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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action

Sex & Nudity

  • Several scenes where the male main character wears only tight fitting underwear. No nudity whatsoever is shown.
  • The main character is in bed with a women. You will see small part of her naked figure but not displaying any private parts.
  • A male and female character have drinks in a bar, and make reference to the first night they "flew" together. Although they are both pilots, they are clearly inferring the discussion is about the first night they slept together. Mild, but unmistakable innuendo.

Violence & Gore

  • Three astronauts plunge down a shaft to a very hard landing, after which their souls are consumed by Parallax. Parallax battles Abin Sur, inflicting a mortal, oozing, purplish wound in his shoulder. Sur crash lands on Earth.
  • Hal crashes a jet (from which he ejects before it hits the ground and explodes). In a flashback, we see him as a young boy running to his father, whose plane has crashed on the runway. The plane blows up before Hal can reach his father.
  • While performing his postmortem on Abin Sur, Hector is infected by a bit of yellow matter from Parallax. That results in his head growing to massive, grotesque proportions. He gains superpowers from that substance, including mind-reading and telekinesis. And he uses the latter to hurl various people around. Hector also causes a helicopter carrying his father to crash at a public event. And he threatens to inject Carol with the same corrupting matter that's infected him. He telekinetically shoves a hypodermic into the skull of a doctor, hurls a female scientist brutally into a glass wall and uses flame-throwing incinerators to trap and murder his father. A fierce battle with Hal ensues.
  • Hal is viciously assaulted by three men in a parking lot, and he takes quite a beating before unwittingly unleashing Green Lantern power that hurls his assailants across the lot. His Green Lantern training involves punishing hand-to-hand combat against a huge troll-like mentor. And Hal's final battle with Parallax includes mountains of comic book mayhemsome of it of the mortal variety as the evil being continues to suck the souls out of several unfortunate fleeing victims.
  • We hear that all the inhabitants of two planets have been killed by Parallax


  • 3 uses of bitch 2 paired with son of a 2 uses of shit 1 paired with bull
  • 2 uses of "asshole," 2 uses of "son-of-a-bitch," 1 use of "bullshit," 1 use of "bastard," 1 use of "bitch," 1 use of "god," 1 use of "shit.", and 2 uses of "goddamn."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mild drinking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The villain Hector is very scary when he is transforming into a monster and the scenes when he scream are very scary for young children.
  • Kilowog is kicked in the groin by Green Lantern, this comes as a frightening surprise and is very intense.
  • The main villain, Parallax, looks very frightening and nightmarish as well. He looks like a dark skull with glowing eyes, sharp teeth and tentacles. He sucks the life force out of many aliens and humans during the film. The "force" escaping the victims looks like a glowing golden skeleton, leaving behind charred and mangled remains. He attacks a human city, causing a mass panic with people dying before Green Lantern arrives to fight the menace. The victims die in agony

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