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Sex & Nudity

  • Several scenes of frank sexual discussion provided as comic relief. Whether or not the main character has ever masturbated, the frequent discussion of the main character's best friend deciding to give up her virginity, the main character catching twice a strange man masturbating in his car outside her place of employment, insinuated sex on a boat by the main character's best friend.

Violence & Gore

  • Sister slaps main character, giving her a bloody nose.
  • Pervert in parking lot threatened with Stun Gun. Two other characters zapped with Stun Gun, but one was by accident.
  • Russian Girl wrecks car off screen, but wears a neck brace afterward that she keeps in the trunk of car. Russian Girl gets a rash after smoking grass - comes back from Clinic with "Stinky Lotion on the Pimples".


  • A couple of references to whether the best friend likes giving her boyfriend blowjobs.
  • A short argument over whether the main character masturbates.
  • Main Character exasperated puts her head down on counter. Coworker asks if she's having her period.
  • Best Friend talking about boyfriend wanting to have sex with her, says "he wants to put his love inside [her]"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Male Co-Worker is clearly smoking a joint when he shows up for work. Puts it out on the floor.
  • Main character's sister gives her two huge joints as a birthday present. The Male co-worker finds them and smokes one with another co-worker while on the job. Hides second joint in owners sweater. Joint falls out later in front of policeman, causing owner to be arrested for Possession of controlled substance.
  • Two friends show up with a bottle of Vodka to share after Ice Cream Shop closes. Characters are clearly under age to be drinking, but nobody is shown drinking the vodka.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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