Against the Current (2009) Poster


Jeff Kane: We are looking to buy a boat.

Boatyard Owner: You sure can't have one for free... Ha-ha-ha

[laughter, slowing turning into hysterical cough; also declining any help offer with a hand-sign. All shocked, cough lasts for about 20-25 seconds, and at the end, he spits out, saying:]

Boatyard Owner: What kinda boat?

Jeff Kane: [totally confused] What?

Boatyard Owner: What kind of boat you're looking for?

Jeff Kane: Oh... aah... smallest one you got...

Boatyard Owner: Like a canoe?

[laughing, accompanied with small, scary cough]

Paul Thompson: A motor-boat... with a weak motor...

Boatyard Owner: A weak motor?

Jeff Kane: Weakest one you got.

Katie: He's gonna swim down the river to the city, and we need to ride next to him. So, you know, just anything that you could put along the side...

Boatyard Owner: You swim to New York City?

Paul Thompson: Yep.

Boatyard Owner: Some sorta charity type of thing? A dollar for a mile, or something?

Paul Thompson: Not really.

Boatyard Owner: Hmmm... Well, I got an old whaler, with an old 70-horse-power engine, couldn't outrun the turtle

[showing them to the coast, to the boat. Small cough and all move towards the coast]

Boatyard Owner: Twenty-four hundred bucks...

Paul Thompson: [almost immediately] Sounds reasonable...

Jeff Kane: Yea, I believe that's the going rate for all boats with weak engines.

Boatyard Owner: You folks done much boating before?

[small cough - everyone looking at each other... ]

Katie: Uhmmm... I have. I went to the summer camp on lake Oregon. We had a water skiing, sometimes they let us steer a boat.

Boatyard Owner: Well, this boat couldn't pull the turtle, much less a skier.

Jeff Kane: What's with the turtles?

Boatyard Owner: [after a short pause] Piloting a boat is lot different from driving a car.

Jeff Kane: But, it, uh... starts with a key, right?

Boatyard Owner: Yeah. But it has no breaks for starters...

Jeff Kane: Neither did my last car. I think we will fine.

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