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MPAA Rated R for strong violence including disturbing images, language throughout and some sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • Prostitutes are constantly mentioned, as they are the victims of choice.
  • There is a scene in the beginning where a prostitute leans in towards a man's car. The prostitute is seen in someone's home. The prostitute is seen from behind, with thigh high nylons on and a very short skirt where the bottom of one butt cheek can be seen.
  • A severed penis is shown.
  • They refer to one character as a being a "tranny" or "transvestite".
  • A person plays a past rape incident on their mobile phone, moaning and thrusting from the man can be heard.
  • A mother states her daughter is "always in heat". The same girl sneaks out to be with her boyfriend and speaks of sneaking him into her place.
  • There's a scene where you hear a female screaming: it is a woman on TV, however, it is hard to tell what is being shown; could imply sexual violence.
  • A man "marries" himself to a young lady (17). Objectively: emotionally twisted but no physical sexuality.
  • A young pregnant female (about 16) is shown in bed, chained.
  • A woman is given a home pregnancy test to use.
  • A man (30ish) passes a pill to a young female (about 16) via his mouth.
  • Sex is implied: a women is on "all fours", while a man unbuckles his belt; all the while, there's an old cartoon with babies in it being played, a girl is repeating a phrase regarding babies, another is talking about getting lucky, and the woman bent over is "praying" to get "lucky". No actual intercourse is seen.
  • Photos of a seventeen year old is shown in bed with a twenty-something man. No nudity.
  • A home pregnancy test is shown in full view; the results are positive.
  • A photo album shows pictures of young women in a suggestive manor or as sexually dominated .
  • A man pays 250.00 to buy time with a hooker. Hooker looks to be in her teens; takes off her top to be seen in her bra, spreads her legs to show her Mons pubis area in black lace underwear.
  • A young girl shows her lower abdominal area partially exposing her shaved Mons pubis.

Violence & Gore

  • A person is stabbed three times by a fireplace poker. This person's body can be seen hanging from the wall. This scene is a bit gory.
  • A teen is abducted.
  • A man hangs a young woman (17) from chains. A sack had been placed over her head, as well as, being gagged.
  • A young female (about 16) is shown in bed, chained.
  • A man slams another man's head to a table multiple times; blood is shown in his teeth.
  • A syringe is inserted into a young woman's belly. It is only seen when being pulled out.
  • A man throws things around, breaking glass and blood is shown on his hands.
  • Young women are seen chained many times during the movie.
  • A woman is shown hung upside down by her ankles.
  • A young woman talks about being beaten.
  • One young woman is beaten by another woman by a long "asp" device.
  • A throws a woman into a well, seemingly to drown her.
  • A dog is "clubbed".
  • A man is shown dead in a bed; apparent suicide.
  • A brawl between a young woman and a man. Subjectively: 7/10 for violence.
  • A man is stabbed by a corkscrew in the chest and neck.
  • A bloodied man is shot (off-screen), and we see his body with blood on him.
  • A man is shot by a handgun.
  • As a man reaches for a gun, a woman fatally shoots him (off-screen).
  • A young women is seen dead, bleeding from the abdomen.


  • Constant language throughout, including multiple uses of the "f" word, with some including "mother------".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Abby is shown smoking a few times in the opening 20 minutes.
  • A syringe is shown filled with an unknown drug.
  • Several bottles of random pills are shown in a medicine cabinet.
  • Demerol, is used for an apparent suicide.
  • A blood thinner, and anti-coagulant are used.
  • An unknown drug is implied to be used for compliance.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A young woman has to have a caesarian section performed by one of the other captive.
  • A seventeen year old is chained and hung by her wrists, gagged, and "bagged".
  • A woman is thrown into a "well".
  • The film's climatic ending is especially intense.

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