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The "Nelson" formula goes down the drain this time around! [+34%]
arungeorge137 May 2022
As anticipated, Nelson succumbs to the star tropes of Thalapathy Vijay, failing to come up with a script that'd even keep viewers mildly interested. In fact, the opening act is the only decent stretch in the entire film. Everything from PTSD therapy to terrorism to women's looks is shamed to the core. The mass elevations are zilch, and Veeraraghavan's awkward stiffness doesn't work here at all. It's like Nelson literally planted Vijay in a Doctor-like universe where everything including a hostage situation is treated too lightly, terrorists act like caricatures, there's a buffoon for a home minister, and the supposed humour doesn't function one bit. The writing lazily imagines Vijay shooting and stabbing his way through dozens of baddies for nearly three hours, with an uber-cute Pooja Hedge hot on his trail for no legitimate reason whatsoever. Anirudh delivers on the musical front, but in a film where nothing really sticks, it'll hardly be remembered. Nelson needs to rework his formula that worked pretty well in his first two films - the secret sauce (dark comedy + hilarious supporting acts) is terribly lacking in Beast. And oh, that dreadful climactic stretch.. nail in the coffin!
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A Beast-Size Torture! Beauty Pooja Hegde and Beast Vijay wasted in a cheap copy of Die Hard.
Beast (2022) : Movie Review -

Nelson's last film, "Doctor", was truly a new attempt in the action-comedy genre for the Tamil audience. Yes, it had those avoidable spoofs that were planted to please the hardcore masses, which disturbed the seriousness of the storyline, but otherwise, it made for a good watchable flick. With Beast, he goes completely massy with superstar Vijay, only to spoil the basic, simple rules of filmmaking. On the other hand, Vijay is also coming from an average flick, "Master", but it was saved by the director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Beast gives him a full-scale, massy avatar but not style and logic. If you remember watching Bruce Willis starrer "Die Hard" (1988), or the recent Hindi adaptation of it, "Sanak" (2021), then I don't think the story of Beast has anything new for you, except the action and hardcore patriotism. Just imagine those two films with regional comedy flavours, and the closest possible outcome is Beast.

The film is about a talented and patriotic RAW agent, Veer Raghavan, who quits his job after one sad and unwanted incident. Even after quitting RAW, the trauma stays with him as he tries to cure it with the help of a psychiatrist. With the help of his girlfriend, Preeti (Pooja Hegde), he gets a job in a company and visits a shopping mall, which eventually gets hijacked by terrorists. Veer decides to save the hostages for the sake of mental peace, which has got something to do with that old trauma. What challenges he has to face during the battle and how he handles terrorists and politicians to complete the mission is all that forms the rest of the narrative.

The screenplay here is very problematic. You have no clue about the number of terrorists in there, as Veer finishes them off easily and yet has many more left. Veer's strategies are sometimes successful, while others fail, but he has counter-strategies for every terrorist move. There are a lot of surprises in store, and some are really interesting, but I just can't spoil them here. What brings Beast down is the poor writing and illogical screenplay. The film is hampered by unnecessary comedy because it ruins the importance of a damn serious event like the hijack. You can't have any explanation for hostages having fun and cracking jokes during the hijack. The romance and jealousy parts were too cheesy to accept. Come on, you are the hostages under the attack of dangerous terrorists, so please show some little amount of fear.

Veer Raghavan is a tailor-made role for Thalapathy Vijay. He has his swag, that style that makes his fans go crazy, and a larger-than-life stature in the film. Pooja Hegde has good screen space, thankfully, and she plays a pretty enjoyable role here. There is very little scope for Pooja and Vijay's chemistry because the entire theme happens in a survival mode, but they have a start and a fantastic song together. Yogi Babu does what he does best: comedy! Beast gives every supporting cast member a fair amount of screen time. Selvaraghavan, Redin Kingsley, Bjorn Surrao, Aparna Das, Shaji Chen, Shine Tom Chacko and Ankur Ajit Vikal all appear at intervals throughout the film.

Anirudh has delivered another foot-tapping chartbuster with 'Arabic Kuthu'. The full video song is nothing short of a musical and dance treat for Vijay and Pooja Hegde fans. What dance moves does Vijay have, man. Killer! And how gorgeous Pooja Hedge looks in that ethenic look. Just wait for the full video song to be released, and you will go Gaga over it. But we have that energetic background score here to make you groove to it. The dialogues could've been better considering the swag of Vijay he had in Thupakki, Mersal, Sarkar and Master. I mean, this man is the darling of the masses, so he deserves better dialogues that can create mass hysteria in auditoriums. However, the action is pleasant. No matter how sordid the pre-action conditions are, the stylish action sequences are a sight for sore eyes.

