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Give it a chance!!!
messij3720 March 2012
I did not want anything to do with this show at first. I'm 33. I like rock/punk music. But I accidentally watched this show once and was hooked. It may take longer than that for others, but it's so worth it.

Yes, there are a lot of sound effects. But I don't think people realize how important they actually are to the show. They help mindlessly guide the audience as to what feeling they are supposed to be having. (Much like canned laughter or sappy music on any other show. I mean, think about it, canned laughter is WEIRD, but we accept it as part of the show because we know where to laugh.) The show is genuinely funny, and the actors are pretty adept. I don't think enough people give James Maslow the appreciation he deserves for playing such a shallow character as well as he does. You may hate the character for his selfishness, but that's the point. Maslow's faces and timing are flawless. All the other boys are just as good. They are clearly overacting a la The Monkees, but that's what makes it great.

To top it off, they all have amazing voices. I was shocked at the sounds coming out of these boys. (Mostly because I was expecting them to be terrible.) Kendall's voice is way beyond his years. Yes, there are some auto-tunes here and there. But I dare you to find a song these days that doesn't have that crap in it. It's "cool" for some reason. But these boys do have chops. I would also like to say that their covers of Beatles songs are also shockingly good.

I have forced several of my friends to watch this show, all unwillingly, and they all admitted that it is pretty funny. The show doesn't take itself seriously. It reminds me also of the show 2gether from MTV that I thought was hilarious.

Do I think their music is amazing? No. But it's catchy and fun. And if Snoop likes them, how can you go wrong??
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Big Time Rush is a Big Time Hit
hollywoodinside6 December 2009
I am a Critic for a Hollywood Magazine and I was forced to watch the show with my son who is 12 years old. I had ZERO interest in watching a new show about boy bands but I must say I was completely blown away.

Creator, Scott Fellows (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide), did a bang up job of creating a show that is funny to adults and a slam dunk for kids. In this "Entourage meets The Monkeys" series, Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos are signed by Record Producer Gustavo Rocque. The dynamic of the show is wonderful. Kendall doesn't really want to be famous but is born for stardom and is the Dark Horse of the group, James wants to be famous and is hilarious as a self involved pretty boy, Carlos is the sweet "Johnny Knoxville" of the group and is always ready to fight for his friends, Logan is the comic relief with the nervous tension of a young Matthew Perry and then of course there is Gustavo Rocque, the ego-maniacal record producer that seems like a cross between Harvey Weinstein and Simon Cowell.

Brilliantly acted and a fun musical romp for the entire family. This show will surely surpass all others like it and redefine the family comedy.

I will be watching this with my son every week....I hope you do as well.

"I'm going to need to take a minute...I'm going to need to take a minute right now"
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Big Time Guilty Pleasure
bartallenii21 October 2010
BIG TIME RUSH is the best live action Nick show since Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, which isn't a shock since it's from the same creator.

The series tells the tale of four hockey playing teens from Minnesota who follow their dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood. Yes, the show is comparable to the Monkees, which is a positive. BTR is miles better than the horrible Jonas/Jonas L.A. over on Disney, plus the BTR guys can actually act AND sing.

If you're in the mood for a wacky comedy that actually IS funny, go for the Big Time.
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Exactly What One Would Expect
ima_confusedditz28 November 2009
I'm not in the business of awarding stars, so I'm really not sure what to give this show.

It was cute...for the audience it was directed at. Of course, you won't enjoy it as much if you're an older viewer, but you could still get a few chuckles out of it.

The storyline was easy to follow (four friends from a generic state with a generic common interest who get the chance to be famous), and the characters were interesting enough. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Minnesota (one of my favorite states, in fact), nor is there anything wrong with hockey. I just don't see either of those facts playing a large part in the series. It was stated SEVERAL times that they are just four (in case, you didn't know how to count) hockey players from Minnesota, but the closest we got to seeing any hockey was a quick scrimmage with brooms during a short montage.

