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A woman from Emerson's past returns
Tweekums6 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Detective Emerson Cod's latest case involves the death of the owner of the local dam and the disappearance of the huge ruby he always carried with him; it isn't a simple case as Emerson and the dam owner had a history; Emerson took the woman, Lila Robinson, he was in love with... not that it lasted; she left Emerson taking their daughter with her. When Ned wakes the dead man he names that woman as his killer! Emerson doesn't have to look too hard to find Lila as she finds him and claims to be innocent; if he is to see his daughter again he will have to find the real killer to prove her innocence.

This was another fine episode with an entertaining story which showed us more of Emerson's past. Gina Torres put in a fine performance as the devious Lila and it was nice to see Christine Adams and David Arquette return as Simone Hundin and Randy Mann. The eventual killer was a little bit of a disappointment but not enough to spoil the enjoyment of the episode; after all the murder did bring Emerson and Lila back in to contact that that was the main story of the episode.
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Good...very good...but only one episode more to go...
MartinHafer29 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode has a couple interesting guests--Robert Picardo (the Doctor from "Star Trek: Voyager") and Fred Williamson (a huge blaxsploitation star from the 70s). Plus, David Arquette is back again as the guy smitten on Olive.

One of Emerson's rivals (Williamson) was killed in an accident at the dam. The team investigates this murder and learns that in addition a valuable ruby was stolen. The trail points to an evil woman--the one who is the mother of Emerson's daughter and who has hidden her from him for years. In addition, Emerson's new girlfriend is on hand to fight the evil lady. In the end, the murder is solved, the ruby found and the evil baby mama once again escapes...and Emerson ends up with an even cooler car than he already had.

The episode has A LOT taking place--even more than usual. It's all quite good, but watching it was sad as I knew there was only one more episode to go until this all too short series ended.

By the way, the Rorschach (ink blot) cards you briefly see in this episode are the real thing...not fakes made for the show.
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