After the poor writing, if any person is to be blamed, then it has to be director Nelson Dilipkumar. That awkward vision to carry forward a mediocre storyline is no less than a big mistake. Nelson makes mistakes, repetitively, and that's what hurts the film the most. Those errors in illogical situations can be forgiven, but not the logical confirmation of the director. Why are those comedy scenes needed when you are supposed to make an action thriller, that too with a concept of hijack? It was fine with Doctor because the protagonist was fighting the battle alone, rather than with a crowd of hundreds of people surrounding him. Nelson could have removed the cringe plotting here and Beast could have easily made it a watchable affair. Sadly, that doesn't happen, and the film succumbs to its outdated storyline and lukewarm presentation. Overall, the beauty of Pooja Hegd and the Beast mode of Vijay may please some of their fans, but not others. It's torture for them.

RATING - 3/10*
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vluckylkv17 April 2022
Look at Nelson previous filmography, he made absolute content oriented films with stellar storyline and his films never overshadowed by the popularity of the star. But Vijay being vijay,made complete movie about him and made it a one man show and same with Nelson he made the film according to vijay mass image completely changing his original film making style. Worst movie please avoid.
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magadalwarmayur13 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I had high expectations from this film but the film didn't work on any level the comedy fall flat. To be fair the film did start well but at the end of it i wanted my money back

The problem with Beast is that it has a protagonist who is too strong given a mission that never seems to be a challenge. The terrorists hardly seem dangerous.

The film is bogged down by the lack of inventiveness. There is no powerful villain to take on Vijay and make the proceedings interesting. It is Vijay's show all the way and he headlines this clichéd thriller.

Without a doubt this is one of the most sillyist film Vijay has done very terrible film.
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Time Pass
best-review13 April 2022
Nothing new in the story..but the treatment is a bit fresh.

Screenplay is uninteresting.

Some comedy scenes are good some are bad.

Action episodes are good.

Some serious scenes are silly.

Vijay is at his best.

Pooja is...u know..

Songs and BGM are good.

Cinematography and Production design are decent.

Special mention-Editing is very good.

This is not a very good movie but you can watch as weekend time pass..
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Only for vijay fans in TN, not for everyone.
anveshaws13 April 2022
If you are hard-core vijay fan then its OK otherwise skip this movie. Screenplay & direction is very slow and boring. Beast is hyperly hyped headache movie. Over elevation & action.

*Typical story line ( indian raw agent in action) *A Full on Talapathy overacting over elevation show.

*Screenplay is not strong *Story line also not well narrated ( no twists dont expect anything * If you got free 3 hour to spend and money go ahead.
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Waste movie
manojmurugesh14 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing in that Film , worst screenplay, and Nelson disappointed to all.. Then vijay action is very low.

So Many scene Logically is impossible.

Vijay Climax scene Playing video game.
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Overhyped boring film
vicks-4290713 April 2022
This movie is action without any proper story line and script. Already 100 of hollywood movie and web series came with same story line. If you are Vijay fan then you may like otherwise nothing to watch. Very disappointed by nelson.
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sriramthestranger16 April 2022
There is hardly any conflict or motive in this plot that makes it a difficult watch. Definitely the weakest of Nelson filmography, with under developed characters and depends majorly on action sequences and slow motion. Not recommended.
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Disastrous Disappointment with a capital D for Dissatisfied.
hiflyplane13 April 2022
During pandemic times, viewers pay hard earned money to see the movie and net result being dissatisfied, more so for the S. Indian diaspora. Everyone who has watched this on screen contributes to the 100 crores hero's salary and his future higher remuneration.

The movie is a cherry picked and nit picked string of context from various English movies and European serials, stitched together.

From the word get go, Eye in the Sky is plagiarised for the first 20 minutes. The mall take over, brings in line with Money Heist. Ending dog fight is a mix of Tom Cruise Top Gun and Arnold Schwarzenegger's True Lies. The middle portion of the movie is Die Hard, Bruce Willis, along with Sylvester Stallone Rambo killing style.

Nelson has biten more than he can chew. At the end of the day it's a hefty pay package for Vijay and Nelson. Sun pictures perhaps can write off losses and / or, launder clean money.

Yogi Babu and Redin, roles absolutely pointless.

Nothing connects.

Nelson would be a more critically acclaimed director if he follows his creativity than plug himself a square box into the circle of Vijay.

It is better than Valimai, maybe.

When you have absolutely nothing to do, if you are watching paint dry or grass grow, then watch this movie on OTT.