The actors were awesome, to say the least. Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James did extremely well with their character development. Logan (he was my favorite) reminds me of Bret Harrison and Arnie Pantoja (circa Sydney White), so that was adorable. James definitely pulled off the fact that he's supposed to be full of himself, but his character didn't really show the fact that he cared about his "buds", too. Carlos was...interesting. I'm still trying to figure out which part he will be playing. The show kind of jumped back and forth with both he and Logan playing the cute, likable dork. And Kendall, Kendall was great. That's all there is to it. Kendall's sister (played by Ciara Bravo) was hilarious, and his mom (Challen Cates) did the whole somewhat-clueless thing quite well. Steve Glickman and Tanya Chisholm rounded off the ensemble, and did great in their respective parts.

So, check it out if you like that sort of thing. Hannah Montana meets the Naked Brothers Band and such. It's funny, and will surely do well with the preteen female audience. (Though, I'm sure all the boys are late teens to early twenties and are JUST A BIT too old for them...Sorry girls.) Anyways, yes. Watch the show and whatnot.
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Slapstick cartoon-like fun
djac1316 May 2010
After having to intention to watch the show, my 6-year-old daughter got me watching it. At first I would watch to appease her, then I found myself liking some of the characters, and pretty much enjoying the slapstick humour aspect of the show.

This show does not take itself seriously. If it ever did, it would end up poking fun at itself.

Sure the acting isn't always great, but there is some growth to the characters, especially the Gustavo record producer character. He may yell at the boys, calling them his "dogs", but he's also shown as the fellow who writes their songs, and tries to make them sound good. His childhood was taken away from him by his mother who wanted him to be a master pianist. Kinda gives the character some background.

The music is what you'd expect, but then again you should think the same about the Monkees music. C'mon now, "Big Time Rush" is about as catchy as "We're the Monkees", especially for kids these days.

Each of the boys have their own special characteristics, and it would be interesting to see more story revolving around each character.

With the sound effects, music, some of the story lines and most of the humour, it's very much a live-action cartoon.

I don't go out of my way to watch the show, but enjoy watching it with my daughter.
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"Big Time Terror" is what great TV is made of!!!!!!! CLASSIC TV!!!!
roquerecords19 May 2010
I have never written a review before. I am a single mom with 3 kids and every week we watch Big Time Rush. My boys love the show but last week their father, my ex, came over for dinner and after a very tense family meal (which i made from scratch!), we sat down as a family and watched the most recent episode of Big Time Rush, "Big Time Terror". I'd be lying if I didn't say that in this case, TV brought us together...well dinner brought us together, but big time rush kept us laughing all night! oh and btw, Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman) is one of the most underrated funny men on the planet. he is super funny in big time terror and its great to see him getting more screen time. i watch for him, my kids watch for the boys, all and all its a big time hit for the whole family 50 thumbs up! rocque on! Tracy Donaldson
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It'll Give You A Big Time Rush
svanle-smb16 December 2010
Big Time Rush at first seems like just another pretty boy band out to rake the money off of little girls right? That's what I thought at first and couldn't stand any of the ads for them... but one fateful day I got fired from work and had nothing to do. I watched several episodes and I was hooked.

Big Time Rush gives the point of view of a boy band that isn't usually seen on television. The 4 boys were very lucky to get auditioned for their parts and they all do their bits really well. Even in the first episode they give us a look at what it could be like to audition for a part, and it's quite funny too. You would expect their pretty faces and singing to win the intimidating and volcano ready to blow Gustavo but instead all of them fail, with funny reactions to their failures. However as you would expect, one of the boys, although trying to get back at Gustavo for humiliating his friends manages to win him over. The supporting cast are also enjoyable, the bitter hotel manager Mr. Bitters, Lightning the wonder dog, Ciara Bravo as the devious child, these characters is what makes BTR enjoyable gives it the difference over Disney shows.

I also at first didn't like any of the songs. Somehow they've crawled into my brain and now they are my most played songs on my iPod and when I workout it definitely gives me the rush I need to power through my most intense moments. They're contagiously catchy and inspiring. Even the songs about girls such as Any Kind of Guy, Boyfriend and Til I Forget About You. The songs just aren't like other boy bands or other pop songs which is why I really like these guys. I've also checked the top pop songs for the iTunes essentials don't get me wrong. I actually think all those songs are terrible and autotuned to a mess. I can't tell if Big Time Rush is autotuned or not, make that claim if you want, but these boys can sing and I'm rooting for them all the way.

