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Season 1

2 Oct. 2006
Invisible Number 9
The Pumpkin Scissors unit gets unexpected help to deal with a dangerous renegade squad.
9 Oct. 2006
War Relief Unit
Randal officially becomes a member of the team, and Alice confronts a Viscount accused of abusing his people.
16 Oct. 2006
For That Is a Precious Thing
Alice must convince a group of villagers to work in the reconstruction of a tunnel, but they have their own reasons to not trust the government.
23 Oct. 2006
The Cracking Portrait
Machs starts to become suspicious of Randal, and decides to investigate his past.
30 Oct. 2006
The Frivolous Men
While Randel is still hospitalized, Martis and Oreldo team up to dig further about him.
6 Nov. 2006
Fruitful Times
Randel discovers an abandoned baby and Alice decides to search for his mother.
The Manipulators and the Manipulated
While Alice takes the day off to meet her fiance, the rest of the team is sent in a search for missing supplies.
Episode #1.8
Alice and company race against time to make an important delivery in a snowy and hostile wilderness.
Episode #1.9
Oreldo helps a beautiful and hopeless woman to come to terms with her past.
Pumpkins & Scissors
Stecchin reveals to Randel how the Section III was created, and the reason for its bizarre name.
The Quiet Quickening
Alice is kidnapped by a group who wants her help to expose an important manuscript revealing the military's darkest secrets.
Unseen Pain
Alice's captors release her after she agrees to cooperate, but their lives are threatened by those who want to silence them.
Crude, But Elegant
Martis has a subtle encounter with a princess from a foreign land.
Episode #1.14
While removing homeless people from the sewers, Section III must deal with drug dealers operating there.
Decisions Run Astray
Alice's unit continues to fight the drug dealers, and end up meeting a dangerous enemy armed with a flamethrower.
11 Jun. 2010
The One Who Slashes
While Alice takes the day off to meet her fianc?, the rest of the team is sent in a search for missing supplies.
The Darkness That Cannot Be Saved
Alice is in a pinch against the Claymore unit while Randel has a showdown with Hans.
15 Jun. 2010
A Small Military Power
Randel is still depressed since the last mission and Stecchin decides to find a way to cheer him up.
10 Feb. 2007
A Sweet Trap
While the rest of Section III is distributing rations to the homeless, Alice attends a ball with her sisters in a mansion nearby.
17 Feb. 2007
Enter the Performers
The ball is invaded by a furious crowd and the Section III ends up in a delicate situation.
24 Feb. 2007
The Puppet & The Idol
Alice challenges the Marquis to a duel, who sends his two bodyguards against her and Randel instead.
3 Mar. 2007
Lonely Scales
Randel looks for a reason to fight again and Alice must deal with the enraged mob while fighting her opponent.
10 Mar. 2007
And Then, an Alluring Trap
Everybody in the mansion watches Alice's duel, while the Military prepares itself to raid the place.
17 Mar. 2007
The Military, the Commoners & the Nobility
Time is running out for the Pumpkin Scissors to find a peaceful solution before the Section I starts to attack the mansion.

 Season 1 

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