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Season 1

31 Oct. 2019
The Witch of Boggy Creek
Roger and Sarah investigate The Witch of Boggy Creek, when the old recluse offers Becker some ancient gold coins in exchange for the meat scraps she needs to feed her new friend, the beast. But someone else wants the witch's coins and will stop at nothing to get them.
31 Oct. 2019
After an unscrupulous hunter wounds the beast, he attempts to take shelter at The American Yeti Project field office. As a dangerous winter storm settles in, the power is knocked out, and Roger and Sarah must fight off the enraged beast who seeks revenge.
31 Oct. 2019
Beauty and the Bigfoot
A group of young college coeds show up in Boggy Creek looking for a weekend of fun and games, but they quickly run afoul of an escaped psycho killer. Soon they find themselves trapped between a bloodthirsty fiend and the beast of Boggy Creek.
31 Oct. 2019
The Battle of Boggy Creek
After buying a wooden box at the local church antique sale, Roger and Sarah discover an old Civil War diary hidden inside. The journal tells the tale of one Confederate soldier's encounter with the beast over 150 years ago in the heat of battle.
31 Oct. 2019
Boggy Creek Bandits
Sarah is kidnapped from Becker's by two stick-up men, and shot in the back as she tries to escape her captors. Her only chance for survival comes from the strangest rescuer; the beast of Boggy Creek. Hell will come to the wicked in a fury of fangs and claws.
31 Oct. 2019
The Scarecrow of Boggy Creek
A local legend comes to terrifying life as the mysterious demon scarecrow seeks revenge on the unfortunate townsfolk of Boggy Creek. In the dark night of horror, two monsters fight for supremacy and the town may never be the same way again.

 Season 1 

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