And on my slow days off, I like watching an episode of Big Time Rush while cycling for 30 minutes. The jokes while usually how you can expect things to go are delivered really well with their reactions. Logan, James and Carlos are my favorite because I find them to be the silliest and easily shaken. I laugh every time they do a shrilly scream.

Try not to be so close-minded. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show without thinking about the awful Jonas Brothers or the dreaded Justin Bieber or any other boy singer. These guys are not that bad and there's even moments when they taunt Justin Bieber.

All I can say is, great show, good for kids growing up to look for role models and great songs. I hope they continue to throw out some more original episodes and songs and I look forward to seeing more.
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Review From A Parent-Yes I Watch With My Kids
katzinoire24 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I will be straight with you-I loathe Boy Bands with an unbridled passion, I think their mere existence was created to provide a purgatory on earth to make us suffer for the human race creating teen idols as we evolved. As one from the New Age meets Punk Rock age of the 80's-my children heard The Ramones, Queen and Metallica as opposed to Raffi. One of my proud moments was my daughter borrowing my Ramones shirt to wear to school, and my son bonding with his previously impossible Social Studies teacher based on their mutual love of Cream and The Rolling Stones. The concept of me enjoying a show about a pre-fab four boy band, fish outta water situation-they come from the Northern United States and are relocated West Coast-would normally be inconceivable.

However-I am a huge fan of parody and laughing. The show is a paradox because Nickelodeon wants to market the boys and sell their CDs, however they decided to go back to their roots-the Nickelodeon I recall watching endlessly during the age of "You Can't Do That On Television"-twisted, silly and true to the spirit of many of their shows, slinking in references to a variety of movies, pop culture references etc. with some twisted humor a la "Pete & Pete". This is why it is watchable for me.

Why, one may ask-do I watch this show? Simply because I believe it is my responsibility as a parent to watch TV with my children, to know what they see, what influences them etc. Ratings are nothing to me-I know what my children can handle and although I embark on several outdoor activities with them, at the end of the day after work-I am tired-however rather than lock myself in my room for "me time", I make it a point to have "we time" and watch with the children.

Upon learning the concept of this show-I was worried. However, these boys are adept at comedy. Add in David Anthony Higgins as the greedy Landlord and Steven Kramer Glickman as foils for the boys and you get some serious laughs.

The show has a skewed sense of humor, sound effects giving it a Chuck Jones feel to it. The cameo of Eric Estrada as Carlos' Policeman father was nothing short of brilliant-parents could laugh at the CHIPS reference and Estrada showed a great comedic talent. Fabio also made a cameo as a dream man-who the children kidnap to give the obviously widowed Mrs. Knight (Kendall's mother and the groups chaperone in CA) a perfect date. There is Buddah Bob-the handyman character that is introduced as someone that Mrs. Knight assumes is an Ax Murderer which is set up on a series of humorous scenarios where it looks like he is-a very telling side story on judging people-which also had the sweet enough to rot teeth perky neighbor girl end up being a psycho.

And it works. I laugh every episode. Gustavo-the band's manager-refers to the boys as dogs-but you eventually learn he actually LIKES them-noted by his assistant Kelly who really loves the boys since they are so goofy, silly and real.

The friendship shown between the boys-who we learn have relocated to California to form their band is cute. We find out they are simply hockey players who wound up being discovered. One of them, Carlos wears his helmet all the time-a running joke throughout the show. Kendall, the sort of leader of the boys has his mom and his adorable little sister, Katie (brilliantly portrayed by a talented Ciara Bravo) is shown to be adjusting to his new status, Logan is the group's geek genius, Carlos is the goof one,James is the least explored so I am hoping they give some more definition. The boys are adjusting to a new world of competitive musicians, dealing with normal teen stuff like girls and things like that. The show is too silly to deal with actual issues like drug use, however they replace normally controversial issues with a humorous version of it-Buddah Bob's introduction as a storyline on judging people.

All in all though, the show reminds us constantly that it isn't reality by the slapstick and silly situations. It laughs at itself, which is the best of comedy.

