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Just amazing
pauldeb00128 January 2022
This movie is just brillant. It has been years since a movie hasn't moved me like this one.

It's a very touching movie and i am glad to start this year with this movie.

Actors, photography, music and the story... I don't think this movie could have been any better.

It's not a 10/10 like 12 angry men, but a 2020s 10/10.

If you are not french, maybe you won't enjoy as much as I have this movie.
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A life changing movie
la_gauloise6 February 2022
This movie, based on a novel, tells the story of two beautiful people who decided to be the masters of their destiny, the painter of their life, filled with joy, imagination and magic. It talks to all of us by exacerbing questions that we all ask to ourselves: what is the purpose of life if not lived the way we want, if not lived joyfully ? This movie makes me want to live my life fully, by feeling more and thinking less. It depicts the story of a couple who decided to dedicate their life to love, in its purest definition, with all its flaws, but honestly. Dependence and adiction to the loved one is not hidden behind a mask in this couple. This story is so powerful and the actors are brilliant (Romain Duris and Virginie Efira are really amazing, and their child is played by a very talented boy). I don't know how this movie is in English, as I have seen the French original version. But it is definitely worth a try, just let go your assumptions of what life "should be like" before watching it, because the characters don't leave any space for anyone or anything to tell them what they should be. It is a pure beauty. Prepare your tissue box, you'll cry a lot. I genuinely think that there will be a before and a after in my life thanks to this movie. I can't wait to watch it again.
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A self-indulgent mess
dwbell13 May 2022
I think the problem here was that a) the author of the book was involved with the screenplay and b) the director/c0-screenwriter was in awe of the material/author. If ever something needed more distance from the material, this was it. Someone suggested that, unlike the book, they didn't need a narrator. This was the fatal flaw. Without the audience understanding that this was the son's retelling of the family story, his parents just came across os self-involved narcissists. The film was so desperate to capture a charming effervescent mood that everything was leaden. When the story turned dark, it was hard to know how to react. The performances were OK, if rather forced. I wanted to escape the cinema after 20 minutes.
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