You have not lost nor missed out on anything by giving this a miss.
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Worst movie
kartikmishra-9472313 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Predictable script ,no freshness, some action and comedy with no logic, cringy dialogues. I can't force anyone to not to watch this film its upon you.
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Thalapathy's Swaggy Performance Went in Vein
manirsoffl13 April 2022
Very illogical story line also a very small story line with that movie falls accordingly. Aniruth does an aniruth again. He solely manage to bring out the best in him. But that too went in vein as there is no gripping story or screenplay or characters and all. Vijay is swaggy and damn smart but that didnt add much to the film as it is pointless. Nelson's datk comedy where? I thought he could however manage the film with his dark humor but that is totally missing and deeply disappointing. Overall its not even a celebrating occasions even for Vijay fans. Thats the worst case scenario here.
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Beast - Watchable
sangamithra-2131221 April 2022
Beast because many had expectation they were disappointed.

Movie seems to attract children and Family. It was not boring as reviewed by many. Vijay has that charm that no one can break it with reviews nor point out his remuneration etc. Comedy was good, music and dance was excellent. Editor Nirmal has done justice. Overall a good movie.
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milansinghnadda13 April 2022
Beast has nothing new and Vijay is doing same type of role in his all movies,movie is slow and boring. Any thing happens any where. And trying to show wrong image of raw and home minister. Only Vijay character is good and waste of side actor and Pooja also.
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Trashy movie
cakecum13 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
As the director arrogantly said in an interview hes in this field to make money not make good movies. India has a much more mature audience now, make good movies or at least attempt to or find another profession.
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Vijay should have said no to Nelson.
SiddharthSai13 April 2022
Vijay makes 300crores box office movies every year with ease and this may also become one of those following the success of Master but overall for fans and as a movie it's a letdown.

Movie lacks Drama, Plot, Purpose and A Good Ending.

With the trailer it was very clear that 70-80% movie is going to be in Mall setting only. Nothing wrong Die Hard and Speed have done it in restricted setting but this movie had no drama and story spine to elevate audience interest to what's coming next.

Whole movie is a treat for Anirudh fans and slow mo lovers.

Cinematography is by far the best for 2022 Really happy to see the jet scene and CGI was spot on.

Very much like Ironman scene.

Went for morning first show Paid 4x times Took a leave from work Convinced myself that this is going to be good & returned home disappointed.

Also need to mention few things East Cost mall aerial shots were terrible (Probably shot on low end drones and hardly colour corrected/matched) Opening was great Wish the whole movie was about SPY living in POK and rescuing them as a normal Pakistani Localite against ISIS or ISS if they are afraid to take names.

Chemistry between Both leads was pointless.

Villain was hardly used to his potential just masked entire time like he's hardly given them any dates for shooting.

Even the mask was a joke nothing to remember.

Skating Fight was poorly choreographed and casting was poor too Altaf was bad, Umar was a joke, Comedians were used anywhere and anytime.

Highlights Jet CGI POK Scenes Songs BGM & Vijay Performance.
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Cliched one time watch
Jithindurden14 April 2022
A cliched, Vijay version of Die Hard with some inspiration from Money Heist set in a nonsensical comical world where the protagonist and everything he does, doesn't fit into. It seems that the director has his way of creating his world of characters who can be smart and dumb at the same time. But being a Vijay movie, the star only has a few ways that could be acceptable to his fans. On top of that action scenes which are just enough to take you out of the immersion and feel weird and the placement of songs like it was 15 years ago make it hard all around for this movie. There is a lot of stuff in the movie that could have just worked if they tweaked it a little bit. It's still a one time watch for fans of these types of action films.
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Cringey action with no compelling storyline to back it up!
nidhunmoviebuff13 April 2022
Although I was always on the fence about how good a director Nelson Dilipkumar was, some endearing elements of his earlier ventures like "Kolamaavu Kokila (2018)" and "Doctor (2021)" included his ability to churn out humour in the most unexpected of circumstances as well as his attention to detail when it came to his character sketches. His latest release "Beast", however, falters on both fronts while also failing to provide adequate mass elevation scenes and fan service to even render it appreciable for Vijay aficionados.

As the teasers and trailer mostly gave away, Vijay stars as "Veera Raghavan", a former intelligence operator who gets stuck in a mall Die Hard style while the establishment is run over by a gang of armed terrorists. How he uses his fists and wits to battle his way out of the seemingly intractable crisis and rescue the civilians trapped inside forms the rest of this cliched plotline. While one can forgive the predictability in the storyline, the superficial nature of the supporting cast makes the entire movie-watching experience go for a toss, with the antagonists especially reduced to mere caricatures, with no depth or character arcs to speak of.

And the comedy that Nelson has made his hallmark fails to take off. While some one-liners from veteran VTV Ganesh manage to evoke some laughs, the normally dependable Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley are given precious little creative dialogues to work with. The female protagonists-Pooja Hegde and Aparna Das, as with all recent Vijay movies, reduce to mere also-there tropes. It was particularly painful to watch Shine Tom Chacko, a character actor who won the admiration of millions of fans across the nation with his powerful performances in "Kurup (2021)" and "Bheeshma Parvam (2022)" reduced to such a lame-duck side role.