The performances, the silly stories etc make the show very watchable-a good bonus when one watches TV with their kids.
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luisantoniosalcedo1219 February 2011
I think that this is one of my favorite Nickelodeon series! This series is really cool... And it's also so funny! I always watch the new episodes. I love their music, and my sister and I love this guys, so I always watch this series with her. Watch it on Nickelodeon! I think that this is one of my favorite Nickelodeon series! This series is really cool... And it's also so funny! I always watch the new episodes. I love their music, and my sister and I love this guys, so I always watch this series with her. Watch it on Nickelodeon! If you want to go to the movies but it's a rainy day, this is a series that you can watch to get some fun! I think that this is one of my favorite Nickelodeon series! This series is really cool... And it's also so funny! I always watch the new episodes.
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Big Time Rush acting like Monkees
bwhately29 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Big Time Rush is the best show on Nickolodeon! Sure, some may simply throw it aside as an overacted and over the top kind of show, but that's what it's meant to be. At least it's characters are exciting to watch, and for the audience the show is targeted at it's how it is meant to be.

The show is more or less modeled after 'The Monkees,' so no wonder it's done so well. So the characters are completely different from the Monkees and so is the music, but I think it's obvious that the gist of 4 guys that have been put together in a show and have created a 'boy' band because of that show is simply showing that history repeats itself. Not to mention the fact that the humor of the show is very similar to 'The Monkees.' For instance; the episode Big Time Ghost when they are continually running in and out of doors away from the ghost, while music is playing and it is sped up in a comical fashion. I've seen that someone... oh yes, I remember 'The Monkees'!

Although I don't think people should watch Big Time Rush thinking it's going to be like 'The Monkees,' because it is it's own show, and I think that the people who would have watched 'The Monkees' are not really the target audience for this show anyway but Big Time Rush is simple, and it's funny, and it's cute, and I loved it. And I think next time you are sitting around wanting to watch a Nickolodeon show I think Big Time Rush is the one to go.

Kendall the main character is like the glue of the group, he's lovable and friendly, and he's always the one to get the group out of a jam. He has a younger sister Katie who continually persists her efforts to make money from her brothers band. His mother, is somewhat clueless but very caring. He was the character who was originally chosen by their manager to be a singer, he was the only one who didn't want to be a singer, but the manager saw a quality in Kendall that he really liked. Kendall says he will only become a singer, if all 3 of his friends can come with him and become a singing group, hence he started Big Time Rush.

James is so egotistical, he loves what he sees in the mirror a bit to much for my liking. I especially did not like James when I begun to watch this show, I found him way to pretty, in a weird way, and his ego was annoying. However, as the show progressed we notice that even though James still has a massive ego, there is more to his character then that, and he is actually a very caring friend, and is character is developed more fully as the show progresses and we are able to put his ego aside and look past that.

Logan is the brain. I don't know what else to really say about Logan. He's cool. You got to love Logan. He comes up with ideas to help the rest of the Big Time Rush crew, often. Logan is a worry wart. He worries about everything, because he is smart, he knows what might happen from certain situations, that make him worry long before his has to.

Carlos is the energy. Live surges off of Carlos. He is a bit dopey, but he is lovable. He makes the most of what comes to him, but he is also scared easily, and he is gullible, he wears a helmet often, and when he was asked why he wore a helmet, a rock flung out of no where, and hit him on the head, (while he was wearing the helmet) and he said, 'That was a rock,' as his explanation. He attracts chaos, and is very clumsy.

The characters are lovable, and interesting to watch. It's a good show. It's just missing one thing 'The Monkees' had. A British guy.
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Big time disaster
Quarterhorse85 March 2012
I used to like almost every show on nickelodeon, until they started doing this crap. To sum it up completely, the acting is the worst I have seen in my life, the plots are way too predictable, the jokes are old and not funny, and to top it all off, they use literally 30 sound effects every 3 minutes and it gets annoying. The show is garbage for anyone over the age of 5. My 6 year old brother hates the show. Nickelodeon seems to think they can get away with good looking guys who can sing and dance to songs that have already been sung just with different lyrics. I honestly like Dan Schneider's shows like iCarly and Victorious. They make me laugh. But this new "how to rock" show is garbage too. My recommendation, if you are looking for a good and fun show for your kids to watch that isn't painful for you to sit on in too, steer clear of big time rush and go for iCarly, Victorious, or even SpongeBob will do. Overall, BTR is a big time waste of time.
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Big Time FAIL is more like it!
atakyle17 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What the heck is this garbage? I'll tell you what it is. It's a disgrace to Nickelodeon. This is one of the shows that caused Nick to go downhill. Why? Read on.

