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Tom Sturridge: Carl



  • Dave : So tell us Mark, now at the very end - what was your secret? How did you get all them girls?

    Mark : Simple. Don't say anything at all.

    'Young' Carl : Nothing?

    Mark : Nothing. Then, when the tension becomes too much to bear, you finally, finally, you just say: "How about it, then?"

  • Angus : The way I look at it, the world couldn't survive without my comedy, and who's going to have the moral backbone to play the Seekers when the mood is right?

    Dave : They've split up.

    Angus : I intend to celebrate the back catalogue.

    Dave : I intend to stop you doing so.

    Mark : [silently stands up and lights a cigarette] 

    Simon : As some of you know, my wife left me after 17 hours of marriage, but I survived that because I live for music. And now, with nothing else to live for, I'm willing to die for it as well.

    'On-The-Hour' John : I've always lived for news and weather. Happy to die for them, too. Especially the weather.

    Bob Silver 'the Dawn Treader' : I've got nowhere else to go.

    Harold : I have somewhere else to go, but it's Peckham. So I think I'll stick around.

    Felicity : Can't let everyone starve. And I'm slightly worried where my increasingly powerful sexuality will take me when I return to normal life.

    Thick Kevin : I've got a very strong suspicion that Felicity fancies me. Not about to go anywhere, just when I'm in with a chance.

    'Young' Carl : Obviously, I'm in. You're the only people in the world who like me.

  • Quentin : So... expelled?

    'Young' Carl : That's right.

    Quentin : What for?

    'Young' Carl : I suppose smoking was the clincher.

    Quentin : Drugs or cigarettes?

    'Young' Carl : Well, both.

    Quentin : Well done! Proud of you. So your mum sent you here in the hope that a little bracing sea air would sort you out?

    'Young' Carl : Something like that.

    Quentin : Spectacular mistake.

  • Dave : Walk this way.

    Simon : Don't walk that way!

    'Young' Carl : I'm just gonna...

    Simon : Walk woodpecker way.

  • Thick Kevin : It's type of bird, but it's wearing a hat. Not so much a hat. Something that's at the top of a coat and attached to the coat and covers the head, but is not a hat.

    'Young' Carl : A hood?

    Thick Kevin : Yes, and now the first name, type of bird. It's a something hood.

    'Young' Carl : Robin Hood! Why didn't you just say he lived in Sherwood Forest and has a bow and an arrow?

    Thick Kevin : Yeah? What? Who are you talking about?

    'Young' Carl : Robin Hood.

    Thick Kevin : I didn't know that.

  • Quentin : Your mother is dropping by to pay us a visit before Christmas.

    'Young' Carl : You're kidding? When does she arrive?

    Quentin : Tomorrow. She was always very impromptu. Anyway, I thought you might like to know, in case you want to brush your hair or hide the large stack of pornography you keep on that shelf.

  • Thick Kevin : My theory is that you're here because it's exactly the right time for a young man like you to get to know his dad.

    'Young' Carl : And?

    Thick Kevin : I therefore think that your dad is on this boat. And since he's definitely not me, I think he's probably Quentin.

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