brilliant looking creatures.

The story isn't to special, but it is interesting. It's nothing more than the normal super-hero origin story, with a couple of unorthodox plot lines. The movie's ending tells you that there is another movie coming. I won't spoil, But green Lantern fans will like it, If they didn't like the movie itself.

The villain, I thought, is what brings the film down a notch. Halfway through the film a scientist gets infected by the power source of Parallax, corrupting him into a monstrous creature that can control objects with his eyes. I wasn't too fond of the guy. His motives for his actions were uninteresting making some of the "intence" scenes a little tedious, but this is a minor fault.Parallax is more impressive. There are some scenes were he is tearing through the city eating everything in his path. However, like the other guy (Who's name escapes me), Parallax lacks motive for what he does other than the fact he needs fear to become more powerful.

One of the most interesting things about the green lanterns is the power to make thought reality. For example, you can think of a massive artillery gun and it would appear right beside you. This is an interesting concept and is far more diverse to other superheros. Although there are plenty of scenes of this power, I thought it was under used; Sometimes all they did was fire balls of green energy at their enemies which I thought was a waste.

Don't let that put you off though. There are some impressive action scenes to sink your teeth into. The battle at the end with Parallax is definitely worth seeing. It didn't have as much action as i thought it would have or would have liked but it still was satisfying.

All in all, a great summer action flick. Not everyone's cup of tea but if you just like watching movies and are willing to bypass mistakes, this is the film for you. With over use of CGI ad badly created villains, it wasn't the best way to start a franchise but it is still enjoyable none the less.
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A World Of Overreaction
Jimmyboyjr45 October 2011
While I admit this movie had it's flaws, I do strongly believe this movie has been vastly underrated by the public. Unfortunately Green Lantern came at a time when comic inspired novels have been done almost to death. While most done quite brilliantly (most being the operative word here) Green Lantern I believe did not live up to the expectations we now have of comic adaptations.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan was a great choice for the role of The Green Lantern, the character arc while helping you to understand the character of Hal Jordan was sufficient I do believe they could of well exceeded what they did.

For a story as immense as the Green Lantern I believe that the close to two hours was to short to completely describe and help understand the Green Lantern universe. The length I believe to be the biggest drawback in this movie. In my opinion the movie should of been closer to the length of The Watchmen to completely illustrate the complexity and brilliance that the Green Lantern universe really is.

For me, I believed the hype going into this movie, I had a completely closed mind and fully expected this movie to be as one critic described it "Green Lantern, The worst comic book movie ever made". Honestly I have to say that I'm glad that I read that review before viewing this movie as it made it all that sweeter when the movie went beyond all I thought it would be and greatly impressed me.

I'm sorry that this movie was received so badly because the chances of seeing a sequel have dropped and in a universe where anything is possible I think we will miss out on all that the Green Lantern franchise could be.
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Green Lantern was GREAT!!!!!!
mvickk518 June 2011
I do not understand the various bad reviews on rotten tomato. I took my family and they all loved it and so did everyone else in the theater ( a loud applause confirmed that at the end of the movie). Filled with much more action than the great X-men First Class, I felt that Green Lantern delivered in a great way. Not to mention, this is one film that actually works great in 3D. Personally i loved the film and hope that people will start to go to the movies without checking various reviews before hand. If you like Ryan Reynolds, or if your a die hard Green Lantern (Geoff Johns) reader like myself, you will love this movie. I gave it a 9/10. Very entertaining, not over the top, easy to follow, great special effects and the usual occasional humor from Ryan Reynolds. Defiantly a great summer film. Critics are way to harsh on this film. Trust me give it a chance. According to rotten tomato, Mr. Poppers Penguins is worth going to see over Green Lantern. Give me a break lol come on!!! Take your family to a great summer action film. Do yourself a favor and go see Green Lantern.
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Well, I loved it.
pooingfish18 July 2011
This film is a highly underrated masterpiece, fast paced, fun and true to the comic. The cast is almost right, though they should have used somebody more serious for the lead than Ryan Reynolds, Sam Worthington perhaps. Blake Lively makes a sexy helpless heroine and Peter Sarsgaard does a fine job as a creepy bad guy, albeit one covered in makeup. All in all this deserves to be up there with Superman II, Dark Knight and the first two Spidermans. I really do hope they'll ignore the critics and box office revenue to make a second one, as I feel one of the reasons its flopped is because many people who have watched it had never read the comic beforehand, meaning it was harder to pick up some parts of the plot.
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The critics are plain WRONG.
powerrbill5 July 2011
This file premiered about 2 weeks ago and I couldn't go for scheduling reasons.

Then, I put it off because the reviews were so bad. I chatted with co-workers, some who were hopeful and others who were dissuaded because of the bad reviews.

My boyfriend and I discussed going to see it last week, but he's not as into superhero movies as I am and since the reviews were bad, we decided to wait till it came out on video.


Luckily, he went out of town on business and I went after work tonight. I am so, so, so happy I did.


Is Ryan Reynolds miscast? Yes, but it doesn't matter: he does a fine job. But it's the villains that you need to see this movie for: Peter Saarsgard's performance is chilling, repulsive, scary and totally amazing. And that CGI baddie named Paralax is just as scary....but he's massive and he does a serious number on whatever city he was attacking.

The off-Earth scenes are great, the CGI/effects are very good. And the characters like Kilowog and Sinestro are well-done.

Bottom line: if you're like me and you were letting the critics drive your decision to see this film...DON'T LET THEM. It's much better than they're giving it credit for. It's better than Thor and it's better than First Class.

Looking forward to Captain America!!!!
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What A Nice Surprise
stormhappy1063 January 2015
I avoided this film for for a long time because I thought that many didn't like it(a la Daredevil)but was I wrong to avoid it! I loved this movie and have now seen it many times.

I barely remember reading Green Lantern as a kid, but who cares, this was a fun, exciting and impressive movie.

Ryan Reynolds was perfect as Hal Jordan, and everyone else was fine also.

Special Effects were top-notch.

The film still made an impressive $116 million domestically, which shows that many people ignored the ignorant critics.

Parallax was a superb creation.

I intend to see this film many more times in the future.
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I don't get all the fuss.
grenosblackos4 October 2011
I saw this movie yesterday, and i'll admit i expected more, but what CAN you expect from a superhero movie?. The special effects were great, but where one of the reasons why it flopped.300 million for a budget is just too much. Also, for once the girl actually noticed who green lantern's secret identity was, not like other superhero movies. Owa was great, Peter skasgaard was good, and scary, John hurt was mind-blowingly good as always, as for Ryan Reynolds, he doesn't make a bad GL. Sorry, this is a short review, and my first, so sorry. But since this IMDb restriction of 10 lines is just annoying, i will continue. Martin Campbell good have done a better job on this, for sure,(look at casino Royal and this, and i think you will get my point), but i think he did just fine. Oh, the plot was better than the average GL comic (i read some really awful ones). 10 lines yet? I guess not...
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