First of all, the jokes are completely average. None of them make me smile. Secondly, the plots are too predictable. For example, one episode shows that the band may lose one of their members. Or that they might not go on tour. It's not that interesting! But what REALLY bothers me about this show, is that they get too carried away with the sound effects. In almost every 10 seconds, you hear like 12 sound effects. I actually counted how many times they used them, and in the FIRST 3 MINUTES they used the sound effects 38 times!!!

The bottom line is, this show is absolutely terrible. I wouldn't recommend it. I mean, Dora the Explorer is more entertaining than this! Just do yourself a favor, and don't watch this show, for everyone's sake.
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A Disaster Waiting To Happen!!!! Cancel This Show.
kobebusia26 August 2011
When this show was at early promotion, I instantly knew that it was gonna be stupid and let's just say it took me a year to actually check it out ; On top of that, I never heard any of the songs they sang for the show until earlier this year, with "Boyfriend" featuring Snoop Dogg being the 1st song I heard, and I eventually liked it. Now let me just give an honest review and analysis of the show; I may not have sat through a full episode before, but I don't have to do that because this show is really stupid, the situations/story lines are just lame and pathetic(you'd think that some amateur, inexperienced teens were hired to write the scripts), the 4 guys(James, Kendall, Logan, and Carlos) acting is so terrible and unbelievable that it's just painfully annoying to watch. The show is much worse than Disney Channel's JONAS, which is saying something because JONAS was pretty stupid itself, especially during the 2nd season, which is why it got canceled. The only positive thing I can say about this show is that while they're just terrible actors, Big Time Rush happen to be great singers, and I think they should just stick to their music, because they will never go far as actors. Nickelodeon, you need to realize what you're doing and just cancel this show because it's so retarded, and that's no surprise considering that it's from the creator of Ned's Declassified. Just get rid of it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! For that, i give this show a 1/10.
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winterschild11122 January 2013
I found this show because I was in between jobs and finally had time to watch TV. It reminded me at first of the Monkees, but has surpassed it in every way. ALL of the boys are incredibly talented and their true life friendships shine through and make their characters believable. While the situations are definitely all parody,the boys all sing beautifully as well as write many of their own songs.They have become huge, not just with teen girls, but people of all ages. Their kindness and willingness to put their fans first makes them not only top on my list of new talent (I would definitely go see them in concert if they came here) but on the top of an excellent example of young humanitarians. At their concerts they pay special attention to special needs children and their motto is that ALL people are beautiful. THAT is something I want my children to learn. These boys are wonderful role models and even though I am older than the average viewer, never miss an episode.
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Big Time Hit!
luttrell_lindsey14 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Big time Rush is a show for the generation. I got into watching this show with my 10 and 12 year old sisters whom are huge Nick/Disney fans. My sisters rooked me into watching this show on the first episode on Thanksgiving of 2009 and to tell you the truth, I've been hooked ever since.

The characters are very well portrayed by their respected actor (Schmidt, Maslow, Pena and Henderson)they are four hockey players from Minnesota who after tying to make one of the boys, Maslow, dream come true they all get the chance to go to Hollywood and become a boy band. Now I'm not one for shows like this, but, this show is a funny, witty tale about four (cute) boys that get the chance of a life time.

Kendall,Schmidt, is the unsaid leader of the group always the first to stick up for his friends and remind the boys that they are a "team"

James,Maslow, is the pretty boy or as he calls it, "the face" he is the one that believe he's meant to be famous and will achieve it at all costs. He also is obsessed with his hair...