Stunt sequences in superstar movies have always bordered on the implausible to the downright impossible but where Beast falters is in trying to also add quirkiness, the believability factor is reduced to nought as a whole while raising the cringe factor to full. With clear 'inspiration' taken from "Money Heist", at no point does any of the action choreography manage to wow you or catch you by surprise, despite having a superstar of Vijay's natural charisma and dexterity at their disposal.

Vijay's calculus in trying to broaden his appeal by imbibing Nelson's characteristic wit and humour into his superstar image with "Beast" was, unfortunately, undone by unimaginative, derivative stunt sequences as well as a string of poorly written, underdeveloped supporting characters. Nelson clearly had to sacrifice his natural storytelling style to accommodate the 'superstar' persona of his lead actor and in forcibly making Vijay dominate every sequence, the narrative strength and emotional impact of the storyline clearly suffered.

A disastrous, over-the-top, cringe-pro-max ultra-final act will render you speechless (in a bad way) and run screaming out of the theatre. Ultimately, we experienced the best parts of "Beast" even before the film's theatre release-its two superb songs "Arabic Kuthu" and "Jolly O Gymkhana" and its kickass BGM. This movie is one dumpster fire you would want to avoid at all costs. Not recommended!
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An average action-comedy entertainer
personalacc-8724713 April 2022
Really disappointed, everything seems to be okay but the problem is, Why did Vijay choose this movie.

Vijay gotta be more serious about selecting scripts, how can such a big star choose an unrealistic film.

Despite good comedy elements, this film has nothing to talk about.

I'm ashamed, this film was suppose to represent Tamil cinema!!!
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bring something new, pathetic story line and same old action scene wastage of money
ksiraj-6183315 April 2022
Really really worst movie of thalapathi vijay full of illogical now people are also fed-up with south cinema because now there is very small difference between bollywood and south they all are making over action movies that we have watched earlier also this movie is just wasted my money I don't know what to say but south cinema is also getting worst in vijay movies he is stronger than marvel and dc characters he will kill anyone but no one will kill him his he immortal or mutant but how is possible one man can kill 1000 goons that means there is no logic for this movie, in 2021 master movie he had played good acting but now he became pathetic people should stop watching their movies because all movies are same they becoming worst than bollywood why their actors are very strongest they defeat anyone in anyway this movie name is beast but name should be sh!!!!#*&t the reason is movie is nothing to have watch, people are just went theater to watch this film because of vijay and pooja hegde, but this movie is not good at all, pathetic story line same old action scene vehicles are flying, same screen play, full of over acting, violent now people are understand we should watch only Hollywood atleast they make something logic in their movies not like indian movies this movie deserves 1 star only because it deserves in this year south movie is making only illogical dramatic action movies and that means there's nothing to watch.
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Except Vijay nothing shining
Don_Bradman_IMDB13 April 2022
I love the way Vijay character has been portrayed and he looks too good, that's the only plus of this movie.

First Half of the movie was good because of the comedy. Too many comedians, but not much role given to Yogi Babu, Kingsley and other few cast from doctor. Pooja Hegde is totally waste in this movie.

BGM is good and as usual for Fans they have shown Vijay as Mass.

However, it didn't meet the expectations especially the climax. Introduction of Vijay was disappointing, there was no logic at all. Graphic designing is too bad. Nelson haven't knew what is a role of a Raw Agent, poor script. I can't how he made such movie after "Doctor". Definitely not worth.
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Mysteryajeeth13 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
As boring, as uninteresting, as sloppy a movie can get ! It still has a couple of moments but not good enough to salvage the movie. Staring at a wall for more than 3 hours is still a better option.
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hariharhari13 April 2022
Different type of vijay film, Vijay played his role well,especially anirudh scored with his bgm🔥🔥. Stund scenes are extraordinary 🔥Overall a Good film.
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Waste of time.
TreeFiddy538 May 2022
For those you familiar with the Tamil comedian Senthil, read the my thoughts on the movie below in his voice (you'll know which slang to use)

Thoughts on the movie - "No comments, simply waste!"
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Please Value Fan's and Money!
binnyraj14 April 2022
Industry needs to understand the pain that Middle class and the Lower middle-class Fans who eagerly wait for their Hero's film.

Also please value the Production unit's future. When the Director is not clear about his takes and ideas, He is indirectly putting so many peoples hard work goes vain.

This generation kids are all aware of the complete ammunition profile as all of them play shooting games.

So, when a super Hero is asked to play around with guns like a toy it becomes very painful for all of us to pay such huge ticket charges and get fooled.
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