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The result, although uneven, is generally enjoyable, especially for those who attend with the right mindset. Character and narrative are secondary concerns for a movie primarily driven to provide a Valentine to '60s rock-and-roll.
Richard Curtis is good at handling large casts, establishing all the characters and keeping them alive.
Pirate Radio is, in the end, about as rock-revolutionary as a tea break. But the choppy production floats on a great soundtrack (the real pirates are the Rolling Stones) and is buoyed by an inviting cast.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
It's a calculated crowd-pleaser that skims over the surface of the era like a cruise-ship production of "American Graffiti."
A mix-tape of successes and failures, perhaps too light for its subject, but a silly, easy watch.
The Hollywood Reporter
The real pirate radio ships, whose days ended in 1967, wound up being towed away for salvage but the film avoids that fate -- like the best rock songs -- with a rousing finish and a pleasing climax.
Giggles, not belly laughs, come frequently, and it’ll help if viewers love U.K. comics.
Picture generally stays afloat on the strength of its characters but sometimes threatens to sink under its overlong running time and vignettish structure.
Village Voice
Seven months after its theatrical release in the U.K., and two months after its DVD debut there, Pirate Radio washes ashore with most of its better bits excised.
Despite a title change from "The Boat That Rocked" to Pirate Radio, this British import exudes about as much outlaw swagger as Tom DeLay in a dance competition.

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