Logan,Henderson, is the cute nerd of the group he always tell the boys when their plans will work and when they wont and he also the apple of Camille, Erin Sanders, eyes and she proves that every episode. He portrays the cute geek very well

Carlos,Pena, is the daredevil of the group always doing something hazardous to his well being but he also is the sensitive sweet one. He gets worried when the boys fight. He will always stick up for his friends no matter what.

this show is a great family show that can appeal to all ages of kids and any sex. The boys are talented and the show is a slam dunk on Scott Fellows part! He is single handedly is bringing back the boy band and is succeeding at it! It has just surfaced that this show was picked up for a 3rd season which is set to start filming in January of 2012, I and my sisters look forward to it!
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Big Time Has Already Been Done...
DiamondGirl42713 July 2010
Obviously, anyone who was a kid or teen in the 70s will recognize this is basically "The Monkees" redone for this generation. The guys...cute as they are...are trying to become famous..want to be serious performers and not screw up...but of course they do...ALL THE TIME! I have only seen and heard them a few times...thanks to the kids in my household....but I honestly think if you see one episode, you can figure out the plots for the next ones...they are all going to be basically the same...with a few extra things and or characters thrown in to mix it up a little. I is NICK...and NICK like Disney in in the business of cranking out junk and then over promoting it ad nauseum. I know NICK was developed just for this reason...draw the kids in and keep them coming back...over and over...but Disney no longer is what Walt Disney entended it to be when he first opened Disneyland and Disneyworld. There is little original stuff coming out of that gate...including the actors and actresses they find and promote. All are fresh young faces, of course..but the seem to lack the real magic others from the past did. I doubt the memories of todays' kids will be as special as the ones kids have from watching the Disney of yesterday. That is kind of sad in a way. As for if any of these young stars remain stars after Disney and Nick days pass by...time will tell.
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Big Time Rush is weak
sierh7615 February 2010
I don't know how the 'hollywood' critic can claim to be a professional and give this show a good review. The jokes are lame and all of the plots can be traced to the Monkees.

The music is typical pop, record industry, generic junk.

The only reason I've endured more than one episode is the promotion machine of Nick, that my son has been exposed to.

I can't wait until it's canceled. If your kids are ready to watch it, rent a Monkees DVD instead. At the very least, they're learn something historical.

I've seen all of the Nick generated shows for several years and this is, by far, the worst one.

It's not worth your time.
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Uggh. Not good.
dvdtrb2 March 2011
I've seen a few episodes of this show and I can say that this show is not good. It's pretty much a piece of crap. The episodes are not that good & well the characters are not good either. They do a lot of weird things and well. They're not thought out well. I really don't know what else to say. This show is not that good in my opinion. The only episodes I liked were the episodes that Tara Strong was in because I really like her. She's an awesome actress. The only other episode I liked was the Big Time Beach Party episode because Tom Kenny as Patchy The Pirate was in it from Spongebob & Spongebob is awesome. That's all so far. The only other good thing is Erin Sanders. Who was Quinn Pensky on Zoey 101.
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Terrific show with good, clean fun! Not Disney Garbage!
carsal74 February 2011
"Big Time Rush" is not your typical Nick/Disney show with the cookie-cutter performers groomed by the usual Disney/Nick hierarchy. These guys are down-to-earth, honestly funny guys. The writing has been great - although I must admit it totally reminds me of the old "Monkees" television series from the 1960's when I was a kid....but BETTER!! My kids (and husband) starting watching from the very first episode and I thought "Uh oh...another brain-dead Zack & Cody/Hannah Montana/Jonas Bros. imitation." I finally sat down to watch an episode and could NOT have been more wrong! It seems that a lot of the kids (girls AND boys) in the neighborhood are totally into them - no matter what age group (elementary, middle school, and YES, even high school). I highly recommend this television show. As can be seen from their store website (, they are soooo sold out on their items because this group is so popular. In fact, it took me over two and a half months to get our T-shirt order (but it was well worth it). Give this show a try -- you will NOT be disappointed.
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Big Time Hit
ashleybelcher20104 July 2010
Big Time Rush tells the fun and exciting story of four hockey players from Minnesota and how they made the big time. Where as some people think that Big Time Rush is either a Big Time Waste or a Big Time Fake, think. This show isn't just about fame and fortune, but this show also teaches our children that their dreams can be made possible and how much fun they can have.

Big Time Rush will be bigger than iCarly or True Jackson VP put together and kids everywhere will automatically become hooked to the songs and comedy.

Big Time Rush has a great storyline, creative actors, and catchy music. It is a great show and has a great meaning behind it.

If you ask me, Big Time Rush is a Big Time Hit! Congratulations Nickelodeon, you have a great hit show! So take a Big Time break and Rush to see the great show Big Time Rush!!!
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Big Time Rush Show
lifeissweet2511 March 2011
This Show is awesome. I like the music, i like the guys and it just goes to show that being a band in Hollywood isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's hard and you can see it throughout the show.My favorite guys are this order: James, Kendall, Carlos and Logan. just watch one show and you might like it.I like the singing, dancing, wisecracks and pretty much 4 friends trying to help each other out( or trying to be better then the others: JAMES)This show is just like MAKING THE BAND only this is different.I also like that if i miss a show, it will eventually pop up another day or i can catch it On Demand. I really like this show and i usually do like the Nick shows and i don't care that i'm 26.
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Good for kids and young pre-teens! Highschool girls too if they like hot guys ;)
bamagirl9115 June 2010
So the show is for kids how old again? Last time I checked, a show on Nick was meant for pre-teens or younger, older if you're into that kind of stuff. Big Time Rush is a show for kids to understand. Would you ever tell your kid a "that's what she said" joke? If thats what makes you laugh, then this show is not for you. 30 to 50 year old won't think its funny, but unless it sends out the wrong message and teaches your kids what you rather them not learn, then don't watch it! In fact, the whole plot should inspire your kids to follow their dreams! Thats what they did and thats what it is meant to do. Funny- 6/10 Inspiring- off the charts! Big Time Rush, good in my book
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my thirteen year old watches this, should i call a doctor ?
brittanymv-3838610 May 2018
Shes just too old theres stuff out there for her like bts and exo help

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brittanymv-3838610 May 2018
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. [Kendall:] Make it count, Play it straight. Don't look back, Don't hesitate. When you go big time. [James:] What you want, What you feel. Never quit, And make it real. When you roll big time. Oh [Kendall:] Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [Carlos:] Listen to your heart now! Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [James:] Don't you feel the rush? Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [Logan:] Better take your shot now. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. [Chorus:] Go and shake it up! What you gotta lose? Go and make your luck with the life you choose, If you want it all, Lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, So you gotta live it big time. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Carlos:] Step it up, Get in gear. Go for broke, Make it clear. Gotta go big time. [Logan:] Make it work, Get it right. Change the world over night. Gotta dream big time.o, Oh Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [Kendall:] Give it all you got now! Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [James:] Isn't it a rush? Hey! Oh. Hey! Oh [Kendall:] Finish what you start now.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

[Chorus:] Go and shake it up! What you gotta lose? Go and make your luck with the life you choose, If you want it all, Lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, So you gotta live it big time.

[All:] Look around, Every light is shining now, It's brighter somehow. Look around, Nothing's really as it seems, Nothing but dreams. You and I, Gonna make a brand new sound, Like we own this town.

We can't die, Now our feet are off the ground, We'll never look down. Welcome to the big time, All the pretty people see you walking in the sunshine. Welcome to the good times, Life will never be the same.

[Chorus:] Go and shake it up! What you gotta lose? Go and make your luck with the life you choose, If you want it all, Lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, So you gotta live it big time.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. If you want it all, Lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, So you gotta live it big time

thanks for reading kyaclan and britnation, keep on rocking
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Very entertaining
tasneembrownms2 April 2018
I was an avid BTR fan when the show first aired on Nickelodeon and I was fourteen. James was definitely my favourite in the beginning (this later changed to Kendall, lol) The show had catchy songs and the guys were always up to something.

I'm 22 now and recently found the show on a local streaming service and I've since introduced my little cousins (aged 10 and 6) to this show and they're completely obsessed and know the lyrics to every song word-for-word.

One of my favourite Nick shows by far!!!
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